Dragon Ball Super Episode 127 Spoiler!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 127 Spoiler! –  Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super Episode 127 Spoiler!

Hello Dragon ball super fans, welcome back we have a provisional title for Dragon Ball super episode 127. The  translations for this episode stated that the title for DBS 127 is called “The Final Barrier of Hope”

What exactly does that mean first thing that comes to my mind is barrier Android 17 barrier so this could be the episode that Android 17 is knocked out of the tournament if this is like his final Glory episode. Would you be surprising if he last that long I mean we’re coming up on episode 125 that would mean that maybe frieza gets knocked down episode 125 maybe, Nobody knows. There are only 6 episodes left in the tournament of Power and by episode 127 there are only four episodes left that would be the 4th to the last episode. Something must happen in some of these episodes were like more than one person gets knocked.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 127 Spoiler!
Dragon Ball Super Episode 127

I was thinking that since they’re six people left in the tournament one person would get knocked out per episode or per minute but that may and not be the case from this provisional title if this is meant to focus on Android 17. Now provisional titles I believe do change or of some of the wording does change so you know well it says that right now about the final barrier of hope that maybe a different translation like when the actual title comes out and could have nothing to do with Android 17.

It could be like The Last Hope like my thinking is Universe 7 Last Hope which would be either Ultra Instinct Goku could be potentially coming to episode 127 I really hope, fingers crossed that it is Vegito. All the other universes have had the opportunity to fuse but only Universe 7  has not because beerus was “like oh well then we can lose two people at once instead of one” person which is the stupidest reason to not give us Vegito a chance as we saw the power from kefla in episode 116.

However, if Universe 7 gets so desperate that there really is no other option maybe that last hope that final hope is Vegito and maybe beerus’ like there’s no other way we can win we need Vegito alright I’m willing to possibly like put everything on the line here put all my eggs in a single basket and throwing the potara earrings and Goku and Vegeta can fuse.

But I mean, to be honest, I think they’re just probably is just Android 17 sacrifice or something like that which is really surprising I think most people estimate that he’s going to go and episode 125 wants to a boy turns into a God of destruction. 

I don’t know how I don’t know how in the heck they’re going to beat that Toppo Guy it could be that Toppo knocks off Frieza, Vegeta sees this and peels off of Jiren in order to use this episode 126 title would you just to use is life-risking attack that goes beyond Gods which would make that goes beyond God’s, which would make sense because Toppo is a God took the gun energy struggle and Vegeta goes beyond God of destruction Toppo and blast him off. In some possible, this might be why Android 17 has survived this long it could be his sacrifice 4 Goku or Vegeta.

I mean, the final barrier of Hope like my thinking behind it is somebody’s going to get blasted off and 17 gets in the way pops on his barrier probably has enough time to say some words to Goku, like you have to win this and then he gets blasted off the edge ice barrier on and he’s like Goku your last Hope and then he gets knocked out of the ring.

I believe tomorrow I believe probably going to be 4 episode 126 and maybe we’ll get some more information on this Vegeta life-risking attack. Which I’m really really excited to see and talk about. I think that’s going to be a spectacular episode, I mean huge Vegeta fan and I really want to see what this new form is capable of so hopefully we’ll get that. Make sure you guys stay tuned so you will get that spoiler information when it’s released thank you all so much and I’ll be talking to you very soon.

Dragon Ball super episode 127 Spoilers

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