Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Images

Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Images

For Dragon Ball Super episode 131. If you don’t want to be spoiled and you don’t want to see anything about tonight’s episode and just be totally shocked.

Then this post is not for you, but we’re not going to go into Major Spoilers, but there are some pretty good images I wanted to show you all.

First foremost here this picture of Jiren. He is freaky looking, he’s got red eyes looking very evil.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Images
Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Images

Now, I did a post in a couple days ago where I talked about how I didn’t think Jiren was truly not evil because he lost control for a second.

A lot of folks didn’t agree with me on Facebook and that’s okay.

I respect your opinion completely because what he did you know he was trying to kill a people by putting their lives at risk.

The people on the bleachers wasn’t evil deed or have an evil deed.

I mean there’s no question about that it is attempted murder. 

In the world of Dragon Ball, there have been so many characters have either attempted murder or murdered who have become good like Vegeta.

Of course, being the most notable.

That’s kind of what I was trying to say in that post. But you can’t help but notice that in this particular picture above you know Jiren looks very, very angry and evil.

I’m not saying he is evil but you he looks evil there.

The veins in the forehead popping out I guess that Frieza and android17 will challenge him.

This picture right here that I’m sure you’ve seen before of Goku lunging towards the screen in his base form.

No more Ultra Instinct Goku, its going to be down to just pure willpower, to see if they can defeat Jiren.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Images
Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Images

Next up this picture here of Goku with his hands out.

This picture, some people have been saying that they believe that Goku and some of these guys going to be donating energy to some kind of technique.

Or that maybe, Android 17 and Frieza donate energy to Goku.

I don’t think that’s what’s happening.

 I think that was happening is Jiren fires a blast and Goku is trying to block it with the others.

In fact, there’s a picture right here as you can see and17 and Frieza doing with pretty much the same thing.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Images

so I’m guessing what’s going on here is Jiren is powering up a huge blast, and it’s so powerful that one person cannot block it.

Only if it’s the combined power of Golden Frieza, Android 17, and Goku maybe they can stop it.

That’s the way I’m seeing it that’s the way I’m predicting it.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Images

I don’t they are donating energy at all, it was just them withstanding Jiren.

So to speak there’s another shot of Android 17 right there.

I mean that pretty much is going to be the big final fight Frieza and Android 17, and Goku. 

Who would have thunk it right.?

Who would have thunk it that Android 17 would have made it this far against Jiren form Universe 11, last Warrior?

One person can not beat Jiren, that’s how strong is Jiren is that it takes multiple people to beat him because Goku couldn’t do it without Ultra Instinct.

Here is another picture of the bleacher’s.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Images

Everybody who has been eliminated from Team Universe 7 is there. I’m not sure how to read their faces though.

I don’t know if they’re actually shocked as far as like upset or if they’re shocked more so like Angry.

Look at Vegeta’s face in the picture. He looks like he’s worried about something, maybe Jiren eliminates one of the three guys that were there.

It just looks really interesting how they have their mouth gaping open and the next picture shows right below.

Frieza very similar to the Goku’s picture above when he’s lunging and he wants to fight as best as he can.  I can but here he’s in his base form.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Images
Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Images

His base is his fourth form, which is the original and natural form.

You know he’s not golden so I’m guessing this happened early in the episode.

In fact, I’m pretty sure all these images are from early in the episode we should get some more images as the day progresses over on the Dragon Ball super Twitter page.

Tons of new images going to be coming out so definitely check that out now.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Images

Dragon Ball Super Episode 131

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