Extended Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 Preview

Extended Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 Preview 

Hello everyone good day, we have a very special extended preview for Dragon Ball super episode 129 Goku is talking about it the entire time thanks to herms98 on Twitter. We have a translation so let’s read it all. It says below:

Hey this is Goku with the fate of the Universe on the line the tournament of power reaches its final showdown. Jiren displays unlimited power surpassing those I have battled before like Vegeta Frieza Cell or Buu. He is truly the strongest opponent still for the sake of my comrades who have fought alongside me in for the sake of everyone waiting back on Earth I can’t give up now when faced with a truly desperate situation. My whole body starts to Glow silver the true Ultra Instinct greater than the ultra Instinct up until now finally goes into action. The strongest verse the strongest and unprecedented ultimate final battle begins what exactly is this true Ultra Instinct and who will be left standing at the end me or Jiren don’t miss the shocking developments in this moment of supreme climax.

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Wow okay guys, so lots of things here to talk about as we break down this trailer there’s a lot going on. We can see that Jiren is using his eye technique and Goku is literally punching and blocking simultaneously. Nobody’s been able to deflect Jiren’s eye attack up until now. Goku seems to be the first one to be able to do that in Ultra Instinct Omen form. Also, it seems like there is tons of action with ultra Instinct Omen vs. Jiren so he’s not going to transform early in the episode that’s for sure, it’s probably at least going to be halfway through the episode. One thing I wanted to point out is that as Herms translated it Goku called it true Ultra Instinct so I’m wondering if Whis or the great priest or somebody will explain that in this episode that could be the name for the art in this episode looks amazing.

Krillin, he’s looking ripped as hell the last time we saw Krillin looking that good was from Yuya Takahashi I’m not sure who the animators are in this episode yet but I’ll let you guys know when I find out I’m pretty sure that Takahashi and Shido will have Cuts in these final two episodes with Jirens’s that very well may have been Takahashi’s work right there It definitely looks like it. We have Vegeta looking over a Goku and closing his eyes and wondering why he’s closing his eyes.?

 Whis gives a smile of satisfaction here so maybe this is the reaction to Goku actually turning into true an Ultra instinct. Then we get some of this Ariel action, this is nothing really new that looks like reused animation from the opening and then belmod is losing his damn mind lol because Jiren must be getting pummeled of Goku charging up a huge Kamehameha. Goku fired it and you’ll see that it shoots like all of these rays of energy and destructive power out of the stage which that was so damn incredible this episode is going to have it spectacular effects just wwe previously seen already. 

Extended Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 Preview

I mean this is unbelievable I’m telling you guys is going to be comparable to episode 110 you just wait. So we know Goku shoots is Kamehameha and somehow Jiren just like the flex it with his eye shield and blast Goku away. Damn that explosion looks sick I mean I’m surprised Goku didn’t die from that. its a really interesting looking picture of Jiren moving is eyes. I guess his whole face supposed to be turning that look kind of weird. 

Goku’s eyes are covered he’s Rising shirt not blowing off here and then we’re going to start to see him turning into Super Saiyan silver or true Ultra Instinct. So Goku must lose his shirt own transformation here he must power up this Troublesome huge explosion of energy, it can be that maybe everybody thinks that Goku’s dead and he just burst out of the rubble kind of like he did in episode 110 and then you have Goku standing up with true Ultra Instinct with shirt shreds.

Extended Dragon Ball Super Episode 129

Unfortunately, we don’t get any extra pictures of true Ultra Instinct just what we’ve seen already from the 129 preview. so interesting enough we didn’t get high-quality preview images on Twitter from herms Twitter account like we usually do especially when there’s a two-week delay huge batch is a preview image of the next episode but instead they just gave us an extended preview with like 50 extra new images. so I’m sorry about the quality of the Image guys this is on the internet at this current point in time but even though the quality of the pictures isn’t good right now the quality that episode is going to be amazing. 

But still its really nice even with the terrible quality pictures we get a little bit of insight as to what is going down in this episode. It seems like it’s going to have a lot of talking points on the sidelines cause they keep showing all these close-ups of the people on the stand. They’re definitely going to be talking about this fight with some good commentary but it also looks like it the most of the episode is going to be mostly action, which is great. These battle scenes look absolutely phenomenal this is going to be that you’re gonna want to rewatch this episode hundreds of times. I know I’m going to be so even with all these new pictures in the ended trailer they’re still not showing Frieza.

It’s becoming more and more clear that something’s going to happen with Frieza at the very end they’re definitely trying to make you think at least make you forget that Frieza is still alive but a smart Dragon Ball fans know what they’re planning. We know that Frieza going to have some major role with the finale with the victory of the tournament of power for Universe 7. I’m just really hoping we get to actually see some combat and some action coming out of true Ultra Instinct I’m hoping that it doesn’t just end the episode after Goku transforms and we got like a couple visuals of him and then that’s it.

I want to see all true Ultra Instinct Goku beat the crap out of Jiren and I wanted it to be super satisfying so I’m really hoping that we get that there. I have a feeling we’ll probably get at least five minutes of action probably some amazement coming out of all. Goku now as we know have this trailer for Dragon Ball Heroes 9 which shows Goku transforming into Super Saiyan silver with a Roar and then combat with Jiren. It is very short but it’s still pretty damn cool we also see Jiren power up and Goku Powers up to match him and then they clashed and it creates a massive explosion lot of these explosions of power is his kind of stuff that we’re seeing from this extended preview, you can go back and look at it it’s like every time that they Clash this is just like some nuclear explosion goes off on the fighting stage. 

It’s going to be really really exciting to watch without a doubt the streaming services will go down for this episode there’s no doubt in my mind that hide for this especially after the two-week break is at an all-time high and just like the 1 hour special expect that all the streaming services will go down. You know, most of us I know that this was going to happen we’re going to be sitting in front of our computer refreshing the page lol this is going to be frustrating. 

It’s probably just going to be such a flood of people trying to go watch this because the anticipation is just so ridiculously high. Everybody wants to see Goku’s new form everybody loves Goku transforming. I know people say they had transformation fatigue and this and that but whatever you still got to love Goku getting a brand new super form with a powerful enemy. It’s such a shame that this is going to be the first and last time that we’re going to see Goku transform into this true Ultra Instinct in Dragon Ball super unless they decide they want to continue it. if the movie does well in December this year.

Extended Dragon Ball Super Episode 129 Preview

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