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  • Goku Vs Broly

    Goku Vs Broly: Dragon Ball Super Movie

    One of the key Aspects in the promotion of Dragon Ball super Broly has been that Goku, Vegeta, and Broly are linked by Faith. They are destined to do battle, and I want to get into really How Deep The Story Goes. As well as how Toriyama is using causality to tell the story. But first […] More

  • dragon ball heroes episode 6 preview

    DragonBall Heroes Episode 6 English

    OMG! in the next episode of Dragon Ball Heroes, Ultra Instinct Goku will be coming and boy oh boy I am so excited. Dragon Ball Heroes episode 5 aired on the 28 of October. In the clip, we saw Goku taking a beating in Super Saiyan God fighting against Cumber. Somehow he was doing even […] More

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    New Saiyan Revealed In Dragon Ball Super Broly

    New Saiyan Revealed In Dragon Ball Super Broly. So V jump is starting to leak the monthly video game magazine that gives all kind of Dragon Ball super information for so many years. Plus other anime and manga games too and we’ve got an update on Dragon Ball super Broly. Which is still set to […] More

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    Strongest Characters In Dragon Ball Super

    Strongest characters in Dragon Ball Super. I want to ascend to a higher plateau of power and discuss the gods of Destruction specifically Lord Beerus. From the very beginning since we were first introduced to beers in 2013 Battle of Gods. He was played up as being the most feared or at least one of […] More

  • Cell X

    Cell X In Dragon Ball

    Cell X In Dragon Ball. The monstrous version of cell X actually began and was rooted in the predecessor to Dragon Ball Heroes. That is, of course,e Dragon Ball online, the Korean MMORPG from many years ago. Dragon Ball Online is the game that began the Rivalry between the time Patrol and the time Breakers. […] More

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    Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer 2

    Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer 2. The Second trailer for The Dragon Ball super Broly movie has finally been released. Although it’s more of a leaked video not the actual Straight Up release of the trailer. So in this post, I’m going to be taking a look at this trailer. I will break it down explain what […] More

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    Top #5 Dragon Ball Coolest Techniques

    Top 5 Dragon Ball Coolest Techniques. Ball Z series over the years had lots of lures and deeper meanings. Also, it had an incredible amount of culture and can sometimes be even deeper than just a film. The majority of us as little kid got into this franchise because of the cool characters and cool […] More

  • English Dub For Dragon Ball Super Movie

    English Dub For Dragon Ball Super Movie

    English Dub For Dragon Ball Super Movie. Hello guys, We’ve got a plethora of news updates and Spoilers here to get to when it comes to Dragon Ball super Broly. Also, the Dragon Ball super series, so first and foremost the Anime News Network drop the bombshell. We have the official premiere of the English […] More

  • Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 5 Spoilers

    Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 5 Spoilers

    Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 5 Spoilers. Hello Guys, Super Saiyan 4 Vegito is coming to Dragon Ball Heroes episode 5. Episode 5 will be airing October 28th and we do have some spoiler information for the next episode as well. Also a video game preview for The Next Episode. So we’ll be going over all […] More

  • Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4 Review

    Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4 Review

    Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4 anime has dropped 26th of September, and so the prison planet continues. Official site For Heroes but you will need a Japan VPN to watch it. Also, it is not in English nor English Dub. I have been covering the manga and the anime version of this for a while […] More

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    The Grand Priest and Whis

    The grand priest and Whis. With the Grant Priest Possibly being evil or having Sinister motives in Dragon Ball Super. This is one topic that has been talked about by everyone. Dragon Ball Super episode 98 really left people scratching their heads. Wondering okay, now we have more evidence that this dude may not be what […] More

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    Dragon Ball Heroes Fusion

    Dragon Ball Heroes Fusion. Everybody loves Fusion in Dragon Ball. The idea of Dragon Ball characters not only combining forces but also combining bodies, is one that’s been I would say beloved by the Dragon Ball fandom. Dragon Ball Heroes has given us not just Vegito blue coming back to fight Cumber in the prison […] More