Image of the Dragon Ball Movie

Image of the Dragon Ball Super Movie

New Image of the Dragon Ball Super Movie 2018: Toriyama has been handing out pamphlets for the Dragon Ball super move and on the back of the pamphlet, we actually get the silhouette or the Saiyan villain.

Confirming there, that he has a tail and he is a Saiyan, but I think it was pretty obvious so far, but the interesting, it looks like he is frozen in ice.

Is the new Saiyan Frozen in some kind of ice cap? we don’t know yet. If you look around in the movie trailer, the atmosphere is hot and sunny, you can see the Sunshine from the trailer, and then maybe the ice melts and somehow he is alive.

Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball

So this guy could be an ancient Saiyan that somehow made it to Earth a very long time ago possibly with the legendary form and then maybe he’s just been frozen in time.

Dragon Ball

Maybe he came during the Ice Age, you know maybe he was the one that wiped out the dinosaurs or he was there when there were dinosaurs, and he got frozen in the Ice Age, and it’s going to melt and he’s going to come back alive.

That could be a possible plot to this movie.  My theory was that since Android 17 wish back all of the universe’s he would have wished back universes 13th through 18th and that this guy could have been from one of those 6 erased universes.

Dragon Ball

If they were revived from The wish of the Super Dragon. Ball but don’t think that the writers are going to go that deep.

I know this story is written by Akira Toriyama he could potentially use that but honestly, I think that will not happen.

Sometimes they forget about stuff they said they do, but they didn’t forget about Mastery of self-movement, they renamed it Ultra instinct.

If they dropped in a very long time ago and they decide to bring an entirely new form.? I could be wrong here but this image, unless they’re just trying to hide what he looks like that, could also just be a possibility.

Maybe they don’t want to spoil it yet, but it looks like he’s Frozen in an ice cap. I mean that’s the vibe that I’m getting from the quote on the back.

On the back of the pamphlet, it doesn’t say anything different is a quote from Akira Toriyama the one that we’ve all made the post on that we’ve been talking about. but of course that’s nothing new there, but this image in the silhouette is brand new and I guess the real question is if he was frozen in time.?

I think it could potentially make some sense and somehow the ice cap melts and he’s alive again, with potentially maybe an entire fleet of other Saiyans, just like from the Dragonball Legends game. then again how can he beat Goku.?

Now maybe they told us Goku can’t get Ultra Instinct anymore at the end of Dragon Ball super so that this guy will actually stand a chance,

But if Goku does have Ultra Instinct there is absolutely no way that this guy can win unless he has Ultra Instinct himself.

My opinion on what I think is going to happen is that he’s going to be super powerful he’s probably going to have legendary for him.

I think he’s going to go Blue Kaioken times 20 and he’s going to lose. He’s going to get severely beaten up and at the end of the movie, Goku is going to turn into Ultra Instinct because he’s going to break his shell.

Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball

Image of the Dragon Ball Super Movie

He’s going to defeat the guy and he’s going to win and honestly, that’s pretty cookie cutter. If they would give us the excuse to see Ultra Instinct again, which is something that everybody wants to see again, and we’re all just left scratching our heads as to why they would stop at nugget in at the end of Dragon Ball super and say oh I can’t do it anymore.

Not good for business…

Why would you only built up to ultra Instinct for an entire year and now you’re just going to say you can’t do it anymore? like it’s definitely going to come back. 

I think that Goku is going to turn into Ultra Instinct in order to beat this villain. Now it does kind of add up and makes sense that if these guys are ancient you know they would have come a very long time ago and got frozen.

Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball

And now they get D thawed and alive again at least for one guy, I think will be awesome though if there was an entire fleet of Saiyans or at least it could be something like 5 verse 5 kind like a Saiyan Saga 2.0.

Or like if this guy came to Earth with his comrades and he got frozen in the ice age and now it’s up to Goku Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan and whoever else to battle these guys the movie.

I think that would be really cool but understand this, those Saiyans would not stand a freaking chance.

I mean the power level of Saiyans was like a few thousand.

Or what would happen is that their Powers got diluted through the age or something.

They would have to explain how they’re so freaking strong but then again the universe 6 Saiyans were absurdly strong.

I mean you know, they can pretty much do whatever the heck they want to do in Dragon Ball super.

So there’s also a lot of fake art that’s flying around lately and there’s a lot of concepts are that people are throwing off as real which is not true.

We do not have a real image yet of the new villain okay. So it is the best image we have is the silhouette and what we have seen from the trailer.

Anyways that it for today you all can comment your thoughts down be or follow me on Facebook and join our group.

Image of the Dragon Ball Super Movie

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