Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 Images

Whats up guys well come back, we have new images for dragon Dragon Ball super episode 130 images.

Look at this image above isn’t this the most stunning visuals I’ve ever seen come out of Dragon Ball super.

This picture, in particular, it looks like Goku is punching Jiren or are they clashing fist.?

It could go either way with this punch, specifically because if you look at Goku’s face.

I mean it looks like this could be right after Jiren goes into his max power and they charge and they Clash fist.

With that expression on Goku’s face, it could also mean he just punched Jiren hard, that’s why he’s making that face.

This episode is going to shatter records guys, everybody’s going to be tuning in to watch this.

Latin America had actually planned to air this and bars and on streets all over Latin America.

But Toei released a statement specifically saying “That they don’t condone that behavior“.

This anime is the next Floyd Mayweather verse McGregor, and it’s happening tonight ladies and gentlemen. 3/17/2018 7 pm New York time.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 Images
Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 Images


My God, it is hard to believe that this is actually going into the episode.

This isn’t just like some single page of art for a magazine or something like that or a video game.

I mean holy crap!

We also got a picture of, well it looks like Jiren going to full maximum power like we always heard a hundred times coming out of him.

It’s so strong that this amazing red fiery flame reaches the audience, which is looking really intense.

Then this looks from Goku his hand out, as I guess this is after he catches Jiren’s punch and Jiren dumps all of that energy into it.

We also get a pretty cool looking Goku the final image that Toei Animation Twitter releases this morning 3/17/2018.

We’ve already seen that picture of Jiren, however, it looks like they changed the background.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 Images

Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 Images
Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 Images

They added some more of this red atmosphere in Flames.

So as of talked about the previous post, it looks like this final battle between Goku and Jiren is getting very apocalyptic.

Like they’re fighting you know it feels like the end of the world, you know if everything is crumbling everything is just red and blazing in a fire.

That’s going to be freaking amazing.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 Images
Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 Images

We thought that it may have been a possibility and then in the final minute, the sky would turn Red.

But we actually did get a preview image for episode 131, and it still shows the blue sky.

So it’s not turning red, its more like Jiren’s Power ki I guess.

You know everything around him is basically like on fire, But that kind of makes sense.

All that heat coming out of two ultra Instinct would basically be turning all the rocks around them into molten lava.

I mean that’s kind of like what it looks like.

In this episode, guys were in for such great treat guys.

Toei has said specifically that the final two episodes of Dragon Ball super, are going to be a magical stuff that you guys have not even dreamed or be able to see in Dragon Ball super.

We’re going to see tonight 3/17/2018 and next weekend.

I hope this episode is pretty long.

What will happen we don’t even really know the spoilers have not given us a clear indication as to what exactly is going to happen.

With that episode, 131 preview image that was leaked that makes it even more confusing as to what is actually going to happen.

They have specifically let us in the dark going into these final two episodes.

We have some hints as to what’s going to happen but these spoilers are a little bit off.

So we’re going to find out tonight what is really happening to this finale for Dragon Ball Super.

Ultra Instinct Goku fight in his final form for an entire episode it is going to be a sight to watch.

Especially considering the last couple minutes of episode 129.

We’re just completely mesmerizing to watch.

Now we are going to get a whole episode of Goku in his final form, so expect a lot of crazy battle and lots of amazing everything coming out.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 Images
Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 Images

Hopefully, it’s not like the beginning of episode 129 with a lot of Steel frames a lot of talking on the sidelines.

I think they got that out of the way last episode and I’m almost positive from a storytelling perspective they’ve gotten all that.

I’m sure they’ll still have lots of reactions from people on the side with lines and stuff when like crazy stuff happens.

I think we’re going to get majority battle here maybe a little bit of talking.

I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be Super intense, and just the crazies animation you will ever see.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 Images

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