Leaked Image of Dragon Ball Super Episode 131

Dragon Ball Super Episode 131

Hello Dragon ball super Fans, we have a leaked image for Dragon Ball super episode 131 courtesy of yonkouproductions on Twitter.

This leaked image shows Goku and Frieza both staring in disbelief at something probably Jiren.

Now this is super interesting because this picture is counterintuitive to everything that we saw regarding the spoilers coming out of episode 131.


The spoilers have let us believe that Frieza will not appear until Goku gets knocked off, and now in this picture.

It shows us that Frieza and Goku are standing side-by-side and Goku is no longer in Ultra Instinct.

What exactly does this mean? the only thing I can think of is that when it says Goku gets blasted or knocked off.

Maybe uses Instant Transmission and some instantaneous movement and he just teleports back onto the stage. and then he’s about to get eliminated and then Frieza blast Jiren and kind of saves Goku.

That’s what all the spoilers that we’ve gotten over the last couple weeks for Dragon Ball Super Episode 131.

It may not be exactly what you think in terms of Goku actually getting eliminated or blasted off the ring, and being there on the stand, and everybody else which is what the spoilers me to sound like now.

I’m not so sure, you know after seeing this image.

What this image says to me is Goku gets blasted or something Goku runs out of ultra Instinct and then like Frieza probably saves him and then what.

? Jiren’s going to power up even more?….

Even after he has the veins come out of his forehead or something I mean what would Goku and Frieza be staring at in disbelief.

Besides Jiren who is either powering up even more or he somehow is falling off the edge.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 131

Dragon Ball Super Episode 131
Leaked Image of Dragon Ball Super Episode 131

Maybe something happens here and Jiren is literally just falling off the edge and universe 7 is going to win.

I mean Goku and Frieza could look like this, so surprised if Jiren is about to blast them and then maybe he faints.

And he falls off or maybe he’s just literally about to Nuke them both off, and they don’t have enough power to stop it.

That’s why they’re giving that face.

But then again the time runs out so we still do not have a clear answer to the ending. 

It’s interesting to see this picture, it is very different than the spoilers that we received, and it’s kind of it’s still up in the air.

I mean we really don’t have any clear answer as to what exactly is going to happen in the final episode of super, which I’m fine with.

But this picture does indicate more and more on the theory that Goku does run out of time.

Leaked Image of Dragon Ball Super Episode 131

He runs out of energy for Ultra because he passed his limits, I think he couldn’t maintain it for very long.

Unless you know for some reason mastering Ultra instinct puts a strain at the strain on the body or something like that.

I’m pretty sure it still is and it looks like the most part but then he’s going to run out of energy Frieza is gonna save him.

Then Jiren’s going to blast them both off. Then maybe time just simply runs out and that’s the end.

We win by having more Fighters left in the arena. On other news, we started getting some scans for Dragon Ball super Manga chapter 34.

So right now they are in the tournament of power and basic the tournament and this entire Arc is progressing very, very fast.

Universe 9 has already gotten eliminated in the tournament like just started so it’s going to move way faster in Pace than the animation.

and as Toriyama said to expect some different developments coming out of this Tournament of power than the one that we saw in Dragon Ball super anime.

I believe is that Vegeta is gonna get Ultra Instinct in the manga.

Now we see Vegeta get Super Saiyan God like the red form in the manga, and we see him get mastered Super Saiyan blue.

So since he gets different forms, I think it is possible that he’ll get some different kind of form rather than Super Saiyan, God Super Saiyan Evolution that came out of the anime.

So nothing crazy or to report over, the manga yet but keep your eye out more skins will be coming soon and if there’s anything like a major change.

I usually don’t cover the manga unless there’s a major change or something really interesting in it that’s it that’s different than the anime.

Otherwise, I’m just spitting out the same stuff you already have seen, But if there is a major change.

I’ll definitely make a post about it for you guys and in the final news we got a promo from V jump for the movie specifically.

So as you guys know if you follow the channel that we’ve been getting a lot of information about them in upcoming Dragon Ball movie, coming out in 2018.

I made a post on it already and we have you talked about the animation we’ve got information on the staff.

Now a lot of people are really bothered by the way that this looks.

All right guys, and that’s all I have for today, but this weekend is the big weekend we get to see what we’ve been waiting for master Ultra Instinct Goku vs Jiren.

Man is it going to break records. I know you guys are excited because I am crazily excited as well.

Leaked Image of Dragon Ball Super Episode 131

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