Broly and Frieza in The Dragon Ball Super Movie Spoiler

Broly and Frieza in Dragon Ball Super Movie 2018. Fans are getting excited for Broly and Frieza as we gear up for the trailer for The Dragon Ball super movie Broly to come out.

Also, with the new character design for Broly and his father, Paragus and other characters have come out as well. Most notably with Broly’s base form, he is wearing Frieza’s armies armor. We can see that his suit of armor is nearly identical to Frieza’s force armor without a doubt.

Broly and Frieza
Broly and Frieza in Dragon Ball Super Movie 2018

Broly will be joining Frieza’s army and his forces in the Dragon Ball super movie Broly coming out this December. Now, why would Broly join up with Frieza.?

This leaves so many questions. We’re going to talk about these and some potential outcomes of this upcoming movie. One thing to remember is that Acura Toriyama when he spoke about this Broly movie.

He said that the Parts of Destiny lead to an encounter between Goku, Vegeta, and Broly. It also involves the Frieza force in the history of the Saiyans. Which end up having a major connection to everything in my opinion.

What this means it’s all based on Frieza’s current state of mind, and everything that he’s gone through with Goku. Because Frieza is currently roaming around the universe rebuilding his army. At this point, he’s going to stumble upon Broly.

I think that in some way Broly has been in our universe the entire time. I don’t think he’s from Earth’s Universe 6 that was restored.

Or anything like that. I think he’s been held at bay but somehow he escaped Planet Vegeta’s destruction. Probably with the help of his father Paragus with similarities like movie 8. how he was able to survive in space with an Energy Shield.

It also could have been that he simply escaped through a Saiyan Pod. As we can see from this promotional poster there is a Saiyan Pod and it looks like it’s on fire.

Broly and Frieza
Broly and Frieza

Broly and Frieza May Join Force 

Looks like he escaping the destruction of Planet Vegeta. If that’s the case if Paragus knows that the destroyer of Planet Vegeta was Frieza. Then it could be that actually, Paragus is controlling Broly in order to get revenge on Frieza. This new image release of Paragus. It does appear that he has a device.

Broly and Frieza
Broly and Frieza in Dragon Ball Super

A device which no doubt that will control Broly similarly to movie 8. Broly has been here, he’s been on various planets conquering them possibly acting as a mercenary. He’s accumulated these scars and these battle damage. Now that Frieza is back to life, and now that he’s rebuilding his army and his Empire out in space. Conquering planets yet again. He’s going to stumble upon Broly.

Broly and Frieza

The only thing is, Frieza does not like Saiyans. He’s going to know that Broly the Saiyan right off the bat. I think the only reason that he would want to recruit Broly into his army or hire him simply as a mercenary.

How so.? 

Because he’s going to get a hint of Broly’s overwhelming strength. Perhaps Frieza seeing that he is a Saiyan he hates. Send some of his armies to attack Broly, and some of that hidden Legendary Power starts to come out.

While Frieza seeing that, he can use Broly as a fantastic tool against Goku. Offers to hire and recruit him and bring him to Earth so that he can battle against Goku. This would mean that Frieza is yet again a villain in this movie. In Dragon Ball super, Goku said if Frieza gets out of line again. Pretty much he will put him back in his place, and it appears here from the pieces of information that we’ve gathered.

Broly and Frieza
Broly and Frieza in Dragon Ball Super Movie 2018

That it is going to happen. Frieza is not going to forget how Goku has humiliated him. Simply because he helped Goku and universe 7 win the tournament of power. That does not mean that he a good guy or he’s essentially friends with Goku.

Now, with the opportunity to use as super powerful Saiyan like Broly. Putting him up against Goku and Vegeta. I think Frieza is going to take that chance. Before we got the clue about Broly wearing Frieza’s armor. 

Broly and Frieza Posable Team Up

I thought that the story was going to be slightly different this time. Which Broly actually hates Frieza instead of Goku. Since Frieza was the one to destroy Planet Vegeta.  If Broly is wearing the Frieza’s force armor. We know that’s not the case, he’s either hired or working for Frieza.

Now, could it be something to do with Paragus telling Broly we want to join Frieza? Maybe they have some sort of hidden agenda, there’s going to be a lot of extra story development here for Broly.

 In fact, I don’t think that he’s going to hate Goku as he did in the first 3 Broly movies. I think that instead of his entire character being I just hate Kakarot and want to kill him. Now instead the story is going to be more of something that revolves around the destiny of Goku meeting Frieza.

killing him Reviving hin for the tournament of power, and then Frieza still having that hit an agenda that he wants to one day. That is to take his revenge on Goku, then stumbling upon Broly, bring him to Earth and that is how the destiny of how everything happened.

In perfect sequential order so that this fight would go down.

Broly and Frieza Agenda 

If Frieza is going to fight in his movie, then who’s going to take him on. Vegeta possibly Gohan. Could Frieza potentially even die in this movie? Now, if something like that were to happen, something with major ramifications for the storyline.They would have to redo the movie in a new Dragonball series as they did with Battle of The God’s.

They would have to redo the movie and episodes but honestly, I don’t really see that happening. Why/ because they went through all of the trouble to bring Frieza back.

The other thing to note is Beerus and Whis are going to be in this movie. It’s very possible that they’re simply just Spectators like Resurrection F. They stayed on the sidelines and the only contribution that they really added was Whis reset time. So earth did not explode from Frieza. But what if Broly finds out that Beerus ordered Frieza to destroy Planet Vegeta.

Would he want to fight Beerus.?

What if Broly is the Legendary Super Saiyan that Beerus dreamt of.?

I think there is a very good possibility and a good chance that Broly could have a God ki form in this movie.

The only reasoning for that is simply even if he does have his legendary form. Even if he does have overwhelming strength, Goku and Vegeta have insane in forms. They have conquered so many battles. Broly technically you wouldn’t think that he would be able to get Super Saiyan blue, because he’s just a maniac of energy.

But remember blue is perfect ki control. We also got to remember that Vegeta achieves God ki on his own through difficult training. so I guess it is possible that God form is in this movie in order to take on Goku and Vegeta. That all I have for you today, don’t forget to comment on down below.

Written by Gregory Warmington

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