Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Preview And Wish Granted

Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Preview And Wish Granted

Good day DBS family, Dragon Ball Super Episode130 was magnificent, hand down the best dragon ball supper by far. We got everything we could have possibly asked for as fans, and it was definitely in my opinion by far the best episode of Dragon Ball super to date.

However, coming up here to the final episode of Dragon Ball super we were also promised that this episode, would be just as good as the last episode 129, by series producer and director.

Frieza saves Goku and Android 17 is unbelievable still alive!? here in the final episode of Dragon Ball super.

The final 30 seconds of the tournament of power it is now a 3 verse 1 against Jiren. We have Frieza in his golden form, we got Android 17 and Goku. Goku will still be fighting in his base form against a full power Jiren, now the question is, Is Jiren still at his max power?

He has taken a lot of damage from Goku so his stamina might be lacking and that could give the upper hand or at least a chance for Frieza and 17th to take the victory.

Right here in this Frame, we see Jiren actually getting blasted and looks painful and he’s getting thrust into the pillar and I believe those are Blast from freezing Android 17.

So even though Jiren is in his final form or so, if you want to call it that, he’s still somehow to take damage from Frieza and 17.

Presumably, because he’s just was so weakened by Goku. Here we see  Super Shenron is out and a wish is being granted. Who is making the wish? and what is the wish.? The great priest gives a smile, and it looks towards Super Shenron and speaks in the language of the Gods, making the wish.

The gods from Universe 7 look incredibly surprised that whatever this wish is it, all ends here ladies and gentlemen. The final episode of Dragon Ball super who will win Universe 7 or Universe 11.?

Jiren most likely is going to take the L in this episode but hey, it’s Dragon Ball super anything is possible and you never know and Jiren without having to fight against the master Ultra Instinct Goku should have the upper hand, and be able to knock everybody off.

But with only 30 seconds remaining all they really have to do is survive and let time run out.

The last episode 130 was animated by a variety of animators, there was actually like almost all of them at Toei were working on that animation, including Naotoshi Shida, which blew everybody away.

His cut and 130 was some of the best animations has ever seen in my entire life, if not the best.

Coming into this episode we get you, Takahashi. Takahashi is the famous artist that everybody loves for his incredible detail, and his very Dragon Ball Z looking characters. He gave us some beautiful images in episode 110, 114 and 122 and now for the final episode of Dragon Ball super Yuya Takahashi will return and we’re going to be in for another treat with this episode, with some magnificent art.

Alright, guys so the opening scene of this episode we get some nice Yuya Takahashi art and a very very pissed off Jiren flying towards Frieza, and Android 17 who are shooting a blast at him.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Preview And Wish Granted

It seems like some of those blasters actually hitting him but Jiren is an Unstoppable Wrecking Ball. He is flying in towards 17 and Frieza, and Frieza who looks scared for some reason is no longer in Golden form.

Maybe he uses the rest of his energy in Golden form to save Goku but just to push himself, but I think that wouldn’t cost him his entire form.

So I’m a little curious as to why he’s not in Golden form, but it looks like as Jiren is about to hit Android 17, Frieza is coming into to Blindside Jiren and Jiren ain’t too happy about that.

Frieza’s Rush creates a massive explosion. I’m kind of curious as to why Frieza is going in, I mean it could be Frieza’s Pride that’s in the way causing him to act like this with only 30 seconds or less remaining.

They should really just be running right now and just playing cat and mouse if they want to win, but it looks like Frieza, he wants the victory through battle. As we saw an episode 127 Frieza blindsided Jiren and said you should just be killed by me forget the rules and Frieza, is not the kind of type who’s going to win simply by running away. Now I’m not sure what’s going through Android 17 right now but it seems like Android 17 he can’t really move around too much.

He seems pretty beat up, but he has infinite stamina, so we’ll find out what’s going through his head during the next episode. Jiren incredibly pissed off screaming so loud and so mighty that is creating some massive explosion, and it looks like Frieza and Android 17 or actually creating a barrier around themselves, to stop this destructive nuke that is coming out of Jiren.

Jiren still has plenty of energy left going into this final episode, Frieza is back in his golden form but their barrier is shattering, so they’re about to get blown away, most likely and I have a feeling they will get actually get rescued by Goku who will make an appearance later on.


Now, these energy blasts look like they’re coming from Android 17. I’m assuming that this part of the clip actually jumped into a different spot of the episode because the barrier seen in this don’t want to make too much sense, adding up not which sure which one’s going to happen for first but most likely this will happen later.

Somehow Frieza an Android 17 they blast Jiren into the pillar which is very surprising. I guess that could also be a Blast from Goku but typically those light blue blast comes from Android 17.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Preview And Wish Granted

That’s most likely him, somehow he still able to damage Jiren. Jiren who’s at his max power and now, we’re going see some more fantastic Yuya Takahashi art comes back and makes an appearance to help Frieza Android 17.

The wishes being granted and it kind of looks like at least, they’re making us think that Universe 7 has won, after showing us that clip of Jiren blasted into the pillar.

Guys you know that Toei likes to throw a curveball, so don’t count Jiren out yet. I mean personally I think that it’s pretty clear that Universe seven is going to win, and possibly wish back all of the universes is or at least Universe 6, but they do like to throw us curve balls and honestly, it’s very possible that you universe 11 would  win so just keep that in mind moving forward.









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