Bardock Super Saiyan Movie Explained

Hello, Dragon Ball family, in my previous post we talked about Bardock Super Saiyan and how he was a hero. Today in this Dragon Ball edition, we will go more in-depth about the origin and life of Bardock. We will look into how he became one of the most beloved characters in all of Dragon Ball. The Bardock story wouldn’t be over just in the 90s or would it.

So, in this Edition, I’m going to tell you all about Bardock’s latest Adventure episode of Bardock. So, In 2011 V Jump magazine revealed that there would be a new update coming for the arcade game Dragon Ball Heroes.  Featuring The Return of Bardock, but this time as a Super Saiyan. Fans service for Dragon Ball video games is nothing new which is why we got stuff like SSJ Vegeta SSJ4 Broly etc.

Evolution 4 Bardock Movie 

Bardock Super Saiyan
Evolution 4

This was different from this new Evolution 4 Bardock. There was an expensive marketing campaign along with it play cards of SSJ Bardock. It came with the launch of the original Bardock TV special, that would be released on DVD in Japan for a much cheaper price.

Bardock Super Saiyan
Bardock Super Saiyan

Then the big one, Bardock Would be getting a brand new story for himself. In order to talk about the episode of Bardock properly, you have to talk about its author and Creator, and no that’s not Toriyama.

Much like a lot of us Naho Ooishi grew up as a fan and, admire Toriyama and Dragonball. So, In 2008 Naho Ooishi was chosen to create a manga adaptation of 2008 special Yo Son Goku, and his friend’s return was greatly impressed.

Bardock Super Saiyan
Bardock Super Saiyan

Naho Ooishi and Toriyama himself and soon after began to release a spin-off manga series called Dragon Ball SD Dragon BallThis was basically a fun little comedic and simplified retelling of a lot of the stories in the original Dragon Ball Manga with Ooishi at the end of 2011.

Bardock Super Saiyan
Dragon Ball SD

Ooishi was brought on board once again, but this time she was told to create a sequel manga to the original Bardock TV special. This was to coincide with the update of the Dragon Ball Heroes.


Bardock Super Saiyan

Dragon Ball Bardock Comic

This was the episode of Bardock. A 3 chapter manga that told the story of chronicling event after the demise of our like at the hands of Frieza. This was later adapted into a 20-minute anime short in 2011. In this tale rather than just die on Frieza’s Planet, Buster somehow thrust Bardock roughly in thousand years into the past.

Bardock Super Saiyan

Looking confused, Bardock awakens and soon discovers that he is indeed on planet Vegeta. There was none of his kind anywhere to be found instead he found a race of bizarre aliens, who try to befriend him.

Bardock Super Saiyan
Bardock soon discovers that he is indeed on planet Vegeta, but at the time it was called planet plant. Soon after the villainous Lord chill appears, it becomes clear that chill is an ancestor of Frieza from long ago.

This eventually creates a huge battle between Bardock and Chill. Bardock seemingly at the end of his ropes calls forth a huge scream and transforms. 

Bardock Vs Chilled Frieza’ Grandfather

Bardock Super Saiyan

Bardock Kicks chills butt and while Chill on his deathbed. Chill tells his subordinates to warn his family about these golden-haired Warriors. That is how the Superstition and legend of the Supa Saiyajin would be passed down throughout the years. Bardock rides off into the sunset to a Destiny unknown.

The episode of Bardock acts as both a sequel to the Bardock special and as a prequel to just about everything else. It is meant to explain the origin of the legend of the super sign that Vegeta, Frieza, and many others spoke of during the Namek Arc. There are problems here, I will not sit here and debate whether or not an episode of Bardock Super Saiyan is Canon because ultimately that’s up to you to decide.

I will make some points that may or may not sway your decision. First of all, the episode of Bardock was not on Akira Toriyama story. Not holy did Ooishi wrote this thing however, Toriyama is credited for Designing Chilled. As I said in my last post. Toriyama did not create Bardock. Toriyama had never really written a full story about Bardock.

Bardock’s Power level 

Also, it never made sense to me that Bardock a fighter whose power level was last around 10,000. Just 10,000 was able to receive such a powerful Zenkai Boost from the planet destroyer Chill. He was able to unlock the Super Saiyan form off.

Bardock Super Saiyan

We never even saw the Bardock train thus making this highly illogical. Also, the aliens that Bardock ran into was not event the original Alien. Planet plant doesn’t even remotely resemble the Safari in the original inhabitants of planet plant.

They were supposed to pop up later but we’re never told. However, if it is a thousand years before then maybe it doesn’t make sense if they’re not there yet. In my opinion, rather than debate whether or not it is Canon the best way to take this as a what-if scenario. You can take it or leave it.

I’ve always felt that had if Ooishi had been given a little bit more time. Maybe a few more chapters she could have told a better and more consistent story. That would help make it a bit better. With the original Manga and Anime, it really is fan service for the Bardock fans. It’s a way to connect the dots in somewhat of a sloppy way. 

I’m sure the Bardock fans sure we’re happy. Bardock will always stand as being the one character in Dragon Ball who’s stories are constantly re-imagined, retold and rehashed. That’s how it is with all Comics Dragon Ball is no different.

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, my name is Gregory, I am a huge fan of Dragon Ball and I hope you like it here. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via Email Cheer!

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