DBS Episode 129 Spoiler

DBS Episode 129 Spoilers.

Hello, DBS nation welcome back, today we have spoilers for DBS Episode 129.

So let us not waste any more time and just get right into it.

Also, you can see my review of DBS Episode 129: Limits surpassed, Ultra Instinct Master Goku’s power ascends the tournament of power rushes into Goku and Jiren Final Duel.

Goku unconsciously awakens the power that Slumbers deep within his body and his power level Skyrockets.

Thou he draws closer to the ultimate battle form Ultra Instinct this week’s Jiren is not ready to lose.

He releases his full strength Goku’s Rising power steals a smile from Jiren’s face.

In return to put all of his hidden strength into his fist and Strikes Goku will this be the deciding blow. 

DBS Episode 129
Dragon Ball Super Episode 129

Okay guys, so we have a bunch of things to talk about here. 

I want to focus in on Goku’s transformation first.

Now the last paragraph here comes after all the talk of Goku transforming but I kind of have a feeling that that’s actually going to happen.

First Jiren is going to go full power and to battle Goku’s Ultra Instinct Omen.

Which is kind of like the false Super Saiyan, out of Goku and he’s going to hit around really really bad with a full power strike.

That in turn is going to waken this mastered Ultra Instinct form out of Goku. 

DBS Episode 129
DBS Episode 129

That’s a possibility it could also be that Goku is already in his Super Saiyan silver Master Ultra Instinct form here, and Jiren is still bashing him.

Jiren may punch Goku with all of his power and maybe it just doesn’t phase Goku.

Maybe Goku since his power level Skyrocket so high that even Jiren full power doesn’t even hurt Goku in this form.

like maybe they’re trying to show us that this form is so ridiculously powerful that even in Jiren’s power.

He can’t even hurt Goku.

I have a feeling that he is going to probably hit Goku before he turns on Master Ultra Instinct.

We’ll find out in that episode, now what lol.?

Jiren is going full power again. How many times is this dude going to go full power.?

He released some power in episode 109 keep powered up again in episode 123.

DBS Episode 129

Then episode 127 the title was that Jiren Unleashed his hidden power it seems like that was his full strength I guess it wasn’t.

Now a lot of people thought that Jiren just shows them like a glimpse of his full power.

Then he went into fight android 17, Vegeta and Goku and like we really didn’t see any changes.

So a lot of fans I’ve been complaining that you know Jiren wasn’t fighting at full power.

He just showed it to them but then he went back down to whatever his 50% or whatever he was fighting in before.

It makes no sense, like why would you show them a glimpse and then go back to fighting at 50% like that doesn’t make any sense to me.

DBS Episode 129
Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 Spoilers

I don’t think Jiren’s going to transform. I think is auras probably just going to get large or maybe he’ll have an aura that has an aura that has an aura you know.

Maybe he’ll have like 3 or so.

I don’t know but hopefully, you know this is the limit for Jiren and I think it says that Goku steals a smile from Jiren.

I think that Jiren is finally going to face an enemy that is going to give him a challenge and that’s why he’s smiling.

Even Ultra Instinct Omen with the black hair that’s not going to be enough for Jiren.

Yes, he did punch Jiren and hurt him and in episode 128 but in DBS Episode 129 was pretty much off guard and Goku just landed that punch on him.

I think in episode 129 we’re going to see a more serious Jiren.

He’s going to give Ultra Instinct Omen Goku a serious run for his money.

Probably even beat Ultra Instinct Omen out you would think that Ultra Instinct Omen is Untouchable.

He’s got The Perfect Defense but Goku is going to take hits in DBS Episode 129 so it can not be that perfect.

It does increase his defensive Misses like crazy because of Dodgers just about everything. But we’re going to seJiren in a character who you know can beat battle even Beyond Ultra Instinct.

Goku will only resume being on the defense until Goku’s hair transforms and he becomes Master Ultra instinct.

It says that Goku’s power level Skyrocket so he awakens the power that sleeps deep within his body.

I think this is kind of Heat it doesn’t really make any sense because Ultra Instinct was supposed to be a technique.

DBS Episode 129 Preview

DBS Episode 129

It doesn’t make any sense that it would give Goku a power boost.

It is a form out of Goku, and it’s a must be some kind of mutation with the Saiyans that if you’re Sayian, and you get Ultra Instinct it transforms your body and gives you a new formatting like a gigantic power-boost.

Ultra Instinct as we’ve seen so far Ultra Instinct Omen is strong but it doesn’t seem like overwhelmingly strong.

It just seems like more tactical like it’s just incredibly fat fast, and it’s hard to touch them but now with this whitish silverish hair out of Goku.

He’s going to get the Monstrous power boost that we are really excited about.

I think once he gets that I think he’s going to crush Jiren, of course with this new form like I think is going to absolutely stomp Jiren.

I don’t see him taking too much damage from Jiren come Master Ultra Instinct vs.

Jiren full power but what I do see happening is Goku likely beating the sh*t out of full power Jiren.

Then I think the transformation running out, it’s very possible that either it’s a double K.O or Goku just runs out of energy and passes out.

DBS Episode 129
DBS Episode 129

Goku is so far beyond his limit at this point he has no energy left.

so it’s going to be interesting to see if he can actually knock Jiren out before he runs out of energy.

Even so, I think it’s pretty clear that Frieza is going to have some interesting role that happens once the conclusion of the fight between Goku andJiren finalizes.

Frieza is probably going to knock out Goku.

so he can try and get the wish but, I have a feeling that something is going to interrupt him before he gets that wish.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below are you excited do you think Frieza is going to cheat Goku.?

DBS Episode 129 Spoiler

Let me know down below.


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