Dragonball Super Manga Chapter 20 English Dub Review

DragonBall Super Manga Chapter 20
DragonBall Super Manga Chapter 20

Dragonball Super Manga 20 is now in the history books. We have some interesting Surprises with this Manga chapter by Toyotaro. This was adapted from the manuscript of Mr. Akira Toriyama himself. A lot of people including myself presumed that Dragon Ball Super Manga 20 would be the end of the Future Trunks Arc.

Based on comments that Toyotaro made at New York Comic Con. He stated that the Manga would go ahead of the anime and with the universe survival Arc starting next month. But now it appears that the Trunks Arc is still continuing. The devil’s corpse on Twitter was making statements that perhaps Toyotaro meant that he’s actually working on the next Arc.

While simultaneously working on the Trunks arc. So, maybe he’s all written but they’ve only released up until this point. However, after reading Dragon Ball Super chapter 20 of the manga it seems like this thing is far from over.

When we last left our heroes, Vegeta was beating the living juice out of Goku black.

DragonBall super manga 20 English 
Dragonball Super Manga 20

He was saved by Future Zamasu who now in the Manga version of the event has the ability to heal. kind of like what Majin Buu. Now one of the key points that brought up here in this Manga chapter is that. The Zamasu taking over Goku black body is exploiting the Zenkai Boost that is inside of Goku’s original body.

Those of you who don’t remember Zenkai, it is pretty much the term used by a lot of the fandom. This was to describe the biology of the Saiyan when they come close to die when they experience near-death or even die. Once they are healed they become stronger. It’s kind of like if you get a callus put on an Extreme level.

Dragonball Super Manga 20 English Review

Back in DBZ during the Namek saga, we saw the Saiyans Goku and Vegeta really exploit the Zenkai boost to get stronger. There’s a big misconception in the fandom that Zenkai I’ve stopped after the Namek Arc. That’s a complete load of crock. It’s never stated ever in the manga or in the anime that the Zenkai boost stop.

DragonBall Super Manga 20
Dragonball Super Manga 20

Nor did the Saiyans stopped receiving Zenkai boost. We saw Cell actually receive one when he blew himself up in the cell game. So, even though it’s not explicitly stated in the series. Every time someone gets a Zenkai I find it hard to believe that in biology change it magically stopped after the Namek arc.

However, what may have actually happened is that the degree of the boost from the Zenkai I may have been diminished. Every time you use one, honestly when you go back and watch the series The Zenkai.

It’s a convenient plot point they’re used so Toriyama can figure out a way to make the character stronger at the times. Anyways, what happens is black reveals that his pain made him stronger. Every time he gets beat up, he gets stronger and stronger.

We also see Zamasu showing off a box of Time rings and there are six Time rings in there. I’m not going to even try to figure out how there are six Time rings in there.

Unless he stole one from the past and also had the fifth from the future. I mean that could make sense but I think my head’s already been completely swollen when it comes to figuring out this time travel thing. Of course, it tells us that obviously, Goku black man from the past and them and Zamasu were buddies.

Dragonball Super Manga Vegeta Vs Zamasu 

We all know that so as a result of Goku black getting beat up by Vegeta and then being healed by Zamasu. Goku black begins to Pummel Vegeta back again. Now every time I talked about how incredible Toyotaro is as an artist.

And he’s always just really really good with his drawing. But I got to say with Dragon Ball Super Manga 20. Wow, this is literally some of the best art I’ve ever seen from him. In fact, when it comes to just pure just action panels.

This manga is loaded with some tremendously cool-looking action shot, and when it comes to just the cool fight scene. I must say this is my absolute favorite Dragon Ball super Manga chapter.

Toyotaro out did himself guys you’ve got to check this out. Now in the manga, Goku black also shows some abilities that we did not see him doing the anime. For example, he can actually use his ki to trap Vegeta and freeze him to not move.

Of course, you know Vegeta breakout but I still think it’s a pretty cool technique. 

Dragon Ball Super Manga 20

Anyways, Vegeta starts to lose and Goku gives Vegeta Senzu bean. Goku says hey, can heal up we might as well use our beans to heal. Vegeta charges that Goku black but it’s not enough, Goku black seems to have gotten much more of a boost then Vegeta did.

Trunks says wait a minute, why didn’t father get a boost. Trunks also said that he thinks that Vegeta probably can’t get a zenkai boost because he’s trained so much already.

Now, this changes a lot of things because this line was not in the anime. It very difficult for me to really think about whether or not to count it as being part of the continuity.

Dragonball Super Manga 20 Raw

That means it’s possible that the Zenkai do eventually diminishing in value. Which then begs the question, can Goku and Vegeta ever surpass Beerus.? Or any of these characters without exploring their Zenkai. I don’t know but this is a very interesting twist.

I want to know in the comment how you feel about this. Remember though this is Trunk’s speculating. There’s no actual guarantee but it appears like Goku black Zenkai seems to be working a lot better than Vegeta’s.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 20 (1)
DragonBall Super Manga 20

Which again it’s kind of weird because Goku’s body it’s Goku black body.  Goku’s has been exporting his body Zenkai boost for a lifetime. So, wouldn’t it be the same, maybe it has to do with Zamasu being a God. Again we’re really not sure.

Of course, Goku black gloat about the Immortals and then folks, as predicted last month by me and by many of you. Goku black transforms into Super Saiyan Rose whatever you want to call it.

And so what Toriyama’s original notes did state was that Goku black can become both golden hair and pink hair. Now in the manga chapters. Zamasu believes only when God’s surpass Super Saiyan gold they get the pink hair rather than the blue.

That is completely different than what Goku black says in the anime. In the anime, Goku black implied that he chose the rose form. He talked about how beautiful it is and things like that. The bottom line is guys, to make it very simple for all of you.

Super Saiyan Rose is just an evil polluted Sinister God-like version of Super Saiyan blue. I’ve seen some people get confused saying maybe Goku and Vegeta train they can get that form.

Super Dragon Ball Manga 20 English

Nope! that form is exclusive only to Goku black because he is being possessed by a Kaioshin. So we need to clear the air on that one right now and make sure you spread that out to people.

That’s what Rosie actually is, it just a polluted evil version of Blue. So like in the anime, Vegeta squares off against Goku black and Goku squares off against Zamasu. I really love the art here Toyotaro is a beast when it comes to these shots.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 20 (1)
Dragonball Super Manga 20 Vegeta Vs Goku Black

Man, this guy needs to be writing Dragon Ball Manga forever just based on his art. So, the Zamasu tries to use his psionic hand technique on Goku but Goku counters it. Goku impales Zamasu in the stomach, Zamasu pulls it out revealing that he is indeed Immortal because of the Super Dragon Ball.

We know for a fact here that the manga followed anime. However, even though Goku is stronger than Zamasu Vegeta stands no chance against Goku black. Goku Black is just way too strong. During the flight Zamasu actually takes Goku Senzu bag out with his telekinetic powers.

Then he Destroys them so, now they’re really screwed. They can heal still but their ability to heal with the Senzu is gone. It seems like all hope is lost, but Trunks comes to the rescue and delivers the Kaioken.

Otherwise known as the solar flare, in the English dub and this blinds Goku black and Zamasu allowing Goku Vegeta and Trunks to escape into the sewers. However, while they’re in the sewer they discuss a plan for the future and Goku says why don’t we use them a Mafuba.

A lot of folks including me felt they were going to leave the Mafuba part out of the manga.

Read Dragon Ball Super Manga ch 20

But no the Mafuba is going to be in the manga. Goku wants to use it to go back in time and learn it. The manga chapter comes to a close when Trunks and Mai develop a plan to distract Goku black and Zamasu. While Goku and Vegeta go into the time machine to escape.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 20 (1)

There is a badass scene where Mai in a jacket clothing walking down the street then takes off the cloak and starts firing a Shotgun. That was to distract Goku black and Zamasu and Trunks comes up from behind and stabbed Zamasu from behind.

Right through Zamasu’s stomach, this was some hardcore action. I was like wow! I loved the shot of that scene happening.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 20 (1)
Goku Black vs Trunks

Trunks said I’m going to save the future, this was so awesome. Afterward, Goku black and Trunks start going at it and Trunks was having a hard time Goku Black. That was just a distraction so that Goku and Vegeta can get in the time machine and go back in time to future.

Written by Gregory Warmington

Hello, my name is Gregory, I am a huge fan of Dragon Ball and I hope you like it here. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via Email Cheer!

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