Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer 3

Hello, guys If you did not know, we had a new trailer for Dragon Ball super Broly.

This being the third and I believe final trailer to be released for the movie.

So far I liked the previous two trailers and I do have some excitement for this movie.

It does look really good so far, although I do have some issues here and there with a premise, and some other things that we’ve seen revealed.

However, the past two trailers have done a good job of selling the movie at least to me.

So how is this trailer hold up compared to the previous two.?

Let’s get into this breakdown, so the trailer begins with an explosion as many great trailers do.

With Super Saiyan blue Goku emerging from within. We do see that Super Saiyan God Vegeta is doing battle against Broly and he seems to be on the defensive.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer 3
Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer 3

This is the first time that Vegeta became a Super Saiyan God within the continuity this far.

So it’s pretty cool to see him in action as we do in this trailer. Then we see that Broly is becoming full of rage and powering up likely ready to battle the two Saiyans.

We then see a shot from the previous trailer in which we see Frieza is preparing to destroy Planet Vegeta.

And interestingly, it looks like in this scene, he’s wearing his armor and seems to have a slightly different design from the last trailer.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer 3
Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer 3

Maybe this form is a different perspective or maybe they changed it after the reception from the last trailer.

So it does seem pretty odd that they changed it however it does fit in better with the continuity. So I don’t really mind it as much.

Then we have seen the three faded Saiyans Goku, Vegeta, and Broly all is infants or at least Toddlers.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer 3
Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer 3

Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer 3 Breakdown

You know, once again I’m trying to wonder if maybe, they’re trying to tell us through these trailers, that Goku, Vegeta, and Broly have been reckoned the be the same age.

Which is going to be pretty weird, since Vegeta was always present is being older than Goku.

But that’s just one of the changes we’re going to have to get used to, as the continuity develops.

Then again we see another shot we’ve seen in the previous trailer, in which Goku is facing off against Broly in an Arctic area.

With that new cool jacket of his flying off into the wind, and Broly coming down from the ship once again.

So there’s a lot of shots we see here from the last two trailers.

Additionally, we also see a new shot which is pretty cool of Broly opening up his mouth and firing a mouth blast.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer 3
Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer 3

Which is pretty interesting since usually, it seems like monstrous characters in Dragon Ball like that.

For Example Raccome and some other villainous creatures, we have seen over the years fire blast out of their mouths.

I guess that’s something they’re giving the Broly now, but it looks pretty devastating. Then we see a new shot of Broly powering up followed Again by shots we seen previously of Goku as a Super Saiyan.

And he is squaring off against base Broly, but then we see an extended version of that scene, in which we see Broly blasting Super Saiyan Goku up into the sky.

Then we see again is Super Saiyan God form Vegeta charging towards Broly in his base form and punching him in the face.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer 3
Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer 3

Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer 3 Preview

They really pull a real Dragon Ball Z move there when Vegeta punches him.

And it has Zero Effect, which is something that always makes a fighter look extra intimidating when they do that.

 At that moment Vegeta realized he messed up.

Broly responding with a bunch of his own, which I’m sure is a lot more devastating than what  Vegeta dished out.

Also, we see an interesting call back to the original Broly movie, as Broly is taking Super Saiyan God Goku.

Smashing his face along the side of a glacier which is reminiscent of what he did to Super Saiyan Gohan in the first movie.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer 3
Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer 3

It looks pretty devastating. I’m sure we’re going to get a ton of callbacks in this movie, and then we see Golden Frieza.

Who is saying “You dare to push me to these lengths do you.”  So as it would appear from the trailers that it seems as if Frieza encounters Broly before came to Earth.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer 3
Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer 3

Perhaps they strike up some sort of deal so that Broly can go to the Earth and fight the other Saiyans.

Maybe he wants to even fight Vegeta in this movie instead of Goku. Due to the fact that his father was the one who banished Broly to a frontier Planet.

The same as opposed to stabbing him like in the original movie.

So, in this case, Frieza and Paragus or likely going to be manipulating Broly into fighting on their behalf.

Further on in the trailer, we see the dragon balls. So it’s likely that Frieza is also trying to gather them once again so that he could have a wish granted.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer 3 Movie

It was really interesting to see Whis on the same planet that we’ve seen Broly and Frieza on.

Perhaps Broly, in this case, is going after Whis to fight him, but even if Broly is Super powerful and maybe even stronger than a God of destruction.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer 3
Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer 3

I’m not too sure he could really stand much of a chance against Whis, but it would be cool to see him fight in this movie.

Although I have a feeling he’s mostly there for reconnaissance, and then we see an interesting development.

We see to of Frieza’s members who I believe her name to Chilia or LaChi.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer 3
Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer 3

Who happens to have some of the dragon balls in their possession.

So it definitely seems like Frieza is coming to the planet and maybe using Broly as a distraction so that he could gather the dragon balls.

To successfully grant his wish.

Now what that wish is whether it be for immortality or something else is really up in the air.

I’m sure we’re going to find out in the movie, and then we see that Broly is powering up some big Ki blast.

Throwing them down at Super Saiyan blue Goku, and then we see him chasing Super Saiyan blue Goku and Vegeta at the same time.

You can tell that they’re really banged up there because Goku is lost his shirt and he’s all bloody and Bruised.

While Vegeta’s even lost his armor and then we see Broly charging up this massive Blast perhaps a force field.

With Goku and Vegeta team up and what seems to be a Galic Gun on Kamehameha combo.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer 3
Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer 3

Which they fire at Broly and, of course, leads to the title screen.

However, the trailer comes to an end as we see Broly powering up in his Legendary Super Saiyan form.

Screaming and jumping at the camera. So there we have it that was the new Dragon Ball super Broly trailer.

I think it looks really good. The animation definitely looks great, especially at certain shots.

Like Broly as his legendary form, Super Saiyan God Vegeta, and a number of other shots in the action.

Of course, it looks like it’s going to be really epic Flim. Because for a movie like this, I’m not surprised that’s going to be a big thing.

They’re definitely pushing it here, I’m sure if any of you guys follow the production at all, you know what to expect from that.

Because you know, they’re getting some of the best animators they have on it.

The only thing so far that I’m a little concerned about is the fact that we do see some shots of CGI.

Like Vegeta and Goku flying away from Broly in that final blast at the end.

I do wonder if that’s could be the climax or for actually get to see something like Gogeta this movie.

Which I think would be pretty cool, but this trailer didn’t really offer you that much in the way of the story.

Aside from the fact that Whis is going to the same planet that Broly and Frieza are fighting on.

Although it could very well be some of the damage on the earth and Whis merely observing the fight.

It seems like Frieza i, in fact,t searching for the Dragon Balls for some wish that we have yet to learn about.

But overall, I think this was a good trailer that its job of showing off the action in the animation.

As well as hyping up the audience for what’s to come. Do I think it is the best trailer so far.?

I’m not too sure, I did really like the last trailer because I’m interested in the story that they’re going to be telling about Broly, Vegeta, and Goku.

Also about the fall of Planet the Vegeta which does seem like it’s basically an adaptation of Dragon Ball Minus.

However, one thing I’ll say from these trailers is that they haven’t really shown that much story is going to take place after Broly gets to the planet.

It seems like it’s more going to be like straight-up action the entire time.

Although there are some hints that Broly may not actually be fighting of his own volition.

Such as when they say that Broly isn’t fighting because he wants to fight Goku, and Goku says that he doesn’t think that he’s a bad guy.

So maybe either going the direction that Broly is once again being mind-controlled by Paragus.

However, unlike the original Broly, he isn’t just insane and wants to fight non-stop.

They rather it’s a flip of what we saw before and Paragus is using the technology to actually make him want to fight.

Where it seems like that’s all he wanted to do. While I’m not the biggest fan of the whole Paragus and mind-controlled monster gimmick.

I do think that if he actually is doing it against his own well, and he’s being controlled by other people.

If you were to take off that mind-control device, he would be more like a normal Saiyan or someone who can make up his own mind.

Then that certainly adds a lot more depth to him with the original version of the story.

It may open up a lot more possibilities for what he can do with his character and how they could possibly develop him.

Considering that Goku said that he doesn’t really think he’s the bad guy.

You almost kind of wonder if there’s trying to push in the direction that Broly can show up in the future.

Whereas he could be some kind of ally for Goku and friends against even more powerful Multiverse opponents in the future.

although that might be taking a little bit too far if they do go in that direction. 

It could, even more, enforce my belief that they should keep Broly alive after this movie is over.

They shouldn’t just kill him off like most of the other Dragon Ball villains in the past, because after all the Fanfare.

All the height, all the build-up and bring Broly back once again and rebooting him and making him quote unquote Canon.

For them to just kill him off again would feel like some pretty big wasted potential.

So if they do that you may very well be seeing another and another wasted potential post from me in the future.

Although I’m hoping that Toriyama will take full advantage of the potential these character like Broly or perhaps even Gogeta.

To make this movie and make this whole thing worth it by the time it’s over.

But again, I think this was a good trailer and it accomplished what it needed to do.

Now I’m just interested to finally see this movie and see how it fares. As well as how it compares to the previous movies in the Dragon Ball franchise.

So let me know your own thoughts down below in the comments. Did you like this trailer do you think was the best so far.?







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