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  • Dragon Ball Z strongest Character Vegito

    Dragon Ball Z strongest Character.  Today in this post we are just going to focus explicitly on the powers of Dragon Ball Z strongest character Vegito. Bearing points during the run of the series, so we’re going back and looking at the original Source material. The original 42 volumes of the Dragon Ball Manga and […]

  • Dragon Ball Anime

    What’s up DBS Nation, we have good news for the new Dragon Ball anime. Not only do we get this image of the Dragon Ball super movie. We got character designs including Vegeta, Piccolo, Beerus and Whis which is awesome. We also got the announcement of a Dragon Ball Heroes anime coming this summer in […]

  • Dragon Ball Super Manga 36

    Dragon Ball Super Manga 36, in chapter 36 we continue the tournament of Power from chapter 35. Hit has just got knocked out in the previous chapter by Jiren after he put up a valiant effort. I covered that in a post on my other blog post, so if you guys want to check that […]

  • Dragon Ball Heroes

    Good day DBS Fans, we have A lot to talk about you’re breaking news is about Dragon Ball Heroes. Dragon Ball Heroes Universe Mission will be aired in Japan on 7-1 2018. We’re not going to get it on television though. It’s going to be broadcast at a special event in Japan and, it will […]

  • Top 10 Favorite Vegeta Moments DBS

    Today we will have a look at my Top 10 Favorite Vegeta Moments in DBS. My opinion, Vegeta had the best character Arc not just in Dragon Ball super but also in Dragon Ball Z. He got the most interesting story from being a villainess tyrant obsessed with being the most powerful in the universe. […]

  • Tien Shinhan History In Dragon Ball

    The past few years in the Dragon Ball fandom has been the origins of Tien Shinhan. What is his actual Heritage.? Is he an Earthling.? is he an alien.? is he a human.? How do you qualify or classify if Tien is an alien on this edition of Dragon Ball MythBusters.? We are going to […]

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