Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 Images

Hello DBS fans we have preview images for Dragon Ball super episode 129 images and we also have some spoilers but let’s first talk about the spoilers.

From herms98 on twitter, it states: unable to oppose Jiren Goku is on the brink of getting rings out when he awakens Ultra Instinct for the third time though.

Goku Dodges Jiren’s attack and Landed a heavy blow, Jiren fights back.

Jiren’s fast heavy, a blow is too much for even Goku in Ultra Instinct mode to dodge.

that’s insane Jiren is now so fast and strong even Ultra Instinct has a limit and can’t even dodge the attack.

The to beginning evenly matched battle the pressure from the twos attacks makes surrounding Arena collapse more and more.

Cracks even start to form in The spectator’s seat where the gods are watching the fights sits.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 images.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 images


Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 images
Dragon Ball Super Episode 129

As the battle continues Jeron finally starts to lose his breath and raises his ki up even higher to hit Goku with a full power blow.

However, Goku’s ki doesn’t drop and instead swells up even higher. 

Goku’s power level will Skyrocket as he draws closer to the ultimate battle, Jiren releases his full strength and then strikes.

Goku and it sounds like he is going to land indeed.

He’s going to hit Goku with a super powerful punch but instead of knocking him away or something Goku’s just transform.

This episode looks so phenomenal guys and we are really in for a treat here, as the finale finally happened.

Vegeta cheering on Goku on the sidelines he actually looks kind of pissed there.

He’s probably just saying Goku don’t lose and this shot from with his Kamehameha is reused animation actually of when Goku fought kefla.

So hopefully is not too much-reused animation this episode. I don’t think there will be but they might just use that Kamehameha kind of quickly. Goku looking super aggressive here in this shot.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 images
Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 Images

I love that shot and Jiren as well, they’re doing a great job amping up this fight between the two strongest in the Multiverse that we know of.

I think pretty much what’s going to happen is this fight is going to be pretty much 50-50 for at least half the episode.

Or so Jiren will go full power to his actual full power and he’s going to punch Goku and then Goku’s going to transform.

Be prepared for streaming services to possibly go down guys personally.

I watch Dragon Ball super on Verve so that’s a place I go hopefully they’ve you know they’re prepared for tonight’s episode because the high blood level is over 9000.

We’re finally going to get to see the master Ultra Instinct in action.

From what the spoiler sounds like I mean if it’s full power punch hit Goku and it doesn’t do anything, that’s really insane.

I mean they’re trying to tell us that basically, Master Ultra instinct is a form that gives you this gigantic power boost and that’s what the spoiler said as well.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 129.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 images
Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 Images

So it seems like you know yet again guys Master Ultra instinct is simply not just the technique it is a transformation out of Goku.

For whatever reason, it gives him this incredible power boost whether or not we’re actually going to hear why he gets a power boost and why Ultra Instinct even mutates and transforms Goku in the first place.

Hopefully, we’ll hear something about that from Whis or the great priest, but hunting Dragon Ball super they probably won’t explain it to us.

However, we do get lots of shots from the sidelines here as everybody is watching Goku and Jiren duke it out.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 images
Dragon Ball Super Episode 129

So it is easily possible that we could get some explanation and hopefully get some commentary on the sides.

From this preview, it doesn’t really look like anybody is talking it looks like they’re just watching intently.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 images
Dragon Ball Super Episode 129

As far as the artist goes I don’t believe Takahashi is working on any more Dragon Ball super but I think we are getting Naotoshi Shida.

So we could possibly get some nice Cuts here and hopefully.

They’re not pretty long because his cut from episode 110 was actually pretty short but I mean it was awesome that’s when, Goku flew in from the pillar and punched Jirenn and it looked amazing so if they don’t bring them in this episode then possibly next episode.

However, the art does look super Polished in this episode I mean everything about this preview just screams greatness.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 images

Now what I’m wondering is when Goku gets a new form hopefully it’s not simply at the very end of the episode is over.

That would be so disappointing I don’t think it will be.

I think we’ll get to see some of Master Ultra instinct or true Ultra Instinct whatever it is technically called which will find out again in this episode.

We will get some action, you know we want to see him throw some punches and maybe get some new techniques or something like that.

If it Jiren punches Goku at full power and it literally doesn’t even phase him, then the fight is OVER.

! I mean basically what that’s telling us is that Master Ultra Instinct is the next level of power so high that even Jiren can’t touch it.

I want to see how the episode goes but if they’re fairly equal in the match in Ultra Instinct Omen vs Jiren.

They’re equal than Goku transforms and Jiren’s punches can’t even move him an inch.

Then that’s what I mean.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 images.

Jiren’s already at his max power that’s the end of the fight unless Goku starts whooping on Jiren in master Ultra Instinct and then he runs out of power.

That could also happen and if that happens Goku could get knocked off so what I’m thinking is maybe Goku’s power in mastered UI is so freaking high that he just completely curb Stomps Jiren.

But, before he’s able to knock out Jiren he, runs out of time and turns back into his base form and at that point, Jiren could stand up and just knock Goku off.

Jiren could be extremely battered and bruised and hurt, at that point injured but he could still knock Goku off.

If he does what if Frieza somehow is able to defeat a severely injured Jiren and he gets the win. 😀

Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 Images


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