Dragon Ball super Broly Movie 2018

Dragon Ball super Broly Movie 2018 Details and Release Date.

Update regarding Dragon Ball Super Broly movie release

Here are the new list, Dragon Ball Super Broly Release Date updates as of December 10/12/2018

Breaking news Guys coming out of the Dragon Ball super Broly hype movie 2018.

The Dragon Ball Super Movie film coming out December 14th, 2018 in Japan. Will be aired in the USA, yes! America in January.

This source of info is from IGN it is indeed a credible source. IGN for some people let’s just may not be not because of the past mistakes.

Say that in the past it’s kind of been a bit not too accurate when it comes to their news. This is, however, accurate.

Dragon Ball super Broly Movie 2018 Details and Release Date.
Dragon Ball super Broly Movie 2018 Details and Release Date.

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January 2019, literally less than a month or a couple of weeks after it premieres in Japan. Theaters in the United States of America and Canada are going to be airing Dragon Ball super Broly within one month.

That’s the USA and Canada theaters, therefore, you won’t have to wait 3 months as we did with Resurrection F.

We the fans waited for months with Battle of the Gods Movie the last time. We also, waited a whole long year and a half just to get it releases in theaters in the USA.  

Dragon Ball super Broly
Dragon Ball super Broly

So, just one month or say a couple of weeks wait for Dragon Ball super Broly movie to come to The USA in theaters.

As far as whether the Movie will be dubbed or say subtitle with words at the bottom of the screen. I can tell you that, it’s going to be released dubbed as far as the subversion goes into theaters.

I’m not 100% sure if they do subtitle screenings in Australia and certain other parts of the world but here in North America that rarely never happens.

They rarely, do the subtitle screen in The US. If Ever I don’t think I’ve ever seen them shown a Dragon Ball movie in theaters subtitled at all.

But we do know at least that you won’t have to wait long to go to the movie theater to see Dragon Ball super Broly.

Dragon Ball super Broly
Dragon Ball super Broly

Guys this it is really happening January 2019 for us. How Lucky we are. So only a month since after it comes out in Japan.

Only a just one-month, I very elated holy crap, and of course, as you guys know before that movie comes out.

 There are going to be 3 features shows in the theater. The Fusion Reborn, and the Bardock Special along with the first Broly movie. That’s until September 2018 and November 2018 of this year.

Dragon Ball super Movie Broly This January 2019

This is going to be in January, so you can see a lot of Dragon Ball stuff in theaters in the next few months.

Very, very exciting time here, Dragon Ball super Broly coming to North American theaters in 2019 January.

If you’re watching it dubbed and you’re not watching it subbed. Like if you’re watching super dubbed on you know Toonami or whatever.

This is going to air before super ends and this movie takes place after the last Arkansas super. So if you’re only watching it dubbed you might want to catch up with the subversion as soon as you can. 

Anyways, you know what, I’m happy that we’re getting the movie early versus having to wait months or maybe even over a year for it.

Dragon Ball super Broly
Dragon Ball super Broly

I knew they were going to push it to come out as soon as possible. We had heard it was going to be a sign will release. But that’s very difficult because of the holiday season and whatnot.

Nonetheless, that is what they said: “Like hey let’s put on January” so January 2019 Dragon Ball super Broly coming to a theater near you in North America. Very exciting.

Anyways, folks, this post is all I have for you today. I am actually looking forward more not so much the Dragon Ball super Broly, but what may come after for Super.

That’s all I’m going to say about it stay tune. Comment like and share if you like. Also, follow my Facebook page For more updates.


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  1. Dragon ball movie broly will be coming soon and I would like to enjoy it by Japanese with English subtitles.
    So please let me know the theaters to do that around Yuma Arizona (Phoenix, San diego somewhere).

  2. Thank you for your quick reply.
    Please kindly let me know the theater around Phoenix or San Diego which shows movie by Japanese with English subtitles if you may.

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