Dragon Ball Super Manga 42 Review

Dragon Ball Super Manga 42
Dragon Ball Super Manga 42

Dragon Ball Super Manga chapter 42 Tournament of power is officially over.

Jiren gets held up by Goku, and Goku sacrifices himself as Frieza flies in with a body slam, knocking all three of them off the edge.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 42
Dragon Ball Super Manga 42

Android 17 crawls out of some hidden rocks and hold and behold he is the last person alive on the tournament of power Arena.

That making him the winner, giving him the wish to bring back all of the universes.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 42
Dragon Ball Super Manga 42

Similar to the anime version the tournament of power ends the same way that it did.

Android 17 was hiding the entire time and not coming out until he knew for sure that Jiren would be out.

So the way this done, I think is it a way better than the anime.

Why, because it shows that universe 7 and Android 17 or way more strategically than in the anime.

However, the anime version gave us that really epic Goku and Frieza vs. Jiren finale Battle.

Where you had Goku Super Saiyan and Frieza at a hundred percent power like on Namek.

The TV version felt way more epic. It felt way more emotionally driven, but this Manga version was a smarter story.

Because the actual finishing move with Goku sitting there holding Jiren and Frieza doing that double attack.

And also the flying double punch. That was really good and not just that another big difference of here is.

We have the eliminations of universe 11 and Universe 7 wins not just that, but also we find out that  Android 18 new 17 was alive.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 42
Dragon Ball Super Manga 42

She knew that Android 17 was faking it. But in the anime version, she thought that 17 really blew himself up and she was all emotional about it.

Android 17 and 18 

It turns out that the entire time they both knew we’re 17 says, “Hey, 18 you’re a pretty bad actress.”

This was actually a plan that Andriod 17 and Frieza had come up with. I seem they both came up with this plan before any of this happened.

The whole thing was a setup and it did work for them. I’ll be honest with you, it makes the characters seem smarter. 

Dragon Ball Super Manga 42 English

Although the anime gave us that great epic finale, the manga gave us a little bit of hype as well.

I actually really like the way they did that

They also talked about how nobody can spend Android 17. That what turns out that 17 talks about he how he pretended to blow himself up.

But he couldn’t because the bomb in his chest was removed by Krillin.

Furthermore, he talked about how he didn’t want to do it anyway, he loves his family and what not.

Jiren tells vermouth and the rest of the pride Troopers that he’s okay with his master not being brought back to life.

We get a little bit more description of Jiren’s Master, Jiren didn’t understand that teamwork is the key to winning the tournament.

That seems to be what Jire’s master tried to teach him all along but I guess he’s full of himself.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 42

Jiren’s wish was to bring back his master. But it will never work because it was a demon that killed Jire’s master.

“Unfortunately, you can’t bring back people who were killed by a demon.”

This is what universe 11 angel Marcarita says. So, it was actually a physically Demon that killed Jiren’s Master.

So pretty much what happens is what you would expect like the anime. The was about grand priest is about to wipe away Universe 11.

Then the wish was made by Android 17 and this, of course, gets rushed very quickly.

The wish, of course,  brought back the remaining universes that were already wiped away.

Dragon Ball Super 42 Review
Dragon Ball Super 42 Review

However, in the Manga version. There is no mention about the Omni Kings saying:

They would have wiped out the entire universe if the right wish wasn’t made.

That is not in this version at all, and I like the fact that Toyotaro removes that.

I actually like the fact he did that. I think it makes the characters better in my option.

The manga has been below the anime for the majority of the Arc. But I feel here even though the anime felt like it was more emotional.

Super Dragon Ball Manga Ch 42 

This manga here it just is better written in my opinion, honestly.

I think that the Manga version of these final chapters of this Arc is better written.

And, of course, they talk about how Vegeta says that Bulma will lend him her spaceship.

Dragon ball super manga 42
Dragon ball super manga 42

We also see that Whis brings back Frieza to life, without even using the dragon balls.

That is something we never saw before or know Whis could do.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 42
Dragon Ball Super Manga 42

Anyways, moving forward, there is a little bit of description of Goku and Vegeta fighting in the gravity room chamber.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 42
Dragon Ball Super Manga 42

And pretty much Goku tells Vegeta that he can no longer do Ultra Instinct any more, similarly to the anime.

Vegeta calls it a “worthless technique” and that it’s better to just gain power through training and Goku agrees.

So pretty much The are saying that Ultra instinct is a worthless technique now.?

Moving on, for the Broly movie if you don’t want to be spoiled here’s your spoiler warning.

Ultra instinct is NOT in the Broly movie. I’m starting to wonder if they say this in the anime and they say this in the manga.

Breakdown of Dragon Ball Super Manga 42 

I’m not really sure why don’t we get  Ultra Instinct in the Broly movie.

Is it actually the end of Ultra Instinct.?

For some reason, they don’t want to bring this form back for Goku.

I find that extremely weird and a little disheartening, a form that fans went absolutely crazy for.

If they don’t want to bring it back maybe they’ll bring it back at some future event.

Now, let’s get into the juicy stuff which is pretty much the beginning of the next Dragon Ball Super Arc.

That’s what I really want to talk about here now. First of all, they pretty much skip over all the entire Broly movie.

They say that it happened, they have a picture of it and they’re pretty much skipping the entire thing.

I guess they don’t want to spoil the Broly movie, they don’t want to do the entire thing as manga.

Also, there’s not really any story that has developed or any major changes in the characters based on the movie.

So pretty much what that means is, they can skip over the whole thing and it won’t dent the story at all.

That’s exactly what they’re doing. So after this, Mr. Satan says that this mysterious group has arrived and they’re attempting to kidnap Majin Buu.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 42
Dragon Ball Super Manga 42

The leader of this organization quickly recognizes Goku and Vegeta and then knocks him out with this anesthesia gun.

Which is just absolutely ridiculous. This little guy he’s pretty much the number one Galactic patrol officer.

His name is Marissa or Maris and he is this number one Elite patrolman in charge of a hundred and four districts.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 42

Jaco is only in charge of three of the districts and he explains that this evil criminal has escaped from their Galactic prison.

DragonBall Super Manga 42 and Galactic Prisoner 

So, in order to recapture that criminal, they need the help of one very particular person the grand Kaioshin.

Or Daikaioshin, sleeping inside Majin Buu. In my last post, I said there are only two options to bring back the Kaioshin.

That’s either they wish him back with the Dragon Balls or they just pull him out of Buu.

Or possibly Majin Buu just simply has Kaioshin as personality inside of him.

Maybe the absorb Kaioshin has all the knowledge of the enemy. So maybe they’re able to just talk to him or access him through Majin Buu.

That we don’t know yet, so what we do know is that Goku and Vegeta and Buu or on the spaceship.

Galactic Patrol Headquarters

Dragon Ball Super Manga 42
Dragon Ball Super Manga 42

They’re at the Galactic Patrol Headquarters and they’re about to learn in the next chapter what is going on.

They will probably learn who this prisoner is, how strongly is he or what their story is.

I’m guessing it’s leading into this space exploration Arc, as they’re chasing after this prisoner.

More than likely, we’re going to have a conversation somehow with the Kaioshin about who this guy is along with some backstory.

If they need the old Kaioshin to get knowledge about this guy. Then maybe he’s probably some super ancient enemy.

And if he’s that powerful I don’t know how the Galactic Patrol has imprisoned him.

But perhaps he Grant Kaioshin was the actual one who imprisoned him.  Anyways, this is really exciting news to see that we’re going to jump into this new arc.

We’re going to get this brand new villain, how strong is it going to be, what is going to be in this story.

I hope it’s going to develop pretty much for quite a while until the movie.

By the time Dragon Ball super Broly movie airs in the US.

Super Dragon Ball Manga 42

They should have two more chapters of the manga explaining what’s happening with this next arc.

So if they do decide to continue this arc in the anime form, if they bring back Dragon Ball super or a new series altogether.

More than likely they will follow this arc. They have not said that this arc is in manga specific.

But they did say that it’s a manga original story, which yeah it’s original if it comes first.

We’ll have to see, I don’t know if they’re going to do any kind of filler sort of thing in the manga.

But the manga moves insanely fast, they blew through the tournament of power like it is nothing.

It just went insanely fast. I don’t really see why they would make this new arc if it’s some sort of filler Arc.

I think that this is the direction that the anime is going to go in the future. And I’m really excited to see what kind of new enemy waits for us and the Z fighters.

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