Dragon Ball Super Episode 127

Dragon Ball Super Episode 127 Preview.

Dragon ball super episode 127 was amazing. Toppo has been eliminated at the hands of Vegeta and now Jiren is revealing his hidden power probably his full power is coming.

Now that it is 4 verse 1, and Android 17 is adapting his barrier again as you can see her.

He is shooting out multiple barriers in a projectile positioning this is very very interesting.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 127

Dragon Ball Super Episode 127
Dragon Ball Super Episode 127

It looks like Jiren is just going to fly directly through these.

The next this episode does not look good for Android 17 who is taking several hits in this preview.

He’s pretty much getting pummeled left and right. I think it’s pretty obvious here that Android 17 will be going in this episode.

When we pause the video, we can see that Jiren has a big blast mark on his back.

So he has taken some damage and wondering who was the one that blasted him like that.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 127
Dragon ball super episode 127

Was it Frieza probably not, I down even Android 17 could have the power to do that.

The only people that I could see being strong enough to actually inflicted damage on Jiren is Goku or Vegeta.

We do see Goku flying at Jiren. He is still in Super Saiyan blue Kaioken. So he had gone out of that form in episode 126.

He is going back into it he’s bull rushing Karen again which Jiren is easily walking all through them. 

However, Vegeta is going to join The Fray even though.

Said he used all this power Vegeta is going to turn it back into his Beyond blue form.

Here we can see Jiren unleashing some incredible looking ki and I think he’s pretty much he just going to annihilate everybody once we see how strong Jiren is. 

Dragon Ball Super Episode 127
Dragon Ball Super Episode 127
Dragon Ball Super Episode 127
Dragon Ball Super Episode 127

Now Goku Vegeta are attacking Jiren.

We also see 17 a lot but we don’t see Frieza.

So after Vegeta’s final explosion fruit freezer was nowhere to be seen.

I’m guessing he’s just under a rock somewhere but he’s not on the bleachers so he’s definitely not out yet.

Here we can see it during powering up some massive attack’s is going to use on Goku and Vegeta and it’s like really really hurt them.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 127
Dragon Ball Super Episode 127 Preview

We can see in some of these upcoming frames. Goku and Vegeta see beginning shot by some very light energy.

It seems like Goku and Vegeta and 17 or all shooting Blast 2 combined together. Trying to stop Jiren’s Mega Blast.

Whatever the heck this thing is and it’s going to fail and basically everybody on Universe 7 side is going to get blown away.

As you can see right here and Vegeta seem to both get hit by this nuke.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 127

Dragon Ball Super Episode 127
Dragon Ball Super Episode 127

We do see you later in the preview that Vegeta is laying on the ground seemingly looking dead.

I mean he’s obviously not dead but Android 17 will protect him.

Now, this is really interesting Jiren has like 2-3 auras around him take a look at that picture.

He’s got to Flaming auras the first character to ever have multiple auras that’s how freaking boss Jiren is.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 127
Dragon Ball Super Episode 127

Dragon Ball Super Episode 127

When you are a Gangsta, your aura has an aura there we’ve seen. Vegeta laying on the ground, and Goku and Jiren are using some kind of his own looking final explosion.

Then this is the final barrier of Hope as we predicted Android 17 will use his barrier to basically protect Goku and Vegeta from being eliminated at the hands of Jiren.

We predict this weeks ago when we got the provisional title but this is pretty much it is going to be the end for 17.

I really don’t see any way of him surviving this black recovering a continuing the fight.

I think this episode Jiren is primarily just going to be stomping everybody.

I would do see the last in the back again and not sure who did that but otherwise.

Jiren is going to release some insane a tremendous power and he’s just going to beat the crap out of absolutely everyone has already been is so strong.

I guess, and now he’s a little bit irritated with how his teammates performed Dsypo and Toppo of being knocked out.

He told them that they were pathetic and he expected more from them. 

I think Jiren is a little bit irritated and a little bit overconfident. Maybe he’s a little bit agitated that you know he’s the last one left and his strongest teammates got all got knocked out.

So he’s not going to hold back much longer.

If he’s not at full power yet, he definitely will be going into it very soon.

Now, this might not be his 100% full power.

This still may only be 60 to 70% of his power as we’ve discussed in previous videos there may be a weakness to Jiren if he goes into his full power.

Just like Frieza couldn’t maintain his hundred percent for very long.

it was hard to control and it drains stamina very fast so that potentially could be the reason that Jiren doesn’t just go full power off the bat.

if Jiren is going to go full power then it’s probably going to be in the next like two episodes or so, whenever Goku goes Ultra Instinct again. 

if Goku was somehow able to get the upper hand. If the third time he’s going to ultra Instinct he Powers up.

He again because remember when he fought half left and he transforms into Ultra Instinct.

Piccolo said he’s even stronger than the first time he went to Ultra Instinct. Basically every time he goes back in Ultra Instinct he gets even stronger.

So the 3rd time Goku breaks the shell quote unquote.

He may be as strong is Jiren end and then we could see Jiren go a hundred percent full power and beat the snot out of Goku.

We will have to see later on about that. It’s just crazy how strong this guy is. I mean, if God of destruction to Toppo was that freakin strong to Jiren.   Basically, he is like nothing like during to just squash guard instructions purple with a single flick of his wrist.

Then how freakin strong is jiren.?

Dragon Ball Super Episode 127

I mean is this guy at Angel level. He is up above Angel level, I mean Vegeta is pretty much confirmed here to be stronger than a God of destruction.

After episode 126 that might, a statement might irritate some people because. I know some people still have a lot of faith in being a lot stronger than we’ve ever seen.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 127 Preview

Do you think Jiren is at an Angle level in Dragon Ball Super?

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