DBS Episode 130 & 131

DBS Episodes 130, Hello, Dragon ball super nation worldwide, thank you, for all your support. We got Major Spoilers here for the final two episodes of Dragon Ball super.

In this post, we’re actually going to talk about a lot of things, not just the spoilers but without further delay let’s jump Right Into it.

Also, a special thanks to herms98 on Twitter for the translating, you guys may have seen some spoilers I did recently, but these spoilers are even more defined.

we actually get descriptions for DBS Episode 130 & 131 but let’s start with episode 130 and unprecedented super Showdown the ultimate survival battle the airs on March 18th.

DBS Episode 130 & 131

A minute-and-a-half remain in the tournament of power Son Goku has the upper hand battling Jiren. Jiren then concentrates and finally get serious surrounded by a red Aura, he dashes is fiercely and fires a Ki blast at Goku at point-blank range.

Goku has totally Blown Away From The Spectator seats Krillin and Master Roshi are worried, but.

So I’m going to talk about what I think about this especially with Jiren’s red Aura. I don’t know if it’s it transformation, Ultra Instinct a lot of people have theorized both.

DBS Episode 130 & 131

We’re going to talk about that later in the post, but here’s what you guys really want to see the ending to Dragon Ball Super Episodes 130. let’s dive in a miraculous conclusion farewell Goku until the day we meet again, which airs on March 25th.

Goku has fallen from the arena” I repeat “Goku has fallen from the arena” it seems like Universe 7 has lost and everyone will be annihilated, but having broken through his limit, Goku and Jiren stare at the Omni Kings as if the match isn’t over yet.

Then a death beam hits Jiren’s back. A bruised and battered, Universe 7 team member is standing there.

So Frieza is alive and as we predicted Goku could get knocked off and looks like he does but Frieza is still alive to continue fight Jiren and I don’t know.

I guess what that means it’s going to end in a tie, there’s absolutely no way that Frieza can defeat Jiren by himself unless Jiren is just completely tanked and that energy. like if he’s like laying on the ground that he just can’t even move because he’s so exhausted, that’s the only way that Frieza could knock off Jarren but my interpretation of the spoilers is simply that, Goku gets knocked off by some blast.

DBS Episode 130 & 131

Dragon Ball Super Episodes 130

I mean it’s crazy that Goku actually loses to Jiren somehow? I mean he’s gotta run out of ultra Instinct that’s the only way I can think of because from the last preview we saw that it did not look like Goku was struggling at all with Jiren’s final form.

Whether it’s a transformation it’s a transformation or alters end signal let’s talk about that because it could very well be in Ultra Instinct of his own.

A lot of people have theorized that this is actually an Ultra Instinct out of Jiren, I mean I don’t really think so. it his aura does share some properties and similarities but the wager and looks just as like nothing of ultra Instinct.

I guess this is just his true form or his final form but the reason why I’m saying I guess, it could be ultra instincts because it says  DBS Episode 130 spoilers that Jiren concentrate and get a red Aura and then in the 131 spoilers it says that Goku and Jiren look at the Omni King after breaking their limits, or breaking his limits the translations can be off a little bit sometimes not his or there that’s a major difference in this case.

I mean it’s also possible that June is also broken his limits, he maybe he hasn’t fought an enemy as strong as Goku in a really long time. so it’s possible that he could also break his limits but the simple fact that he’s able to somehow knockoff Ultra Instinct Goku off is crazy.

DBS Episode 130

DBS Episode 130 & 131
Dragon Ball Super Episodes 130

From what we saw an episode 129 this dude had nothing on Goku, Jiren, he was probably being taken by surprise. Now he’s at full power but even from Dragon Ball Super Episodes 130 preview he still looks like he was struggling immensely.

If it is a tie which we’re going to go with that theory, for this post because that’s pretty much what it sounds like. What is going to happen? who gets the wish but is it a possibility that like because it tie and there’s no winner like the Omni kings in the great priest have to like revert all the universes back to normal.?

Because the tournament of power didn’t really finish, like is that a possibility.? I’d say it could be the other thing is, it says that Jiren gets hit by a death ray from Frieza.

Does that death ray knock-off Jiren out of the stage and is Frieza the winner that’s also a big possibility that something else that we fear.

So its Either a tie or Frieza is literally the one that wins, but if Frieza wins he gets his wish and that could very well mean that Dragon Ball super ends on a cliffhanger. It could actually show that Goku gets erase, but Frieza gets a wish at the end like he’s the last one standing.

That actually could happen they could summon super Shenron and then like Frieza could be about to get his wish and the show simply ends lol. If that does happen, ladies and gentleman, I mean it’s looking more and more like it is going to end on a cliffhanger.

With Dragon Ball Super Episodes 130 being the final episode and this synopsis not actually giving us what is the ending, it is very very possible here that Frieza is about to get his wish and the show ends. If that is the case then super is definitely without a doubt coming back to us.

So this is actually really good news for us, or at least it’s a glimmer of hope for us. Dragon Ball fans are happy that Dragon Ball will return. The other important thing to take note from here is that the fight with Jiren will continue into Dragon Ball Super Episodes 130. It looks like so we were led to believe that 131 would actually just be the final episode.

Everybody says the end of super but with this, it really looks like the fight between Goku and Jiren will continue into DBS Episode 130 & 131, and then freezes going to win and get his wish. At least it could be a tie, the thing is I’ve heard a lot of rumors that they’re pulling in some really big gun artists for episode 131 which make a lot of sense for the final.

DBS Episode 130 & 131






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