Dragon Ball Super Manga 36 Review

Dragon Ball Super Manga 36 Breakdown

In Dragon Ball Super Manga 36, we continue the tournament of Power from chapter 35.

Hit has just got knocked out in the previous chapter by Jiren after he put up a valiant effort.

I covered that in a post on my other blog post. So, if you guys want to check that out and catch up you can click right here to see that post.

Now, we can continue, as Goku is about to face off against Jiren. Vegeta bumps into Toppo and Dyspo and at this point, they have a conversation.

Veget knowledgeToppo and said. “Oh, you’re the God of destruction candidate that defeated Kakarot in the preliminary tournament.”

Dragon Ball Super Manga 36
Dragon Ball Super Manga 36

Toppo was like yeah well, I’m here the second strongest of universe 7. Which really pisses Vegeta off.

He says I’ll have to prove my superiority and he goes into perfected Super Saiyan blue right off the bat.

Vegeta charges in at Topo and Dyspo smacking Dyspo away like he’s nothing. Then hits Toppo with a triple kick which is really cool.

He comes in with the left leg Toppo blocks it comes in with the left like again. Toppo blocks again yet again and then it comes in with the left leg a third time.

With a triple left kick. The third one powering through Toppo’s guard knocking him and sending him flying.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 36
Dragon Ball Super Manga 36

Vegeta has a smirk on his face do you understand now that I am the strongest Saiyan the strongest in the entire Multiverse.

Toppo was like well you’re pretty strong, but that doesn’t mean you can defeat us.

At the same time, Android 17 is taking on Botamo he is classic Botamo Fashion basically.

Not taking any damage bouncing around, Piccolo’s having a fight over there as well. He’s fighting against Jirasen of universe 10.

We’re going to get a lot of action against Universe 10 in this episode. Android 17 punched Botamo in the stomach and stretches is gut all the way out.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 36
Dragon Ball Super Manga 36

Then releases it and just kind of like flinging a rubber band and that sends Batomo flying and he gets ringed out.

Piccolo can’t believe this, and he’s like what kind of training have you been doing and Andriod 17 said just protecting my Island.

It’s the same criticism that we had from the anime. It’s like why you’re just protecting the island from some humans with guns, and you got this insane power-boost.

Like really…?

It doesn’t make too much sense, but similar to the anime Android 17 is the MVP here.

Yet again as you’ll see in this episode Gohan is in the middle of fighting Methio.

Who is also from the same universe. And at this point, Napapa the sumo wrestler guy comes flying in above Piccolo, riding on the bird dude Zium drops him on Piccolo.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 36
Dragon Ball Super Manga 36

Piccolo makes short easy work of Napapa. Gohan beats up Methiop and Android 17 just blast the burg Zium with a laser.

Then there goes three members of universe 10 who got eliminated.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 36
Dragon Ball Super Manga 36

Gowasu and Company can’t believe it they are like wow, universe 7 is so strong. It’s not just Goku and Vegeta.

I love this panel right here with Android 17 Gohan and Piccolo just shows that this stature and the strength to give her 7.

So many talented strong Fighters from universe 7, and with that only 3 members are left for Universe 10.

Things are getting desperate and at this point, we transition over to Android 18 fighting against Ribrianne.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 36
Dragon Ball Super Manga 36

Now one of the worst Parts of the manga as we have to relive through Ribrianne.

So, she calls Android 18 ugly and you’re like what and everybody’s like what.

Beerus company in the crowd or just like well I guess things are different on Universe 2.

We basically learn that to universe 2, ugly things are beautiful and beautiful things are ugly.

I guess it’s pretty opposite Android 18 she’s getting knocked around by Ribrianne blast.

At that point, Ribrianne team members come and hold Android 18 in place, so that Ribrianne can destroy her with some Mega Blast.

We also got some very interesting and strange comic relief in the manga.

It was definitely refreshing to see this because it was just so weird and it was not in the anime.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 36
Dragon Ball Super Manga 36

Pretty much Krillin is cheering on Android 18 Ribrianne notices Krillin and says who is that gorgeous man.

I can’t believe that Android 18 is married to his beautiful Krillin.

Who had this beautiful bald and no nose, such Pleasant pleasingly simple features there Beyond Perfection.

We get this cute little shot here of Whis saying they’re calling you handsome and Krillin has his funny looking face.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 36 Preview

It really pisses off Ribrianne has such an ugly woman would marry such a beautiful person such as Krillin.

She goes on to knock off Android 18. But Android 18 is able to break free and deflect the blast she returns fire doing serious damage to Ribrianne and crew.

At that point, Android 18 as she’s about to knock off Ribrianne she gave Ribrianne the option to jump off the edge.

But Android 18 was the one that gets knocked off. So nobody knows what happened. We enter the invisible Fighters and luckily enough for us the invisible fighter again and luckily enough for us the invisible fighter Gamisaras.

He actually knocked off tree branch as well, and he also knocks off two more of the universe 10 Fighters.

So there is now only one member of Universe 10 left. Piccolo’s using his ears antennas and his sense of ki to try and find this invisible enemy.

He actually does and blasts him with a beam and Gamisaras gets eliminated but he a ton of people.

But at that point Demon, the other invisible fighter comes in and actually knocked out Piccolo which is really unfortunate.

There is a lot more to the manga but this where I will stop, and continue later.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 36

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