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Dragon Ball Super Episode 130

Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 Preview.

Hello, dragon ball super fans we have seen Goku’s True completed Ultra Instinct.

Actually, the official name is technically just Ultra Instinct.

The ultra Instinct Omen with a black hair we can either refer to it as Ultra Instinct omen or Altra Instinct sign.

From now on we will say Ultra Instinct that’s Goku with the silver hair. That’s how we’re going to refer to him as the rest of dragon ball super Arc.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 130
Dragon Ball Super Episode 130

After Goku transformed into Dragon Ball super episode 129. He is completely annihilated Jiren.

However, as we’re going to see in this preview Goku continues is the onslaught on Jiren.

Jiren will transform into something that looks very similar. I’m going to point out some of the differences here.

I think long story short.

What this really is out of Jiren is basically the exact same thing that happened to Frieza Sama when he went to his 100% full-power.

So had veins popping out of his head, his muscles got even bigger and that’s probably What’s Happening Here with Jiren.

Get ready and prepared for some insane destructiveness. I mean look at the arena look at this picture below of Goku and Jiren.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 130

They are both at their highest level and they’re just surrounded by fire, and red energy, everywhere.

It looks crazy just like its the end of the world, or like the apocalypse or something. 

Dragon Ball Super Episode 130
Dragon Ball Super Episode 130

Here Goku and Jiren clash, and Goku actually catch Jiren’s fist in Grip.

He is like seriously pissed.

So this is finally his full power and as you can tell I mean he looks a little weird in that picture.

I am going to show another picture coming up below of actually is eyeball which also looks very different. Dragon Ball Super Episode 130

Goku here and his Ultra Instinct, the true completed form and it looks amazing, but personally.

I would have loved it they kept it as that white glowing of Goku from like when she was transforming into it. I absolutely love that.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 130
Dragon Ball Super Episode 130

Then here we get this close up of the eyeball, I noticed he actually has a pupil now at least in this picture.

Also his eyebrows too, he has that kind of like cell like the classic Dragon Ball villain you know how Super Saiyan 3 has those weird eyebrows.

Jiren seems to kind of grow those in this form as well.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 130

Also, both his muscles and veins popping out of his head doesn’t really seem like a true transformation. It just seems like his body is a little bit mutated going into that flow power.

Goku is catching Jiren’s Fist and it looks like June is just dumping energy into it trying to blast Goku away.

Goku will knee Jiren right in the gut, honesty I fee sorry for Jiren.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 130

Goku is going to start charging up a blast, it’s a yellow-colored blast.

Which I don’t really think means anything but I’m pretty sure all of the blast that we’ve seen from Ultra Instinct so far.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 130

It was actually blue, so this is just going to be like a regular blast from Goku and then Jiren is going to punch it or catch it or something and in his energies actually turns purple.

So I don’t know if now that he’s full power, it like they start showing purple instead of reddish, orange-ish blast. It look like they got their colors all mixed up, but honestly, I don’t mind it.

still looks really bad ass. Jiren is really struggling here and right now it looks like he’s walking through some Flames or something.

So as I said the really giving this apocalyptic feel to the final episode of the tournament. It’s got to end in this term in this episode.

This is got to be the final episode of the tournament of power, how is it going to end so let’s talk about that a little bit.

Ss they revealed completed Ultra Instinct by Goku in the previous episode there was no sign that he had any sort of side effects or it took a toll on his body. 

Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 Preview 

Dragon Ball Super Episode 130

If anything it seems more like because this is the completed form it’s actually easier on him, because, Whis was talking about episode 129.

That basically surpassing your limits takes a huge toll on your body as you cross the realm of the Gods.

While he’s in that form under the impression that it is easier on him now that he has the completed version.

It’s not as taxing since it’s not some kind of halfway transformation which is unstable but I could be completely wrong about that.

So what could happen in this episode it’s very very possible is that he just beats the living c**p out of Jiren.

Then he runs out of time.

But the reason that I think that’s how it’s going to happen is that they have to fulfill frieza somehow.

I mean I really really doubt that Goku just simply knock Jiren off and then like frieza gets up and he had no role to play in the final part of the episode.

I feel like maybe there’s a part where Goku get knocked off and Frieza sacrifice himself.

Maybe Goku knocks the crap out of Jiren but then he goes back to base form and Jiren Knocks Goku out and then Frieza the steps in and somehow.

Goku may actually do lose somehow and gets knocked out but time runs out and actually ends up being a tie with Universe 11 + Universe 7.

Since that time is up so they decide not to erase either of them and then maybe nobody gets the wish.

I mean there are so many different outcomes that could happen. In episode 129 Goku once he transformed into this he just seemed like his power boost was just so absurdly high.

That he now the strongest fighter in the Multiverse that we know of.

There are four other universities that we don’t know but after seeing Jiren’s power this entire tournament they just let Jiren look like an ant compared to Goku.

Well, it’s like Krillin vs golden Frieza or something like that.

It doesn’t seem like Jiren has any way to win with is own power even though he’s going to go a hundred percent he’s not going to win.

It looks like this whole episode he’s just going to be getting stomped by Goku.

I bet he regrets not going full power off the bat and knocking out Goku and everybody else.

it is a little bit silly that Jiren had this power the entire time, and he basically lets Goku get this stronger during the tournament and then lose very easily.

He could have just blown up the entire Arena. Or at least most of it in the very beginning of the tournament and just knocked everybody off and he didn’t. He just simply observed and let Goku get stronger.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 130 Preview

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