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Dragon Ball Anime Dragon Ball Heroes

What’s up DBS Nation, we have good news for the new Dragon Ball anime. Not only do we get this image of the Dragon Ball super movie.

We got character designs including Vegeta, Piccolo, Beerus and Whis which is awesome.

We also got the announcement of a Dragon Ball Heroes anime coming this summer in Japan.

Now let me talk about the anime real quick before I talk about the movie. So this new anime, if you guys don’t know what Dragon Ball Heroes is.

Dragon Ball Anime

It’s a very popular game over in Japan. It’s only Japan exclusive we don’t have it over here in the US and pretty much it has all these like crazy characters.

Also, It has all sort of crazy forms for old characters, and interesting things.

This is pretty much a wild fan idea all jumbled up into one war.

Most recently they revealed that there’s going to be golden cooler, and a new Saiyan coming to Dragon Ball Heroes.

Dragon Ball Anime
Dragon Ball Anime

This is this anime that’s coming in July. It is going to be like a promotional anime and it’s going to start with the universe survival and Prison Planet arcs.

We don’t know who the artist is who’s taking over this project I don’t know if they are going to outsource it.

I’m not really sure yet, we don’t have too many details on it but I’m assuming that they’re doing this to Simply promote the game.

Reason be, there is a huge fan base for Dragon Ball Heroes.

They have made like over 10 Dragon Ball Heroes videos games so far. They just keep going and going.

Dragon Ball Anime

This also is going to hold over us Dragon Ball fans and probably until the movie comes out.

I don’t think a special announcement of another anime before the movie but it is possible but unlikely.

The series is probably going to be short episode number so far. I don’t know maybe a few episodes or something like that.

Dragon Ball Anime

Dragon Ball Anime and Movie

Maybe 12, it will be pretty impressive but that’s also pretty taxing on Toei. So once we get some more information on this anime.

I will let you guys know. It’s obvious it’s definitely exciting even though it’s like filled with non-canon material, but still going to be fun to watch.

Once I get any more information you guys will be the first to hear it, okay.

So, let’s talk about the movie we got the concept designs for Vegeta Goku Beerus Whis and Piccolo.

Dragon Ball Anime and Movie Details

Dragon Ball Anime
Dragon Ball Anime

This is awesome.  I mean it’s pretty obvious that Vegeta was going to be in it that’s not drivable without Vegeta anymore.

We have Piccolo he is going to be in it as well. So, I had theorized that potentially a lot of Saiyans are going to come to Earth and you’re going to have all these one-on-one fights between them.

Apparently, they’re going to you know spawn at like different locations and there’s also going to be different Battles Through Time as well.

So it’s probably like a lot of backstory about these Saiyans as well.

We’re not a hundred percent sure that it’s the invasion of the new Saiyans yet.

I’m pretty sure that’s going to be something like that.

This entire last few months with Dragon Ball Heroes Dragonball Legends now in the movie it’s all About Saiyans.

I think that is the new theme of the movie is going to be like a Saiyan Saga 2.0.

Now, why are Goku and Vegeta just based in Super Saiyan form.?

Why aren’t they blue why aren’t they God or Ultra Instinct?

They’re probably just not going to reveal that yet.

They do promote Goku and blue a ton of times though. It doesn’t look like looks like Goku and Vegeta have any battle damage from that picture above.

Or there’s any reason for them like anything preventing them from going into God forms.

So it’s probably just promotional material to show what Super Saiyan looks like, with the new Shintani designs.

I’m just hoping that there’s no Nerf on Goku and Vegeta preventing them from going into God form so that the Saiyans can actually stand a chance.

I don’t think that there would be something like that would be horrible if they just took away all the God forms from Goku and Vegeta.

Who knows I’m about almost positive that we’re going to see an ultra Instinct Goku come out at the end of this movie.

To defeat the villain, I can almost guarantee it. Like for one, it’s been an entire year since they have been building up to ultra Instinct just to never show it again.

People want to see it again so freaking bad. And with these more simplistic character design from Shintani.

It will make it much easier to animate the ultra Instinct fluidity. That’s partially the reason that they did selections Shintani to do the move for the battle scenes.

This is going to be ridiculous, like that I can a hundred percent guarantee that the battle scenes are going to be mind-blowing.

Because of the simplicity of the Animation. It gives the animator’s far more freedom to do some interesting things with the characters.

That it’s going to make the impacts and then you know just the martial arts in general look way better.

The other thing is if we take a look at Goku’s character model you will see that his outfit has zero shading.

He does have very light shading like under the chin but the outfit has literally zero.

Now, I know you guys are very used to Takahashi at this point, and you love that style of shading but all of that shading and detail is very expensive. 

It’s also very taxing because it’s like so much harder do every frame in that level of detail and shading.

Basically, what that means is, with no shading on the characters you basically reduce your costs dramatically.

The shading on the characters you basically reduce your costs dramatically Minimalistic shading as well.

That does two things one, way less expensive you can do way more frames and more frames equals more physical animation.

However, it is pretty standard for anime movies that they do go all out that with especially with shading because they have more time.

Plus they have more budget and money and things like that.

My guess though is that they’re going to have such crazy battles, with quality art and animation that they just want to reduce the cost of the character models as much as possible.

So that they can actually pull it off the character models.

The drawings look so similar to Toriyama’s original manga, I guess that’s what they’re going for.

Maybe that’s why Shintani was selected by Toriyama himself. So if you guys didn’t know all the major artists who are applying for the role of Animation Supervisor for the movie.

They all had to audition and draw the characters for Toriyama and then Toriyama selected them based on their understanding of anatomy.

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