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  • Gogeta Vs Broly trailer

    Gogeta Vs Broly Trailer 5 Review

    Gogeta Vs Broly Trailer 5 Review. Yes, guys, Gogeta is in this movie, if you guys have been keeping up with spoilers. You would know about this already. Wow, I guess this is another music video, pretty much trailer 5. We finally get Gogeta now, this is animated without a doubt by Naotoshi Shida who […] More

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    Goku Spirit Bomb Vs Kid Buu

    How powerful is Goku’s Spirit Bomb in Dragon Ball Z? Hello Dragon Ball nation, today want to draw your attention to Goku spirt bomb known as the Genkidama. So, in this post article, I want to discuss a question which I’ve come across many times since the Buu Saga came to an end. That question revolves around Majin […] More

  • Dragon Ball Z Kai

    Dragon Ball Z Kai History

    Hello Dragon Ball nation, today I want to talk about Dragon Ball Z Kai and some history along with it. 2008 jump super anime tour gave us the new version of Dragon Ball Z called Yo Son Goku and friends. While it wasn’t really much in the way of the story it was a reunification […] More

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    Dragon Ball GT

     Twenty years ago on November 19th, 1997. The final episode of Dragon Ball GT aired on Fuji TV. Marking the end of a historic over 10 year run of Dragon Ball on television in Japan. Interestingly enough outside of the video game, we would not be blessed with a new Dragonball animation. However, we did […] More

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    DragonBall Super Villain Unveiled

    The new Arc of Dragon Ball super Manga starts already. I’m going to give you all my thoughts on this one. It’s about the Galactic Patrol prisoner Arc, and they revealed it today. We now know who the Galactic Patrol prisoner is. Now, this was revealed on the official website for Shonen Jump of the […] More

  • Super Saiyan Bardock

    New Super Saiyan Bardock

    With a shot from the second trailer for Dragon Ball super Broly. We see Bardock flying in a spaceship with another Saiyan. And in the manga of Jaco The Galactic Patrolman. There was a special feature, a special bonus it is called Dragon Ball Minus. Bardock’s mission is on another planet with this other unknown Saiyan. […] More

  • Dragon Ball Super Manga 42

    Dragon Ball Super Manga 42 Review

    Dragon Ball Super Manga chapter 42 Tournament of power is officially over. Jiren gets held up by Goku, and Goku sacrifices himself as Frieza flies in with a body slam, knocking all three of them off the edge. Android 17 crawls out of some hidden rocks and hold and behold he is the last person […] More

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    Dragon Ball Super Broly Synopsis Summary

    We have a complete 100% Dragon Ball Super Broly Synopsis of the entire movie with tons and tons of spoilers. The Japanese world premiere of Dragon Ball super Broly just aired today. If none of you guys don’t want to know every single thing or be spoiled that happens in this movie. Don’t read this post. This […] More

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    Broly Is Not Evil

    Broly Is Not Evil, That’s right it has been the talk all week since trailer 3 of Dragon Ball super Broly. This talk has been the discussion about whether or Broly is evil not. That is the new version of Broly in the movie, that Toriyama has Rewritten and recreated. The line in the trailer where […] More

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    Top #60 Dragon Ball Z Facts

    Dragon Ball Z Facts. In this post, I’m going to put together 60 facts about Dragon Ball Z that a lot of you guys may not know about. These only include fact from Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. They will not refere to Dragon Ball Super. 1: Dragon Ball was written and illustrated by […] More

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    Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer 3

    Hello, guys If you did not know, we had a new trailer for Dragon Ball super Broly. This being the third and I believe final trailer to be released for the movie. So far I liked the previous two trailers and I do have some excitement for this movie. It does look really good so […] More

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    Vegeta’s Power Level

    Hello guys, today I’m going discussing a popular theory many fans have been talking about and it is about Vegeta’s Power Level. A theory that many fans including myself have wondered about ever since the Cell Saga of Dragon Ball Z. This scenario revolves around Vegeta and more specifically. What if Vegeta became a Super […] More