Dragon Ball Super Movie 2018 Official Teaser Details

Dragon Ball Super Movie 2018 Official Teaser Details

Hello dragon ball super nation, we just got the teaser for the upcoming Dragon Ball super movie. Coming straight from Toei Twitter account and wow, guys, it does look very glorious.

There is so much to talk about we’re gonna break down all of this. There is a new villain, it is not Vegeta, it is not Whis, The person seems to look kind of like a Saiyan.

We also have a new art style, and we have so much to talk about, so without further ado, let’s break this down and see exactly what we got.

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Frist, let us talk about the art, and talk about who this new villain maybe.? Okay, guys so the first thing I’m going to talk about obviously is the art.

So as we got that teaser with the image of Goku, the art is this very dulled-down in style and graphics. I know a lot of people are going to be upset that it looks like this.

Here the good thing about it, videos like the very good thing is, from an animation perspective. If you guys like super high-quality frame combat scenes, and a lot of fast-paced action, a lot of really impactful punches, and destruction and things like that. It is perfectly good martial arts, this art style compliments high-quality anime action so very well.

So when you have a more detailed style like Takahashi’s animation artwork it becomes infinitely harder to animate, because you have to redo all that shading, and it becomes so much more complicated every time the character moves, even do a little micro movement.

With this style of art, you can bend the characters the way want easily. You can do lots of smears and tons of interesting things with the animation. So we were supposed to get something special at the end of the final episode of Dragon Ball super. I’m assuming that this teaser is about it.

I’m assuming that in place of the next episode preview for episode 31 we would have gotten this but I’ll wait. Toei just released this a little bit early stating in the video “A new adventure comes to Dragon Ball super” yes it is a Dragon Ball super movie, and it takes place after the tournament of power ends.

Dragon Ball Super Movie 2018 Official Teaser

So major spoiler guys Universe 7 doesn’t lose, now the other interesting thing about this is, look at the landscape where Goku is. This icy mountain landscape is this Earth.? I mean probably why is Goku out here, in like the frozen tundra.

Dragon Ball Super Movie

I don’t really know, and as we see up there on the top of that mountain there’s a new enemy, and this is a Saiyan. He looks like an ancient Saiyan, he’s go got all this green power kind of like Broly, and he’s got the old school Armory of pass Saiyans in dragon ball. I don’t know how this guy is going to be able to compare to ultra Instinct Goku.

Is his yamoshi.? I don’t think so, it does not really make too much sense, but I guess it is a possibility again. We also get this very in new art style to Goku this allows so much freedom for the artist do lots of interesting things to come into the movie.

It’s going to be really, really exciting to me, its very different but I know a lot of people are going to be like they are so used to Takahashi, you’re going to be upset at this look of art for now, but once you see the movie, I bet it will change your mind.

So hopefully, you guys can be patient and just wait till it get more clips coverage, and just give it a chance.

I’m sure what they’ll do with this animation is going to be absolutely stunning. You just have to be patient and wait for it. Now in this next upcoming picture of Goku it does look like his eye is starting to turn into Ultra Instinct. I don’t think that that’s just animation style. I mean it could be, but as you see right here.

Goku looks like he’s mad and then you do see like a silverish pupil coming out of him which is pretty much Ultra Instinct. I mean base form Goku isn’t supposed to have a pupil. I think that’s a teaser that we are going to get an ultra Instinct Goku in this battle.

I don’t know how any Saiyan who can compete with ultra Instinct, unless he himself has it, and if we get an ultra Instinct vs Ultra Instinct battle it will be freaking amazing.

So guys take a look at this art, it’s very One Piece style, you can see very flexible Limbs and movements coming out of these characters, and I think it’s going to be really exciting. I think we’re in for a treat here guys.

Okay, look at this guy he’s got yellowish eyes, black, and hair, who is this guy.? I mean what is that eye color? we have never seen something like that out of a Saiyan.

I mean this guy kind of reminds me of Broly a little bit. I don’t think we’re going to get some super baller Saiyan Broly level. But for Dragon Ball super is going to be so freaking exciting. The movie Resurrection F was pretty dumb my opinion, why waste an entire movie just bringing back Frieza but this kind of this is what fans want.

The fans love Saiyan on Saiyan battles, I mean personally, I wasn’t like the biggest fan of Goku black because it didn’t feel really unique and different.  It felt like a mirror match and I didn’t feel the mirror match was that exciting, but this is going to be some guy who’s going to post some crazy challenges to Goku.

I’m so freaking excited for this movie. On December 14th of this year, we’re going to get this amazing new movie Goku versus some super-powerful other Saiyan I’m really happy that it’s still not Whis. It would have been kind of cool if it was Vegetata too. It very well could be a Moshi or it could be a different universe or different dimension.

There’s a lot of theories that happens at the end of Dragon Ball super will find out on Sunday or Saturday. Some people think that maybe Goku goes and trains with the great priest.

Dragon Ball Super Movie 2018 Official Teaser Details

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