Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie English Dub Review

Hello, Dragon Ball nation. Today I’m going to do my personal review on Dragon Ball super Broly Movie 2019 which is the newest Dragon Ball movie out.

Going into this movie, I was a little concerned at first when I heard about a Dragon Ball super movie. I was excited to see what Direction the Story was taking and what new Concepts they would introduce.

However, once leaks revealed this movie to be about Broly, much of that excitement fell off a cliff. Because I’m sure if you guys didn’t know, I wasn’t quite what you would call a fan of the original Broly. That being said, The more I saw the movie trailers and heard how this was going to be a fresh take on Broly’s character.

DragonBall Super Broly Movie 2019
DragonBall Super Broly Movie 2019

The more interested I became. My concerns were still there, but I had a feeling that this could be rather a fanservice movie. However, most of my concerns were put to rest because the Broly movie was awesome!

Now, that’s a sentence I never expected to say, but just how awesome is this movie though.? Well, in this post I’m going to discuss that.

If you have not seen this movie yet I encourage you to go a see it for yourself.

The Dragon Ball Super: Broly Story

The story of this movie revolves around Goku, Vegeta, Broly, and Frieza. The movie covers their time not only in the present but also their shared history.

Goku, Vegeta, Broly
Goku, Vegeta, Broly

As Frieza once again returning for Revenge upon Goku, he plans to use the Dragon Balls for his own nefarious purposes. In order to do that, he enlisted the help of Broly who is stranded on a desolate alien world with his father Paragus.

Together, they come to the Earth to battle our protagonist in an all-out fight that will determine the fate of the universe. First, I want to get into something that many people will see in this film. 

Also, I knew this movie would look good from the trailers and what I’d heard from friends of mine who saw it at the premiere. But even then, I wasn’t really expecting what I ended up seeing.

From the Moment the movie starts. I could already tell that this was on another level from prior Dragon Ball movies.

Dragon Ball Super Movie 2019
Dragon Ball Super Movie 2019

Along with the movie art, style, and animation. Personally, it was incredible. The new style they went within this movie really goes well with not only the slower-paced moments. But also, the fights and speaking of the fights, they’re also incredible to watch.

Broly Vs Vegeta and Goku Dragon Ball Movie

DragonBall Super Broly Movie 2019
DragonBall Super Broly Movie 2019

Broly vs Vegeta looks great, Broly vs Goku looks great as well. The final was mind-blowing everything blends in the battle, unlike anything we’ve seen in Dragon Ball before. I think they were really showing off just how powerful these characters are.

Its also isn’t Your run-of-the-mill Dragon Ball action in one static location. The characters fight in the sky flies through glaciers while the environment changes. As the fights go on Goku even gets to demonstrate a new technique along the way. Which is something I wanted to see for a while, this for me is very likely the best that Dragon Ball has ever looked.

If I was reading it only on its presentation it would get nearly a 10 out of 10.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie 2019 2D, 3D, and CG Animation

The only thing I didn’t care for with the animation is that there’s a good amount of 3D, CG used alongside the 2D animation. This was to shape some of the environments and even the characters during fights. Seen the trailer it’s not always the best implemented. But it’s still vastly better than what we saw on Battle of Gods and Resurrection F.

Which I rewatch before seeing this movie and in some ways this story is similar to Resurrection F as well. However, it’s done far better than most of the issues I had with Resurrection F. The first part of the movie was obviously taken up by the backstory of Dragon Ball Minus with most of the same characters involved.

Most of this takes place on planet Vegeta years before its destruction. We saw Frieza’s introduction to the Saiyans by his father King Cold. Then we learn about Frieza’s regime and how he ruled over the Saiyans. Frieza was presented as more sadistic than his father which is very true.

Some of the Saiyans don’t like his rule and see themselves as slaves. You could tell that the film is trying to make many of the Saiyans more sympathetic. For example like Bardock and Gine who makes their appearances to Dragon Ball Super.

Dragon Ball Minus

Dragon Ball Minus
Dragon Ball Minus

Which their storyline was taken straight from Dragon Ball Minus. It’s a polarizing story, to say the least especially because it makes Goku’s Origins even more like Superman. Not to mention, it may create some continuity issues. However, there are some little tweaks here and there that make it work in this movie.

How they incorporate Vegeta and Broly is really interesting to such as when we find out about King Vegeta’s plans. King Vegeta wanted his son to be the strongest Saiyan and rule over the universe instead of Frieza.

However, this also ties in directly with Broly because when the king learns about baby Broly and that he’s showing signs of even greater potential.


King Vegeta grows jealous and sends Broly to another desolate world. Broly’s father Paragus also becomes trapped there when trying to rescue Broly which we saw on the trailer. This does a great job of explaining why the Father and Son hate the King Vegeta so much.

Dragonball Super Broly Movie 2019
Dragonball Super Broly Movie 2019

They were trapped on this horrible desolate World struggling to survive for a while. It seems a lot like Star Trek 2 Wrath of Khan. So when they’re given the opportunity to fight Vegeta they jump at it. Again they’re made more sympathetic although Paragus was kind of a prick early on.

Broly isn’t really a villain in this movie, he’s someone who just so happened to be born powerful and was punished for it. Then by the time of this film he’s now being controlled by his father. However, unlike in the original Broly, he is like a brainless tank with a mind control headband.

They showed us that Broly is a Kind person who’s just ignorant of the world around him. In some way, it’s kind of like Tarzan. Broly also wears a shock collar that stops him during intense bursts of anger.

Broly is Not Evil in Dragon Ball Super Movie

DragonBall Super Broly Movie 2019
DragonBall Super Broly Movie 2019

During the movie, Broly even makes friends like Chirai and stands up for her against other Frieza Force members. So when Broly starts to fight Goku and Vegeta you care about him and what his fate will be.

This movie actually made me care about Broly,  and that’s really saying something. Chirai, she’s pretty cool she’s kind of a spunky soldier who is similar to Bulma. Her character seems largely there for sex appeal which shows quite often. But she’s a kind of character who actually cares for Broly and has real motivations. She’s basically the Jean to is Tarzan.

Now, Frieza is, of course, the master manipulator behind everything in this movie. He’s back for Revenge, but honestly, his motivations for fighting were weak. Of course, he hates Goku because he wants to continue to do evil. But his wish on the Dragon Balls is so inconsequential.

It also mirrors his wish to that of Bulma. Bulma wanted pretty much the same thing.


The whole thing just felt like an excuse for everyone to fight. So, I think this could have been done a little better.   However, Frieza is still one of the best characters in the movie and actually has some of the funniest moments in it. As for the rest of the cast, they’re either not in the film or have what essentially amounts to cameos.

Piccolo was there but only briefly. Goten and  Trunks show up but their role was also minor. Gohan isn’t even there which disappointed to me. Beerus and Whis stood there and did nothing in the film. Although Whis was briefly involved in the action which was cool. 

Now, being a film based on Broly, this movie also has a lot of callbacks.

Broly’s Relationship With Paragus On Planet Vampa

Broly’s appearance, his relationship with his father, ability to grow stronger in numerous visuals have been taken from the original movies for fans. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this a lot although for non-fans they aren’t done in a way that’s too distracting. It’s not like what they did with kale in the tournament of power. For example, there are some weird issues with continuity in this film.

It’s something to do with the transformations. For some weird reason Goku and Vegeta’s hair and Ora changing color. We’ve never really seen that before when they’re transitioning between forms. There’s no explanation for it, it seems to be an artistic choice.

However, it’s kind of distracting because it’s never been shown to happen before. Additionally, there are some scenes in the film that felt weirdly edited, almost as if an establishing shot or another scene was cut out before it. For example, in the third act, one character just happens to be in a scene fighting with no real explanation.

There’s also some writing that doesn’t really make the most sense under scrutiny. Such as one fight in the third act lasting way longer than it should have and, of course, Broly’s Rising power. Broly increases his power quickly over the course of two fights, that it’s crazy and although there’s some explanation given to how is power works.

Dragon Ball Super Movie 2019
Dragon Ball Super Movie 2019

It’s still a lot to suspend your disbelief over. Although you’re so caught up in the action and presentation of the fight, it may not really hit you how big of a jump it is that you’re seeing. I’m a guy who cares about logical scaling and continuity in this franchise so that naturally stuck out to me.

I suspect that people who don’t care about those things won’t happen to have an issue there. Another thing I’m on the fence about is the background music. There are some good tracks that add to the emotion of scenes.

However, there’s some music that I thought was kind of distracting. For example during the climactic fight announcer yelling the characters names and attacks that are a part of the song. I guess I can see what they were trying to do, but I would have preferred normal music over something like that.

Additionally, I thought the dub was fine however, it would have been nice to have the option to see this in Japanese.

But I guess I’ll have to wait for the Blu-ray to see that. So overall Dragon Ball super Broly is an excellent addition to the Dragon Ball franchise.

Was Dragon Ball super Broly Movie Awesome?

It had amazing animation, incredible fights, and a fleshed-out version of Broly that I actually cared about.


Would I say this is it the best dragon ball movie.? Well, I’ll have to re-watch it and the others before making that judgment.

However, it is certainly a strong contender. Either way, this is a film that I’d highly recommend to fans of Dragon Ball, and one that I think will benefit the most from the theaters on the Silver Screens.

It’s pretty weird recommending a Broly movie, but they actually made one that works.

I’m going to give Dragon Ball Super Broly and 9.5 out of 10, although I could see this sore changing upon rewatching it.

So have you guys seen Dragon Ball super Broly Movie.? if so, what did you think about it, what were your pros and cons and where would you rank it among the other dragon ball movies.

Let me know down below. 

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, my name is Gregory, I am a huge fan of Dragon Ball and I hope you like it here. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via Email Cheer!

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