Dragon Ball Super Episode 129

Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 Preview

Hello guy, we get to see Goku mastered Ultra Instinct taking on Jiren in episode 129.

Guys we are in for a treat, this episode is gonna be Hype.

In This episode you can tell that they did not rush this episode, the animation looks incredibly clean.

We got 3 layer shading or multiple pictures which why I know the fanbase loves.

This fight is just absolutely incredible, not to mention that we’re going to get to see Goku’s final form as he mastered Ultra Instinct.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 129
Dragon Ball Super Episode 129

It looks amazing, I feel like this episode is very well going to be on par if not better than episode 110.

 This is without a doubt is going to do the episode great that everybody is going to really watch over and over and over again.

Myself as a reviewer set my standards on an episode based on if you’re going to go back rewatch watch that episode.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 129
Dragon Ball Super Episode 129

To me, that’s what is critical with how good and episode actually is this episode looks like it’s going to be Nonstop Action.

With a lot of surprises and a lot of destructive power.

Here Goku shoots a Kamehameha but actually his Ultra instinct.

It appears that Jiren just simply use his ki and is able to deflect or hold off this Kamehameha and then he blasts Goku.

You can see little specks of Goku shirt coming off some wondering if that is the point where we’re Goku will lose his shirt that he takes a hell of a blast from Jiren.?

It appears that after Goku Ultra instinct take this blast that is when he starts to ascend to mastering Ultra Instinct form. 

Dragon Ball Super Episode 129
Dragon Ball Super Episode 129

Dragon Ball Super Episode 129

A. you can see Jiren above standing on top of the pillar turning his back and is power and all this energy is falling out.

As we get perhaps the most beautiful picture in all of Dragon Ball super that we had ever seen that game.

Ultra Instinct mastered Goku I see surpasses his limit yet again and you can see the rest of his shirt tearing off and Shred.

We get a white-haired Goku this was such an incredible preview to show us one of my favorite previous episode of all time.

The visuals are Awesome but it gives us so much to look forward to.

Unfortunately 4 next week there’s not going to be an episode. They are taking a break for Dragon Ball super next week so we’re going to have to wait to March 4th in order to see this episode. 

Frieza is still nowhere to be found.

We are down to what Dragon Ball Heroes predicted for us like 6 months ago or more that Goku Frieza and Jiren would be the final three in the tournament of power and guess what it came true.

My predictions for this episode specifically will probably be going to have the first half of the fight be ultra Instinct Goku vs Jiren. And it’s going to be incredibly intense very fast-paced high action.

I bet you it’s about somewhere around the halfway marker that Goku is actually go going to ascend to master the ultra Instinct. 

Whis was saying that Goku’s attacks weren’t strong enough yet because he was still thinking about his attacks.

So, therefore, he hadn’t completed Ultra Instinct but now at this stage of the game he’s not even going to be thinking about attacking anymore.

He’s going to get a full transformation for Ultra Instinct.

This explains why his eyes were silver in the first place but his hair was black because it was only a halfway transformation.

He only had the defensive side of Ultra instinct down and now this final format a Goku he has both attacking and defensive full complete control over Ultra Instinct.

His hair has changed to accommodate that, in addition, has aura look slightly different just seems to have like more of the glow.

More of the ultra Instinct liquid type special effects in animation surrounding him and it looks amazing this looks like a true God from out of Goku.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 Preview

Dragon Ball Super Episode 129

We still don’t even know if Ultra instinct is God ki technically it is a technique, so it really shouldn’t be a God ki.

It also is a transformation out of Goku so maybe get some explanation for this would be a great opportunity for whis or the great priest to go into detail and actually explain to us what the ultra Instinct form side of it is.

Until now all we know is that it’s a technique but whis did say that he doesn’t know about the Heat.

There is some kind of element therein with ultra Instinct. Even whis doesn’t know about some kind of reaction to Goku’s body for using Ultra Instinct and hopefully in this episode. 

I guess in episode 130 since that is the final minute to the terminal power that’s when we’re going to see Goku either win and defeat Jire,n and knock him off. Or since Frieza is still alive that is a good indicator that Goku actually might lose in this tournament.

Even though he has maybe he’s almost about to knock jiren off he simply runs out of power.

Goku is Way Beyond his limit to this point he doesn’t really have much energy left.

He’s pulling out this Ultra Instinct out of deep within him.

Vegeta did give him a little bit of power in the last episode but Vegeta could barely stand so I don’t know how much power he actually could have given Goku and Ultra Instinct is stressful on the body.

So the only thing I’m really worried about here is that Goku can’t maintain his master Ultra Instinct form very long.

I doubt because it’s mastered it doesn’t put a lot of stress on your body.

I think it just about any form Goku has it’s a lot of stress on him so there is a good possibility that he could take on Jiren in this final form and then simply just faints. Or just normal runs out of energy and drops to his knees.

At this point, Frieza could actually end up being the Victor if Goku gets knocked out. or they knock each other out.

For Frieza, that’s very very possible and I don’t know what will happen if he gets his wish.

I mean there’s only one more episode of Dragon Ball super after 130 so I don’t know like Frieza couldn’t get his crazy wish because there’s just not enough episodes left in Dragon Ball super for that to happen.

Unless they end on the cliffhanger XD.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 Preview

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