Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7
Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7

There will be new characters in Dragon Ball Heroes episode 7 and this arc will be called The Universal Conflict Arc.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7
Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7

We will have Jiren, Toppo, Hit, and Kefla and plethora of new enemies led by Merged Zamasu.

There is this one strange character in the middle who may actually be the Mastermind of it all.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7
Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7

We’re going to talk about this and more right now.

So at the end of episode 6 after Master Ultra Instinct Goku had defeated Cumber.

A rift opens and we get a futuristic-looking Merged Zamasu, who is like a cyborg.

He’s got this eye patch, and he got some cybernetic sort of armor. He obviously has some battle damage, you can see his uniform is torn up and Goku can’t believe it that Merged Zamasu is back.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7
Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7 Zamasu

Now, Zamasu has four comrades with him, two of which kind of resemble baby from Dragon Ball GT.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7
Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7

The one girl on the right she kind of looks like a Kaioshin and then the one guy in the back we going to talk about in just a minute.

They’re leading us to believe that Goku is actually dead. So maybe Goku gets resurrected with the dragon balls and maybe he used instantaneous movement to get out of there at the last second.

But considering Goku just use Master Ultra Instinct he very well may have been too exhausted to do anything.

However, at the end of the Namek Saga, Goku didn’t have instantaneous movement and this is very similar to that scenario.

I don’t understand why he can’t just teleport away, but they’re trying to lead us to believe that Goku is dead.

We actually don’t see him at all in the new trailer for the new. The episode actually focuses on Future Trunks, Vegeta and a lot of universe 6 fighters.

Even though we get Jiren and Toppo and at the end, it does show Master Ultra Instinct Goku standing next to Jiren and Assassin Hit.

Nonetheless, it’s going to be the same Goku, he’s going to survive the blast. Or they just showing us that because they just showed it to us in this preview episode.

If you take a look at the promo for the next Arc and with Goku’s uniform as he’s in the master Ultra Instinct.

Then take a look at this episode at the very end, the uniform is exactly the same, so undoubtedly Goku lives at the end of episode 6.

DragonBall Heroes Episode 7 

My guess is that somebody actually saved him at the last second. I know that none of Goku’s comrades were there to help him, even golden Cooler escapes.

Golden Cooler was chasing after a Fu through rift whole. So who could have helped Goku.?

My guess is, it’s actually Jiren or Hit. This is supposed to be called the universal conflict arc.

I don’t think there’s any other universe besides 6, 7 and 11. But those are the three strongest universes out of the 12.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7
Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7

Now, these two twins above obviously they look very much like Baby and that’s very well possible because it is Dragon Ball Heroes. We have Super Saiyan 4 GT cannon eyes for Dragon Ball Heroes.

They’re similarly created by Dr. Myuu just as he made Baby. Right now we don’t know where Universe 7 actually is we don’t really know what location they when because everybody teleported away with Xeno Goku.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7 Universe 6 Team

We get Kefla in Super Saiyan form, Assassin Hit, Super Saiyan Cabba, and Frost.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7
Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7

Also along with Magetta and Botamo but no sign of the 2 Namekians for Universe. Also, Universe 6 will have Toppo and Jiren which is really really exciting.

Jiren and Master Ultra Instinct are back in Dragon Ball Heroes, that’s pretty damn cool. So there is actually going to be six enemies including Cumber.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7
Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7

Cumber is not dead and we have Merged Zamasu, we have the Kaioshin looking girl the two Baby characters and then this guy in the middle.

Who is he actually, he looks almost exactly like Fu, but I don’t think that’s Fu.

He looks like he has some kind of visor on, he like some future Fu or something like that.

His clothes are completely different the thing about Fu is. Fu’s a creation with the DNA of every species, even the Kais and everything.

It’s not like he’s a race where there can be somebody of his race. Fu’s not really like that unless maybe he was like a failed experiment the first time they try to create Fu.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7
Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7

So, 6 powerful enemies arrive, will  Zamasu still be Immortal.

Can the Baby twins take over people’s bodies .? Who can defeat Cumber now.? How is Goku going to go back into Master Ultra once again?

Can Goku have his limits push that far probably because they showed it in the promo picture, we don’t know.?

But now that we have the help of universe 6 and 11 Dragon Ball Heroes should start getting really interesting.

It should start being more of an all-out War. So with limited animation what exactly can Dragon Ball Heroes do to pull that off.

I guess we’ll find out in about a month.

Thanks so much for stopping by and we’ll be talking to you soon with some more post details

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