Dragon Ball Super Episode 127

Dragon Ball Super Episode 127 Preview.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 127 Preview, we finally see Jiren Go full power and take on all of universe 7 to 4 Fighters.

Remaining we have Goku, Vegeta, Frieza, and Android 17.

You would think that Jiren’s insane power, Universe 7 would stand no chance unless they either had a fusion or Goku when back into Ultra Instinct, but that really was not the case.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 127
Dragon Ball Super Episode 127

Even though Jirenn went full power and Unleashed all of this ki all over the place they were still able to hit him.

What in the world!

This episode had a lot of flaws though. But to be honest they were some shading and coloring in this episode that was actually really good.

There were some nice animations there were some bad animations too. I don’t know if it is me alone on this, I had some serious issue with the story writing in this episode in particular.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 127
Dragon Ball Super Episode 127

First, let me say that there was a lot of beautiful images and effects in this episode they did a really a great job polishing the episode animation.

Cleaning it up I mean just look at it coloring and everything it has some stunning visual effects.

I was really happy about that.

Jiren in full power is something that we’ve been looking forward to but it literally added nothing of value to the episode.

Let’s talk about Vegeta who after the last episode and he gets up he’s wounded he’s battered and bruised and he has zero power remaining.

Beerus even said Vegeta used up all of his power in the last episode and in this episode right off the bat Vegeta just turns Super Saiyan blue. Seriously?

Even though he has no power left in additionally he uses Final Flash twice in this episode even though he’s supposed to have no power left.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 127

This is the first of many major flaws in this episode. I think in this episode Vegeta should have sat out and maybe Goku, Frieza and Android 17 should have taken on Jiren.

WhileVegetaa rested since he just took out Toppo use that used up all of his energy.

That doesn’t seem to be the case they give Vegeta all this energy out of nowhere.

That didnt really make any sense whatsoever.

That’s the first of many issues I had with this episode everybody goes in the fight during the choreography is pretty good.

It’s nice to see everybody 3 verse 1 there are some nice shots and some decent animations hands down.

But regardless is not going up against Ultra Instinct he’s fighting against forms that he had no problem with before.

Now he’s struggling like he’s supposed to be full of power now and all of a sudden he is struggling by taking on 3 verse 1.

It doesn’t really make any sense if you see what im saying.? That he even went full power I mean if he wasn’t full power. I could see him struggling but he just Unleashed this ungodly ki and you think that with everybody. he’s going up again.

You would think that things would start to change but it’s literally just a repeat of the last few episodes of Goku and Vegeta bull rushing jiren.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 127 Preview

Dragon Ball Super Episode 127
Dragon Ball Super Episode 127 Preview

Nothing special changed in terms of that like Jiren still kind of on the defensive at least initially. I mean eventually, Jiren does start to Pummel everybody and win the fight.

All I’m really saying here is that during going full power really added nothing to this battle.

You guys know I’m a huge Dragon Ball fanboy but a lot of these things don’t make sense lol and there are some major plot holes in this episode I hope they get their stuff together. 

I believe it because they have a lot of different writers. They have a different writer for every episode as it Cycles every 6 weeks this episode. In particular, was written by Kenichi whose first episode that he ever wrote for Dragon Ball super was episode 120.

So it was pretty recent that was the episode that they were going up against the 3 robots from Universe 3 before they all combined into  Hniraza.

That was a lot different from this episode which is a finale episode.

I mean it’s really really important than our in the last year episode of Dragon Ball super. We have solid writing and we just did not get that here so this guy is pretty much an amateur to Dragon Ball super and it really showed in Dragon Ball Super Episode 127.

Android 17 clashes fist with Jiren in almost equal power match. Dragon Ball Super Episode 127.

You see like Android 17 shirts shredding and all that sort of stuff but Jiren is literally a hundred times stronger than Android 17.

There’s no way that he should be able to clash with Jiren in the equal power match like that there’s absolutely no way.

They had punched like that at least he should have completely shattered Android 17 arm. 

Dragon Ball Super Episode 127
Dragon Ball Super Episode 127

Android 17 kills himself to save Goku and Vegeta which was completely unnecessary from a writer’s perspective.

He did not have to die.










He could have sacrificed himself with his barriers redirected the blast or something like that and simply just saved Goku and Vegeta without getting eliminated.

From a writer’s perspective you don’t have to kill this character additionally it says that Android 17 self-destructed in order to basically put out a fire with fire.

He used his Blast 2 stopped Jrien’s blast.

Okay but here’s the thing at the end of the cell is Krillin use the dragon balls and he took out the bombs from 17 and 18 bodies so basically he’s they forgot. 

So basically he shouldn’t be able to self-destruct like they forgot about that or something.?

I was completely shocked that a character like Android 17 destroyed himself by self-destructing like it wasn’t even an emotional moment for anybody.

I mean you see Android 18 kind of winks a little bit but that’s it a character that has been in the franchise for 20 plus years you just going to kill like nothing.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 127

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