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Dragon Ball Super Movie 2018 Details

Dragon Ball Super Movie 2018 Details: Whats up dragon ball super fans, they gave us an image and a little description and release date for the Dragon Ball super 2018 movie.

So here you go, guys, Dragon Ball Super Movie 2018.

it will be unconfirmed on December 14th of this year is which is on a Friday.

The text actually reads “A Super Movie Begins” so thank you to Kenxyro yonkouproductions.

everybody who participated in translating this and throwing out the scans this is now officially on the Dragon Ball super movie anniversary website and more info here =>>. Toei animations 

What do we have all is just really an image of Goku with the power pole, but that actually does give us some little hints and ideas about what we may see.

Now the first thing is a lot of people were saying oh this whole movie could be about Yamoshi.

Well if they’re showing Goku with the power pole as the first image of the movie then that’s probably not true.

The other thing is this movie is supposed to explore the origin of the Saiyan power.

When I first heard that my first impression was that it was going to be a tribute movie to all of Dragon Ball, since its this is like the end DBS.

Dragon Ball Super Movie

I mean, I don’t think that’s what it is anymore but this kind of leads in that direction to me.

Why would they be showing this very old version of Goku with the power pole.?

I’m hoping is not a tribute movie that simply goes through all of Goku’s battles and his entire story from growing up to current.

I really hope not because that’s what the movie is about I think.

That would be a huge waste of an opportunity and I think they’re smart enough not to do something like that.

This new version of Goku I mean, I don’t know why he would need the power pole in the first place.

However, his art of Goku does look a little bit different.

So their character sheet for this movie could look quite different than yamamuro’s designed for Dragon Ball super.

I think of all the backlash in the criticism that people have gotten for Dragon Ball super over the character designs.

They see Takahashi come in and just completely blow it out of the water, that’s what the fans love and want to see.

We’ve seen actually another animator start to adapt Takahashi style a little bit like we saw an episode 129.

The characters go 3 gradients of shading and the cheekbone shading and everything which he did not work on in episode 129.

Dragon Ball Super Movie
Dragon Ball Super Movie

Dragon Ball Super Movie 2018

So it could be that the art is changing for this movie, which could be a huge boost to fans.

I know you guys be excited about that.

I certainly am because I really don’t like most character sheets for Dragon Ball super, and one of the criticisms of super is that because the deadlines are so heavy.

Because the schedule is so compact, they’re releasing an episode every week, with no breaks.

Essentially what’s going on is everything is rushed.

This whole opportunity taking a break from Super could be a good thing, if they return with a new show or it just even continues Dragon Ball super in general.

We’ll be able to work out a lot of these Kinks, like the weak story writing the week art and animation and things like that.

Dragon Ball Super Movie
Dragon Ball Super Movie

The things that they’ve been having a lot of trouble with is that they could be improving on in this movie potentially.

It could be the first step and they could actually be improving something like the art and animation.

I think this movie is going to completely shatter expectations I don’t think you guys even know what you’re in for.

I mean obviously, I could be wrong about that but the bringing in all the top guns for this they’re putting a lot on the line to make this movie.

So I think they’re very confident and what they’re going to be able to produce and considering the fact that throughout the entirety of Dragon Ball super they’ve been constantly improving.

I think that they can do a quite a bit of a lesson learned from Dragon Ball super.

Essentially of having too many hands in the cookie jar, and too many cooks in the kitchen.

Dragon Ball Super Movie
Dragon Ball Super Movie

there’s a lot of things like that having too many people, too many different writers, too many artists, it kind of breaks consistency and really just having too many people can actually make a worse product in the end.

Maybe if they work those flaws out, you know this movie and another Series in the future could be freaking amazing.

So that’s all we really have, I want to hear what you guys saying in the comments below why they’re showing Goku above all people with a power pole, in an older looking costume.

I’m almost positive that they’re going to be releasing a ton more details for this movie.

Especially after the end of Dragon Ball super episode 131.

We’re going to get some kind of special something in place of the next episode preview and, I think that’s going to be a teaser for the movie.

As I have talked about in the post today, they confirm this already, the series director confirms this.

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 Dragon Ball Super Movie 2018 Details

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