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  • How Can Dragon Ball Super Improve

    How Can Dragon Ball Super Improve?

    How Can Dragon Ball Super Improve.? Dragon Ball has been around for a very long time. Beginning in 1984 the Dragon Ball Manga spawned a massive franchise.  This includes the anime series, as well as numerous movies specials and video games. The Dragon Ball series begins with a mystical adventure to find the seven Dragon […] More

  • Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7

    Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7

    There will be new characters in Dragon Ball Heroes episode 7 and this arc will be called The Universal Conflict Arc. We will have Jiren, Toppo, Hit, and Kefla and plethora of new enemies led by Merged Zamasu. There is this one strange character in the middle who may actually be the Mastermind of it all. […] More

  • Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 6

    Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 6 Preview

    Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 6 was awesome of Super Dragon Ball Heroes. Probably definitely the best one yet, so let’s talk about it. In the previous episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, we saw  Xeno Goku and Vegeta fused into  Super Saiyan 4 Vegito. Vegito was able to or so we thought defeat Cumber with […] More

  • Dragon Ball Super Manga 43

    Dragon Ball Super Manga 43 Moro!

     DragonBall Super Manga 43 leaks are out for the next chapter of Dragon Ball super anime. They gave us a little information about this Goatman. His name is Moro and he is pretty much a sorcerer. He’s like 10 million years old as well as super powerful. So, let talk about Moro’s character and what […] More

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    Dragon Ball Super Goku Rivals

    Dragon Ball Super Goku Rivals. I have been rather critical throughout the first season of Dragon Ball Super in the past. This is because Dragon Ball super had the opportunity to excel. Excel in a variety of ways that even the prior entries into the franchise were entirely capable of reaching. However, unfortunately super continue to […] More

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    How Strong is Krillin?

    How Strong is Krillin.? Krillin is a character who is been with us for the majority of the Dragon Ball franchise. First appearing all the way back in the twenty-first tournament Arc of the original Dragon Ball series. From that time we’ve seen Krillin improving in strength and technique and as a strategist. Going from […] More

  • Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku

    Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku

    Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku. With Dragon Ball Super Episode 129, we saw mastered Ultra Instinct form out of Goku for the first time. Goku displays a new form with silverish whitish hair from the preview we got. It appears that his hair was pale white but that was just because of the transformation. Once his […] More

  • Dragon Ball Super Broly Release Date

    Dragon Ball Super Broly Release Date and Country

    Dragon Ball Super Broly Release Date Hello guys, I have some updates about the release date for Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie. A lot of people have been asking when can they expect the movie to be in their/country theater. Well, here are the details below as follow. Dragon Ball Super Broly Release Dates For Most countries […] More

  • Merged Zamasu

    Merged Zamasu Omni King

    Merged Zamasu was incredibly difficult for our heroes to beat as he was Immortal. However, the Omni King came to the rescue. He evaporated Merged Zamasu from existence, by destroying the entire universe. Nonetheless, Merged Zamasu was Immortal. A lot of people think that perhaps he wasn’t actually destroyed from The Limit Breaker  Survivor opening. […] More

  • The Strongest God Of Destruction

    Who Is The Strongest God Of Destruction?

    Many Dragon Ball Fans have been debating Who Is The Strongest God Of Destruction in Super. Well, when Beerus was first introduced, we were led to believe he was the only God of destruction that exists. Then as time moved on we were introduced to the 12 universes and even higher density than Beerus. What that […] More

  • Caulifla Super Saiyan

    Caulifla Super Saiyan Grade 5

    Caulifla Super Saiyan Grade 5 Form. In Dragon Ball Super episode 92 Caulifla was able to turn Super Saiyan for the very first time. Simply by focusing her energy and her ki into her back. Which is unlike anything that we’ve ever heard before for a Super Saiyan transformation. As we all know, Super Saiyans […] More

  • Mortal Level Ranking

    Mortal Level Ranking Dragon Ball Super

    Which universe has the highest Mortal Level Ranking? Hello guys, on Toei Official website, they released the Mortal level rankings of all 12 universes. They also gave us descriptions of every God, every Angel, and every Kaioshin of all 12 universes. Which is actually a lot. I mean we already knew but there is some […] More