The End of Dragon Ball Super

The End of Dragon Ball Super. The wish has been granted, and Dragon Ball super is officially done.

Dragon Ball Super The tournament of power has finished. While Universe 7 has won, all of the universes have been wished back into existence.

All of the universes are leaving a big opportunity for Dragon Ball to continue. With universes 13 through 18, which were erased by Zeno previously.

They may have a come back that could have possibly been open-ended. They left us room for more future of Dragon Ball arc.

At the end of the episode Goku and Vegeta standoff in the end as an homage to the Saiyan Saga when they first met.

This was a very beautiful sequence but at the end, Vegeta says something very interesting. He said “A Saiyan has no limits

This is exactly what they show us in the preview for the movie. I also said in the previous post regarding the movie.

The End of Dragon Ball Super
The End of Dragon Ball Super

It is going to be a Saiyan Saga 2.0 with new Saiyans invading Earth, are they from one of the extra six universes that were revived.

That could be the next potential story if they decide to go that route. I am about to break down this entire episode from start to finish for you guys.

The final episode of Dragon Ball super was absolutely phenomenal, in every sense of the word.

The art and storyboarding primarily, I think was the best.

The strongest Point as the entire episode circles around the arena in a global fashion. The different camera angles and speeds, It was just incredible.

Jiren’s overwhelming strength was crumbling because, for one, he took a severe beating by Goku in the last episode.

But it additional he’s finally met his match, and since his strength has been defeated, since he’s no longer confident in himself.

He’s lost that sense of power and pride that he has and that essentially was making him vulnerable to Frieza and Andriod 17.

I think he’s also very very exhausted at this point.

Frieza put up an incredible fight, and it was awesome to see him go up against the mighty Jiren.

It felt painful to see him take all those hits, but as we saw you he uses the psychic abilities to hit Jiren with some rocks. 

In this episode, we got stunning visual after they work together. I take some screenshots of all of the best ones as well. 

Frieza and Android 17 work together after Frieza they smash Jiren.

Android 17 tackles Jiren and then he pops out a blast right in his back after making a barrier, so that Jiren takes a hundred percent of the damage.

That was awesome seeing that come out of Andriod 17. At that point, Jiren literally puked, because he’s exhausted.

He’s taking a lot of damage. I guess he’s almost in a way.

He’s like really upset at himself because this one’s a super powerful prideful Warrior.

The one that only believes in strength is now losing to these ants in his words.

His own morals and values have been crushed and shattered in this tournament after fighting and losing to Goku.

Jiren only wins because Goku ran out of power in the last second. Jiren entire character is crumbling and it takes a pep talk from Toppo in order to get him to stand up and fight back. 

In fact, it seemed like he was about to just simply give up at that point. I didn’t think Toppo’s pep talk was that impactful.

I really feel like the words weren’t that emotional, but regardless Jiren stood up and he decided to turn the tables on Frieza and the rest of the crew.

The End of Dragon Ball Super
The End of Dragon Ball Super

I love the art it’s so much. It’s just crazy how they can develop increase as magical as beautiful pieces of art throughout the entire episode.

Frieza and 17 are holding off this nuclear explosion from Jiren. Android 17 says to increase your energy, even more, and then this scene was just emotional guys. As Frieza’s Golden form melts off.

The End of Dragon Ball Super Episodes

The End of Dragon Ball Super
The End of Dragon Ball Super

I don’t know if that’s because he’s pouring his all into that Shield. Or if he’s so far past his limit that his golden form is just run off. Regardless, that was an amazing shot.

The End of Dragon Ball Super
The End of Dragon Ball Super

Next, this part where Goku shows up and helps them like this is when like that if I start to get emotional.

Goku who is so battered and beaten actually come back and join in for the final fight.

He even puts a smile on Jiren’s face and then he unleashes this insane rage.

The effects on this animation I think was too much. It really takes away from the animation.

I mean it is so many frames of micro-movements before Jiren unleashes this tremendous energy. 

It does feel like it took away the animation a little bit, but that was such a great showdown of power from Jiren.

I love these scene it was stunning.

Since Jiren has gotten over his issues whatever which was bothering him and breaking down his energy. Jiren full power has returned finally.

Another stunning shot right there as all three stand together and push back against Jiren shattering his energy.

Jiren even Smiles he’s like let’s do this let’s end this, and they charge. This is where Goku and Frieza final unit their strength. 

Dragon Ball Super
The End of Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super End

Perhaps the most iconic villain of the entire Dragon Ball franchise is Frieza working with the hero Goku.

That brought forth a barrage of emotions from us Dragon Ball fans, who have followed this show so religiously for over 20 years.

Seeing them work together was almost like seeing Goku and Vegeta work together. And perhaps the entire theme of Dragon Ball super is simply that.

Goku’s Heart of Gold Can Transform and change any villain into a good guy.

Dragon Ball Super

Jiren punches Goku in the stomach and Goku grabs onto his arm allowing Frieza knee hin in the face.

Damn, that’s gotta hurt. While Android 17 is on the back line with his infinite energy, just nuking Jiren sending him flying into a pillar.

Goku and Frieza play Frontline and they charge in follow up on Android 17 attacks.

The coordinated average between the three of these was phenomenal.

It became blatantly obvious that Toei spare no expense and make sure that this was the best final episode possible. 

Three fighters from Universe 7 team up to take on a Titan that is Jiren.

Frieza jumps down onto harm so that Goku can throw him at Jiren.

The camera angle turns towards your direction and you can feel the thrust of the projectile as it hits Jiren.

Sending them both down through the tournament of the power stage.

Leading off of the stage completely but it is not enough, and Goku charges himself as well.

You can feel the speed and power of Goku and Frieza as they throw themselves as projectiles at Jiren. Working together to take him off of the stage.

Dragon Ball Super

Jiren can’t even believe it this is trust, this is what happens when you have comrades and you have friends and that’s it they take out Jiren.

Dragon Ball Super

Goku, Frieza, and Jiren or all eliminated, and nobody can believe it.

During the dropout, the great priest announces that Universe 7 is done for.

Goku says I want to see you again something, and Jiren smile as he was being evaporated from existence.

We then saw Super Shenron appears and he is gigantic.

However, he’s not that gigantic the first time we saw Super Shenron.

A Galaxy was about the size of his toenail but now he’s really only the size of the tournament of the power stage.

Dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball Super

Which I don’t really understand too much, I mean that guy’s head should have taken up the entire Sky along with his face.

it’s not that big of a deal though. in the end, Andriod 17 wish back all the universe that has been erased to be returned.

We all believe it would not be the ending but actually that it.

It was a very cookie cutter ending all of the universes returning and that’s pretty much it.

However, we do maintain the bonds as Cabba said you kept your promise master. We do have the possibility of a planet Sadala Arc in the future.

The End of Dragon Ball Super
The End of Dragon Ball Super

 Caulifla and kale say help us go Super Saiyan 3. So saying that they may return in the future even more strong.

Champa just being a big dick, because he doesn’t even thank his brother for saving his life, and resurrecting him classic Champa.

I think nobody likes this guy anymore by now.

Dragon Ball Super
The End of Dragon Ball Super

Then we get these beautiful mountains of all the universes as the resurrected staring up into the sky.

The Sparkles of Super Shenron Dragon Ball scattering through the universe.

Yet again this was a very impactful emotional scene.

I absolutely love this and it was just an acknowledgment of all the characters and struggles and battles and episodes that we have watched up until now.

The End of Dragon Ball Super

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