DBS Episode 128 SPOILERS! 💥

DBS Episode 128 SPOILERS

Hello, guys, we have some major spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Episode 128 courtesy of Ken xyro.

He gives us a breakdown of spoilers for Dragon Ball super episode 128.

This is the cool Vegeta episode I think Vegeta will be going all out this time against Jiren this will be an epic battle.

So this is how it goes: fried full till the end Vegeta Falls the Invincible Jiren fate of Vegeta’s challenge is.

Looking at how badly Goku is covered in wounds Vegeta goes to fight Jiren all alone that’s badass even though he takes on onslaught.

DBS Episode 128 SPOILERS
DBS Episode 128 SPOILERS

Vegeta continues to fight for his pride as a Sayian, but this week. Goku intensely observing Vegeta’s intense battle intently.

Observing Goku intently watches over Vegeta’s do-or-die battle what exactly is Goku thinking about and will he be able to recover in time to fight Jiren once more so guys if you didn’t know. In episode

129 Goku will be mastering Ultra Instinct. 

So it looks like at the end of episode 127. We saw Goku and Vegeta laying on the ground Android 17 sacrifices himself to protect them.

So it looks like Goku and Vegeta are seriously beat up at this point and episode 128 could just so be Vegeta going up against Jiren alone.

DBS Episode 128 SPOILERS

Vegeta’s going to put everything on the line he’s going to take on Jiren and this is really really exciting stuff.

Goku will be on the ground watching Vegeta protect him and protect his Universe.

Goku severely beats up and destroyed. I guess Vegeta’s going to have funeral some very prideful moments here and there.

Eventually, he’s going to get knocked off by Jarren. I think that will be the Catalyst for Goku to go into I guess.

DBS Episode 128 SPOILERSDBS Episode 128 SPOILERS

I don’t know if he’s going to rage out and turn Ultra instinct or because he’s so battered and bruised right when he gets up he activates Ultra Instinct.

Regardless afterward he is going to turn into mastered Ultra instinct which is super exciting.

Vegeta has had plenty of moments here in the tournament of power.

So is Android 17 they’ve gotten their Glory episodes. This is the last and final Glory episode for Vegeta is going to be really exciting to see and put everything on the line against him.

After his fight with Toppo after using final explosion, I don’t really know what he’s going to be able to do.

DBS Episode 128 SPOILERS

I don’t know if he’s going to even be able to hurt Jiren at all that we’ll have to see on this episode. Still no mention of Frieza.

I have a feeling guys at and I said in the last video he’s probably just going to be hiding under a rock until the very maybe trying to pilot something at the end.

Lots of spoiler information is going to be coming out this week and next week guys make sure your subscribers to this blog.

Either by notifications or connect with me on my Facebook Fan page as we get that info.

I will be releasing it and let me know what you guys think.

I’m really happy 4 Vegeta. I mean I was really happy that he was able to beat Toppo, that was a great Glory episode for him. Now that he’s standing up to Jiren this is really a Hot topic, but unfortunately, I mean he’s pretty beat up at this point.

He’s going to get knocked out and that means, no Vegito unfortunately.

The next episode after this going to be a great episode and episode 129 when Goku will turn into Ultra Instinct and Master it.

That episode is also going to be an amazing episode of super. I am excited about that I wonder how Vegeta is going to react to Goku fighting Jiren. As well as mastering Ultra Instinct form for that will have to see ladies and gents thank you so much for stopping by.

DBS Episode 128 SPOILERS

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