The Final DBS Episode 130 -131

What’s up Dragon Ball Superfans, The Final DBS Episode of Dragon Ball Super confirmed.

Its a sad day to really know that super will end so soon, but here we have the last 2 episode titles for Dragon Ball super.

These are provisional titles, shoutout to herms98 on Twitter, this gives us some insight as to the ending of the show.

So let’s talk about this starting from the bottom their original title for episode 130 airing on March 18th, in unprecedented Super Showdown, and then the title for 131 which airs on March 25th. Final DBS Episode.

The final episode of Dragon Ball super says Goku “Until the day we meet again” now this at final episode title is almost identical to the episode title for Dragon Ball GT the final episode of Dragon Ball GT is goodbye it’s almost exactly the same.

Final DBS Episode

however, they’ve told u that they’re leading to the end of Dragon Ball Z, not to the end of GT.

Now, who could be saying “Goku until the day we meet again“? to me that sounds like that could be Jiirenn.

Perhaps that Jiren finally has some respect for Goku after the episode 130 and it could also be Beerus.

It could also be that you know go just like I’m not going to deal with the gods anymore after this tournament.

That’s why you don’t see them in GT or at the end of Z or anything like that. It could be that they just redo the final episode of Dragon Ball Z anime.

New episode of Dragon Ball Z with Uub, they may reanimate the entire episode just do it all in one single episode, there and then Goku flies away with Uub at the end, and then that’s why they’re saying goodbye.

Goku however, the final episode of Dragon Ball Z was titled Even stronger Goku’s Dream is Super Huge so unless they just re-titled the final episode of Z and the reanimating it here that doesn’t make too much sense. it’s not the same as when Goku flew away with Uub in Z.

So you know there’s a possibility that they are leading to the end of Dragon Ball Z but it doesn’t actually go there. That may have been their initial plan because he said that a really long time ago but with the schedule constraints and everything they may have just had to end the show relatively abruptly. so it could honestly it could have nothing to do with Uub it could just simply be that the tournament is over and it’s good by until we see you again.

The title 4 episode 130 actually does pique my interest it says an unprecedented super Showdown. I seriously doubt that the fight with Goku and jiren ends in the next episode that would be really crazy of Goku just gets his final form Master Ultra Instinct Super Saiyan silver, whatever you want to call it and just beat jiren with one punch.

That would leave Goku vs Frieza, I mean who would be the unprecedented super Showdown? I think you know this is a provisional title so we’ll get a more clear title of in the in the coming weeks.

Final DBS Episode
Final DBS Episode

As we get there like the full description of the episode and everything and this title could easily be changed and give us some more information but it could honestly be Goku vs Frieza.

You know the thing is Goku and Frieza are both so badly beaten and bruised at this point.

Let us say Goku knocks Jiren off and then freezes like, I want the wish so I’m going to beat you for it they could be doing that for homages 2 Frieza to Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball super loves to play homages to like the old school Dragonball and Dragon ball Z so it is a big possibility here that Goku defeats Jiren and then he has to battle Frieza.

You know and maybe 5 or 10 minutes worth the episode or something like that.

He has to knock out Frieza so only one of them can get the wish so this unprecedented Showdown. It could possibly be but I think it’s more than likely that this is just the finale of Goku vs.

Jiren. You have the two strongest fighters in the entire Multiverse but The other four universes that we don’t know what their Fighters are like which is why it’s sad that Dragon Ball super is ending. Final DBS Episode

Final DBS Episode

Everybody wants to know what kind of Fighters are in those universes are they even stronger than Goku and jiren you know that’s a possibility for if they bring back Dragon Ball Super or if they called it Dragon Ball Ultra and 2019 that would be pretty damn amazing.

If they explore these other four universes but if they are leading to the end in Dragon ball z then they’re just not going to deal with the gods anymore.

I don’t know if we’ll ever get to see that I guess it’ll just remain kind of a mystery maybe some Side Story may be.

The opening for the movies you know there’s so much that they’ve created in this world of Dragon Ball super.

So many unexplored rounds of possibilities in the story that they could go and develop but it’s like they’re not going to go on any of those directions. They’re just going to end the show.

The movie is more important than continuing the show I guess and so, for now, we just kind of have to trust them that they’re making the right decision. Final DBS Episode.

Hopefully, this movie is beyond words just so incredibly amazing that it’ll really rekindle re-spark that fire in Dragon Ball fans so that’s how I can talk about, I mean this is just provisional titles.

Final DBS Episode



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