Dragon Ball Super Episode 69 English DUB Review

Dragon Ball Super Episode 69 English dubbed Review.

Toonami Just aired Super episode 69 English dub and I want to talk about this episode.

This episode really struck me as to how things have changed as far as the super dub compared to the Past.

Especially the distant past when it comes down to Dragon Ball.

I want to clarify some things that have been going on. Also. when it comes to the dub as far as confusion among the fandom.

There are people who have been asking is Dragon Ball super changing time slots.

Or they are going to stop doing the dubbed. we have no idea where that confusion came from.

But I think it may have come from the fact that what they’re doing is before the tournament of power.

Which is going to be airing a few weeks on Saturday nights on Toonami.

They’re going to be running all the old Dragon Ball super episodes on Primetime.

So you know evenings on Toonami and Cartoon Network are going to be airing all Dragon Ball super episodes.

That has already been dubbed. These are not going to be new episodes nor is it going to replace the Dragon Ball super dub on the weekends.

These are just episodes dub have already aired at the beginning of super just to kind of catch everybody up.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 69
Dragon Ball Super Episode 69 Review

This for those people who are watching on television and don’t have Crunchyroll subscription to catch everybody up.

You know if you missed anything you obviously. But most of you guys watching it who are sub are reading this now already have seen these episodes.

Maybe not dub, but you have seen all of the super episodes I would assume right.?

If you haven’t, of course, check out VRV. Or just Follow my Facebook Group to see them ok.

That being said.

How to watch Dragon Ball Super Episode 69 English DUB 

You can either watch it on Crunchyroll or VRV to seen the dub version.

New episodes of Dragon Ball super are still going to be airing Saturday night.

As we move closer to the tournament of power which is coming up very very soon dubbed.

It’s going to probably begin airing in about 6 or so weeks. 5 weeks I think maybe a month or so but depends on if anything is preempted.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 69
Dragon Ball Super Episode 69

So that will begin on Toonami with no breaks, as far as I know.

Now, it’s 69 of super this is the Dr. Slump Arale episode okay.

what stuns me is that I think people and I’ve said this before they overly criticize the English dub of Dragon Ball super.

Yet it amazes me as to the Quality that they’ve been putting on now compared Dragon Ball Z Kai.

To me, Super dub is bettered then Resurrection F Battle of Gods the movies.

In opinion obviously super does take more Liberties. There are things that are changed and things like that. I’m not saying the super dub is perfect at all.

I’m not saying that but a lot of people I think and I really believe this or overly criticizing Dragon Ball super dub.

I think too many of them will sit there and pinpoint all of the bad without focusing on all of the good. I was absolutely floored and I mean floored when I watch episode 69.

I’ll tell you why because first of all, this episode is already extremely polarizing.

This episode is already one that some of the fans, we can watch.

For subs, we don’t like it because a lot of them either don’t understand or Arale.

Don’t understand Dr. Slump, don’t get that classic early eighties Toriyama humor.

Dr. Slump and Arale Dragon Ball Super Episode 69 English

A lot of them grew up on the English dub of Z and it’s an action show. When really it’s not really an action show it’s a show combination of Slump which is really like 95% comedy.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 69

There’s not a lot of action there was Dragon Ball, and Dragon Ball is more of an action show.

But I think a lot of folks never understood his comedic roots and Toriyama being a gag manga writer.

So the episode never got that much love, and I like the episode a lot.

 It does feel weird because they break the fourth wall several times. it’s very different it’s like watching Avengers and then watching Deadpool.

Deadpool will constantly make fun of itself, make fun of other Tv shows. But other shows and comic like Infinity war is very serious.

That’s what they did he was dragon super episode 69. I remember when it first aired, it was really polarizing.

Some people just don’t care about Arale and that’s fine. Like I love Arale and I promise you if most of you watch Dr. Slump.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 69

Which unfortunately not localized. I assure you that most of you will probably like it.

Not everyone of course, but it’s really, really funny and it’s dirty as heck.

That being said what floored me is that they actually went so far as to where they did not have to do.

They did not have to do this, they went so far as to actually translate the intro to Dr. Slump.

That is the beginning of the episode, now this is the intro from the eighties that they brought back for super in the Japanese version.

Arale Vs Goku Dragon Ball Super Episode 69 English DUB 

I’m over here thinking when they dumped this there’s no way they’re going to. Either they are going to mute the audio or they’re going to just play the Japanese version and assume people will figure it out.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 69 English DUB Review

But that’s not what happened here. Brina Palencia voice the actress, Brina Palencia did the intro to this and sings the Japanese of Dr. Slump song in English.

It sounded so freaking good this never ever would have happened in the 90s, never.

It would have never happened, they would have never done anything like this.

Especially for a property like Dr. Slump that FUNimation does not have the license to have permission.

I’m sure they got permission for this episode, but they don’t even have permission to even put this out separately.

Like they can’t even put Dr. Slump out right now right, and yet they still did this.

To me, it’s like people overly criticize the dove for changing lines here and there. Which to me is just ignorant.

Yeah, they do it but not as much as everybody says they do, and yet when they do something right.

They don’t praise them when they do something right. Which is actually something above and beyond.

I know that there are people who are purest of the Japanese version, I myself and one of them.

But nonetheless, we have to give credit where credit’s due.

That being said the episode was so surprisingly accurate. 

Vegeta actually refers to Arale as an 80s gag manga character. So it’s like they’re acknowledging this property Dr. Slump.

The reason why it’s a big deal, you have to understand that they don’t have the license to it.

See what I’m saying. In Japan, Toriyama has everything, in the US when it comes to anime.

FUNimation does not have a license to that, and then they were actually acknowledging his existence.

Which by the way, you can read the Dr. Slump Manga it’s out in English. The anime is not, except for the first five movies.

That you can buy on Amazon and you can buy all the right stuff actually Herms89 helped with the subtitle.

They’re not dub or sub only from disco Tech media.