Dragon Ball AF Hoax

Hello, Guys, I want to share something with you all about dragon ball AF and how I think It will affect Dragon Ball Super when it ends.

I found it very interesting is that in the late 90s Dragon Ball was ending in Japan but in other parts of the world it was just beginning.

Dragon Ball was just starting to be a hot thing in the United States, and Latin America and had been cooking for quite some time.

As a result of the popularity in the expansion of Dragonball internationally.

New fans were being made all throughout the 90s when the show was already over in Japan but even by mid-2000.

When pretty much everything was already dubbed.

Dragon Ball AF
Dragon Ball AF

Dragon Ball fans all over the world wanted more Dragon Ball as a result of that we got well a number of different hoaxes, tons of fake news.

Floating around about the new Dragonball series.

Forever this went on for a decade with tons of fake stories and hoaxes about new Dragon Ball coming until finally in 2015.

We did get a new Dragon Ball TV show and that would be Dragon Ball super.

But to me the biggest hoax of them all the one that stuck and has the most interesting story and actually ties into Dragon Ball super. Believes it or not is Dragon Ball AF.

The story of Dragon Ball AF stretches far beyond just being a host and into a story.

That I find fascinating and thus it is z topic for this edition of Dragon Ball in death.

People lying in the Dragon Ball fandom is nothing new in fact.

I kind of found out for myself debunking these lies fake rumors and hoaxes existed in this fandom.

Even before it when mainstream on Youtube.

people bring on The Young and the gullible has been something that Humanity has done forever, because well human being seems like that.

So when you have a TV showing a manga as beloved anime and as popular Dragon Ball there are lots of targets out there to mess with.

The story of AF is kind of like that but I like a chalk it up to it being more of a mistake.

More of a mistranslation and then people just corroborating it and expounding Upon A versus somebody maliciously trying to screw with people.

But with that said the part of the story that I find so interesting is that it started off as a host and then Fans gravitated towards it thinking it was real.

A couple of fans took it to where they made their own version of AF which confused other fans because it looked so damn real.

It got to the point where one of these fans actually wound up working on Dragonball specifically Dragon Ball super and becoming a big shot in the Dragonball Stratosphere.

Let’s go back and briefly look at the original hoax of Dragon Ball AF.

Dragon Ball AF hoax began with a famous picture which was passed around the internet for such a long time in full so many people of what was referred to at the time in the late 90s.

 As Super Saiyan 5 Goku.

People on the web claim to have authentic Source in Japan that had episodes and things like that of a series that didn’t even exist called Dragon Ball AF, with somewhat convincing fan art.

People who have no Connections in Japan then you could see where folks were fooled to the point where they even did an April Fool’s Prank.

1 year was they claim to have footage of AF to get it April fools AF.

It wound up being just a prank.

Dragon Ball AF

Dragon Ball AF
dragon ball af

They knew it wasn’t real but they wanted to screw with you on April fools.

So what is the real story behind that suppos.?

It Super Saiyan 5 Goku or whatever it was revealed years later that the picture.?

didn’t even come from Japan the image actually came from a magazine a video game magazine in Spain called Hobby Consolas.

It was just fanned art that was submitted to the magazine by a man named Daniel Montel Franco and Mr.

Frank Dragon Ball AF in the lower right corner of the picture.

Those people on the internet took that as it’s standing for Dragon Ball after future a new series to happen.

After GT featuring Goku ascending into God mood, that’s right they had a God form 4 Goku before Toriyama even thought of it.

Dragon Ball AF
dragon ball af

This fake rumor was so big that FUNimation themselves had to address it at panels at convention debunking is existence.

“That’s crazy that is crazy” the funny part is the picture isn’t even going through it’s a character known as talows.

If you’re wondering whatever happened to this guy well he still on the internet on Instagram on Twitter.

Tablowe’s AF is still putting out fanart is still putting out fan manga after taking a long Hiatus and still developing his Dragon Ball AF fanfiction.

He is the creator of Dragon Ball AF, but he would not be the only one.

Dragon Ball AF



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