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Frieza Saga 

A lot of these fake rumors and things that are propagated by the fandom throughout the past 30 years or so of Dragonball Frieza Saga.

There are tons and tons of lies and misinformation out there and sometimes mistranslation about the Frieza Saga series.

One that I think has to be close to the tippy-top involves when Toriyama was going to end the Dragon Ball story.

Frieza Saga

So if you’ve been in this fandom for any length of time you probably heard this one.

Toriyama was going to end the series at the Frieza Saga, with the idea being that Goku would defeat Frieza, the planet would explode, and Goku would die.

Vanquishing the ultimate villain who at the time was said to be the strongest in the universe.

Frieza Saga
Frieza Saga

Avenging not only his best friend but his entire race, and that the future protector of the Earth would end up being Gohan and some mysterious Adventure that would never be told.

Frieza Saga is where Toriyama plan to end the story but his editors forced him to continue because the series was too popular.

Frieza Saga

They were selling too much manga the anime had too many high ratings the merchandise was being sold, and that’s how we got the Android and Cell Arc on so forth.


Well, that’s a crock of dookie and on this post prepare yourself because I’m going to tell you the entire story of where this myth came from and shut it down.

Now make no mistake, I personally feel that Dragon Ball ending with the Frieza Saga would have been pretty satisfying in some ways.

Poetic ending Goku grew up got married had a kid then discovered that he was in fact not even an EarthLink.

Frieza Saga Dragon ball

Frieza Saga
Frieza Saga

Then after discovering his true origin found out that his entire race was wiped away by a maniacal space Hitler, who by the way was the strongest in the universe at the time, from what we knew.

Who simultaneously wand up being the challenge that Goku felt he needed to overcome Goku loves to fight strong guys.

Frieza Saga

Still fighting this guy was a motive was a determining factor in everything that Goku did in that he went to Planet Namek, not for just his best friend and his son but also to fight this strong guy.

So his former rival ends up getting injured in the Battle of getting killed by Frieza tons of innocent people are killed including Goku’s best friend which triggers a power inside of him that was only thought up to be a meth from Legends. Frieza Saga

The battle comes to a climactic conclusion, if everybody’s wished off the planet it explode and Goku does get the final Victory but at the cost of his life.

That’s a great story but that’s not what happened. A ton of people throughout the years have repeated this and us it kind of becomes a reality in their head without them actually doing any actual Research into the series or into Toriyama himself.

Frieza Saga

I think a lot of these come from a lack of knowledge and actually work back in the days.

The idea that he was forced to continue the story because of his editors or matter of fact the fact that his address for some to do anything is such a huge misnomer by the fandom. Frieza Saga.

They don’t understand how worst Toriyama’s editors regardless of who is are merely giving suggestions, and they have given him suggestions at various times throughout the entire run of the Dragon Ball Manga.

but suggestions are not necessarily mean that for Toriyama will do what they say, but he does tend to take into consideration what they say.

Because there is an incredible amount of respect there specifically for Tori Shima who is the man who discovered Toriyama and pretty much put them on the road to being a millionaire.

Frieza Saga

So when your Mentor gives you a suggestion you know you’re going to listen a little bit more than you would the fandom or somebody who you don’t have that much trust.

About the Frieza Saga, so Toriyama was never forced to do anything but this idea that the editors forced him to continue because of money.

Well no Toriyama was a millionaire before he even began with the dragon ball manga. Dr. Slump made Toriyama a multi-millionaire but Dragon Ball just added to his incredible Legacy.

Now what I find incredibly ironic and kind of funny is that a few years ago Torishima himself came out and said that he felt the series should have ended at Frieza Saga.

He said that himself so this idea that that’s what happened just doesn’t make any sense now the question is where did this rumor start.?

Where did this misinformation begin.? it’s hard to really say but the idea probably came from the fact that somebody watches the Frieza Saga and said you know what that’s some pretty good finality.

I wonder if Toriyama intended to end here and then someone else took it as Toriyama intended, to and it’s kind of like when you played phone tag things just start getting misconstrued.

There have been several articles throughout the years both online and in print magazine where claims like this have been made for example anime News Network is a credible website, but everybody makes mistakes from time to time.

Frieza Saga Dragon Ball Super

The issue here is, of course, Toriyama has never said that, in fact, if you want to ask what is the reason why this is a BS rumor there are tons of reasons but the big one is because there is absolutely no interview ever in the history of this franchise.

Toriyama has ever said that he was going to end the series. There is nowhere it cannot be found, in fact, where things get interesting is that if you look into it there are actually more interviews that suggest that Toriyama was going to continue and wasn’t really sure where he then did during that time.

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