Top 5 Dragon Ball Fights Of All Time

Dragon Ball Fights

Toriyama has been known to say wacky things from time to time, throughout all the interviews.

He’s had in his illustrious career but one thing you can’t deny is that the guy knows how to draw great Dragon Ball Fights in his manga.

I think that even though Dragon Ball has many reasons to love it The Great Character that unique design the comedy aspect the Epic Story.

The science fiction or so many things love all Dragon Ball. I think what hooked a vast majority if not all of us on this series has kids was the awesome and epic fights that you saw throughout the entire of dragon ball, but what is Toriyama’s five favorite fight from.? His own manga from his own pen.?

In this post, I will tell you Toriyama’s Top 5 favorite Dragon Ball Fights right from his mouth.

Now before we start the list, I want to clarify that these are Toriyama’s choices for his favorite fight from the original manga.

So it only fights that he drew fight from Dragon Ball super and fights from the movies will not be included.

Plus this is from the Dragon Ball super exciting guide Story Volume which came out before super.

So what we’re Toriyama’s Top 5 five favorite fights, and again this is pulled right from the super exciting guide interview.

Goku vs Frieza Fight – The Battle on Namek – Dragon Ball Fights

Number 5 is actually a lot of people’s number 1 Goku vs Frieza manga chapters 308 – 237 the battle on Namek.

Dragon Ball Fights
Goku vs Frieza Fight – The Battle on Namek

Toriyama himself says and I quote.” it’s where the Super Saiyan appears to say the least the time had come when I was finally able to follow through on my promise, to assistant and on top of that I was able to express it very effectively” 

I have nothing else to add obviously Goku versus freeze up was a ridiculously popular fight among all Dragon Ball fan so he’s very proud of it.

Just to clarify what he’s talking about when he says his promise to his assistant Toriyama’s kind of being funny.

He ran away and the promise he’s referring to has to do with the fact that when Toriyama was first drawing the manga originally, he only had one assistant.

The assistant used to always take up extra time to fill up Goku’s hair black you know the assistant would come in after Toriyama would do the initial sketches.

The assistant would color in the dark part and it became an incredible strain on the assistance wrist, having to do this all the time.

So like a joke Toriyama said well we’re going to power Goku why not make it easier for you so you don’t have to do the black fill in.

That’s where it came up with the idea of giving Goku a lighter colored hair when he transformed.

Now I want people to understand who don’t know is that most of the time when you’re dealing with manga these manga writers have multiple assistance.

But back in the day they only had one and their job was typical to finish up the initial drawings.

kind of feeling some background stuff you know touch up on some colors here and there just kind of to help things out to make it look a little bit better before it goes to publication.

so there’s always going to be deadlines and these things take time. 

So Toriyama thought hey, let’s kill two birds with one stone. Let’s show Goku getting a new power a new transformation by having his hair turned to gold, that way it’s easy for everybody reading the manga to know right away that Goku is at a different level.

Now that he’s changed and let’s give a little bit of relief his one and only assistant at the time.

Krillin vs Bacterian – Dragon Ball Fights

Number 4 on the list is actually a tie between two fights one is Krillin vs Bacterian from Manga chapter 36 the 21st Tenkaichi Budokai tournament.

Dragon Ball Fights
Goku vs Recoome

Which is redundant because Budokai means tournament, but anyway and then the second fight is one that is a bit controversial Gotenks vs. Majin Buu.

Chapters 489-495, Toriyama says to be honest I greatly prefer these sorts of silly fights a serious battle and what I found truly enjoyable while drawing the series Stories full of this sort of idiocy at the Top.

If you read Dr. slump you know that Toriyama loves to have wacky and Goofy battles in without question.

Gotenks vs. Majin Buu fit into that category but it was also a fight that maybe came with a bit of total issue because by the time we got to the Buu saga things have become pretty deadly serious.

Especially with the whole creation of Majin Buu and you know his murderous Rampage upon the world.

So I find it interesting that Toriyama would put in such a comedic fight in the middle of this Dreadful time, but hey he enjoyed writing it and that’s important if you ask me.

Goku vs Recoome – Dragon Ball Fights

Number 3 Toriyama’ss third favorite fight of all time is from manga chapters 279 and 280 Goku vs Recoome.

Dragon Ball Fights
Goku vs Recoome

from The Ginyu Force Toriyama rights more so than being a showdown between two people. “I like how Goku who we’ve been waiting for this whole time has finally arrived to exaggerate things a bit it would be fair to say that I drew out the Frieza arc for so long just for the sake of this scene”.

So I love how Toriyama pretty much admits that the Frieza Saga is drawn out like crazy, but I got to be honest. I agreed even though the whole fight is just one elbow and it’s definitely not my personal third favor fight in the series.

The Epic tone of this, especially in the anime, is something I’ll never forget, Goku appears in the battlefield confront Recoome, who tears through Vegeta and actually broke Gohan’s neck.

Goku literally shows that even if you have more power if someone else trains hard enough they can beat you, and not just beat you, but beat you with one elbow.

So even though I don’t necessarily agree that it’s a great fight with Toriyama.

I think it’s definitely a great moment and that would, of course, let Vegeta suspecting that Goku maybe more than meets the eye.

He may be the legendary Warrior that he’s heard about for so many years.

kid trunks vs Mr. Satan – Dragon Ball Fights

Now speaking of One-Shots another surprising number to kid trunks vs Mr. Satan Dragon Ball Manga chapter 436 Toriyama says “the character who is my personal favorite Mr. Satan appears I enjoy his cheapness and the brevity of the fight”

Dragon Ball Fights
kid trunks vs Mr. Satan

Now Toriyama throughout the years has said that several different characters are his favorite was Goku being his favoritePiccolo at one time, and of course Mr. Satan.

Dragon Ball Fights
kid trunks vs Mr. Satan

Later on when he introduced him yeah this was a total oneshot fight but unlike the previous fight would go with Recoome which was meant to Showcase Goku’s powers, this fight was completely played up for last, and to give us a funny moment.

The build-up to it was great because Mr. Satan assumes so it’s just a kid, what can he do, go ahead kid hit me, and Trunks and knocks him across the arena, because he is the son of Vegeta.

He’s more than just a kid and it was a great moment again, I don’t know if I put it as my number two greatest fight in Dragon Ball history, but this is toriyama’s list.

He said he had fun doing it and you could tell that as much as the Buu Saga may have some story issues you can tell that Toriyama really loves Mr. Satan he made him stay in character because remember he kept him alive for the entire Arc.

He was there all the way until the end with Kid Buu so Toriyama really love writing from for Mr. Satan and that’s why this is numbertwo.

Kid Goku vs Demon King Piccolo – Dragon Ball Fights

What is Toriyama’s favorite fight that he ever Drew in his manga? Chapter 142 – 161 Goku vs. Demon King Piccolo. No not Goku vs Piccolo jr. from the 23rd tournament that’s actually one of my favorite from the original manga.

Dragon Ball Fights
Kid Goku vs Demon King Piccolo

From the original anime no we’re talking about Kid Goku vs Demon King Piccolo which to be honest really is a fun fight.

One that I think everyone should revisit because it was the first time, I would say that there were truly high-stakes in this series.

Demon King Piccolo had already taken over the world and was already in the process of killing innocent people and the only people left to stop him was Goku and Tien. Tien was having tons of trouble against Piccolo and his minions until Goku appeared to set the record straight.

Toriyama writes: “to be honest I have forgotten quite a lot of the story and events in Dragon Ball but being the first time Goku brought down frighteningly powerful foes this battle is number one within myself as well”

I had come to see the Direction the Story would go in after that so what he’s referring to as far as where the story would go after that, is that it was during this fight that Toriyama had essentially begun to write or at least come up with the backstory behind Goku and Piccolo.

Now it’s unclear as to whether or not it was actually him coming up with the entire backstory of Planet Namek and Planet Vegeta.

We know that this is when he slowly started to kind of understand where he was going, to take the story which would have cost lead into what would be known as Dragon Ball Z or at least a Dragon Ball Z portion of the manga. 

Dragon Ball Fights

Which fight is your favorite leave your comments down below.?














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