Goku Mastered Ultra Instinct

Goku Mastered Ultra Instinct

Dragon Ball Super  Episode 129 Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku, actually displayed some sorts of abilities that were different from things that we have ever seen before.

Today we’re going to break down exactly what those abilities are. Now some of these are just what Masterd Ultra instinct is, you can’t just say that these are new abilities altogether.

Some of these have actually already been in Dragon Ball for quite a while, so without further Ado let’s break down.

What some of these new attacks and abilities out of Goku actually were just a disclaimer that we are gonna talk about it for fun and fan theories.

I can’t say without a doubt that these are technically new abilities or dub than any specific name except for the ones that actually do already.

I have to inform you all that in Dragon Ball these abilities aren’t necessarily facts. 

In the episode Goku’s kick actually hits multiple rocks at the same time. You can see that one kick actually hit like 12 different points on a single strike.

Is this actually a new technique Goku has.?

I don’t really think so as this episode progressed Goku was actually learning how to use the offense side of Mastered Ultra Instinct.

Which basically is in a single instant.

He can attack multiple times and I think technically that’s what this really is a single strike actually striking 12 and in a way that is a new ability.

Mastered Ultra Instinct
Goku Mastered Ultra Instinct

Goku’s Kamehameha barrier, we’ve seen Goku uses Kamehameha and tons of different ways throughout Dragon Ball.

We have seen him use it to fly, to push himself, to deflect attacks and variety of other different things.

But we’ve never actually seen him use it as a barrier in here and Dragon Ball super.

Episode 129 Goku actually fires his Kamehameha wave at Jiren, and since knew he knew it was coming after seeing Goku use it against kefla.

Instead of that insane damaged actually hurting Goku, he was able to use the flow of his Kamehameha as a barrier to prevent a direct hit.

We also actually have seen Goku use a barrier or at least an energy Shield before he used it against King Piccolo.

In their second battle but this is the first time that he’s actually using his Kamehameha energy as a barrier.

The next ability is a 360-degree global Kia is essentially a technique.

A lot of characters have used throughout Dragon Ball, where they can push airwaves were key out of their hands which can either push opponents into a mountain or it can even deflect attacks.

He actually radiates it in a global fashion it comes out in 360 Degrees which if he was surrounded by enemies.

He could essentially push them all away.

Now I can’t really say that this is a new ability.

This kind of technique has been used very often throughout Dragon Ball. Traditionally we see it come out of the user’s palm and here Goku seems to radiate it from Simply his Roar.

Mastered Ultra Instinct

Also, there’s been various occasions throughout Dragon Ball. Where we have seen Goku or someone else is surrounded by enemies, and charge up their ki and release it in a fashion that will blow all of the enemies away.

That is Kia or is that just simply an energy pulse, or an energy release.

I guess that’s kind of hearsay and this isn’t really a new technique.

I think it’s at least worth mentioning especially considering the fact that this one was strong enough to push back Jiren of all people.

The next quote on quote ability that I’d like to talk about is Goku’s Ultra and barrier. As Jiren is throwing down a rain of punches on Goku.

He is literally able to create a shield and deflect them with his ultra-fast hand movements.

While this isn’t technically any sort of technique again this is something that is just something that Mastered Ultra Instinct actually is.

It still worth noting because secondly, what this is saying is that no matter how many attacks or energy blast you throw an ultra Instinct. Goku create a barrier out of his fist alone and stop any incoming attacks.

Goku Mastered Ultra Instinct Abilities

Mastered Ultra Instinct

The next ability is called the definite strike which is dubbed by Jiren as during his reign raining down punches on Goku.

He switches from defense to offense and is able to fire a beam of destructive light all the way through Jiren’s attacks that strikes him critically.

Mastered Ultra Instinct


Mastered Ultra Instinct

Jiren calls this a definite strike, so if you want to name it that I’m all for it. but essentially what it is it’s just a beam of punches that is so concentrated. Tt appears to be a laser beam and inflict serious damage on the enemy.

The next is Galaxy level Ki, while this is an inability Goku Roars and charges up his energy in a fashion that so mighty that it shows an entire lit up Galaxy beneath the tournament of the power stage.

Mastered Ultra Instinct

Goku Mastered Ultra Instinct

While this isn’t an ability it does give you some contacts as to how strong and how much power and Ki.

Goku actually has in his final form during charges up a mighty blast with all of his ki and throw it at Goku who just simply catches it.

The closest thing I can think of to this being inability is energy manipulation.

Being able to catch a bomb and just hold it in your hand isn’t something that we normally see.

However, characters have done things like catch kienzon but just not in the size and scale of power that Goku caught it.

Instant punching:

again this is another ability that just tells me what Mastered Ultra Instinct is at least the offense of portion of it.

A character who can in a single instant throw a multitude of powerful attacks at the enemy in a sense it’s like a shotgun punch energy deflection.

Mastered Ultra Instinct
Ultra Instinct

There’s a point where Jiren uses his eyes to essentially do his own version of explosive shotgun punch and Goku simply swipes it away like it’s nothing.

Again this isn’t really a new ability it’s just kind of what Mastered Ultra Instinct is but for one it’s incredibly awesome.

The feet alone is impressive to be able to just swipe your hand and knock away any attack that comes your way like it’s nothing.

 Just proves exactly how bad ass Mastered Ultra instinct is.

The Heat: 

The final ability is tremendous heat we get this image of Goku hair in his shirt is on but then in the next picture.

We see his shirt melting off and that’s simply from the overwhelming amount of heat emanating from his body.

While this heat has not been used in an offensive way yet with that level of heat emanating from your body. I could potentially see it in the future being used offensively.

If there is a little Inferno emanating from your body you would think that the character would be hot to touch.

If you remember and the movie for when Goku fought Lord Slug with the false Super Saiyan. His Aura actually did burn Lord Slug.

I could see something like that being a potential ability in the future.

Mastered Ultra Instinct
Mastered Ultra Instinct

The final ability that I want to talk about is how in the preview for The Next Episode

We see Goku just simply catch Jiren’s hand and Jirenn is dumping an incredible amount of energy and ki into his fist trying to blow Goku away but with all the abilities we’ve seen and talked about before in this post.

It seems like Goku is just simply able to manipulate almost in a sense with his Mastered Ultra Instinct form.

Mastered Ultra Instinct
Goku Mastered Ultra Instinct Abilities

He’s literally just holding all of that energy in his hand like it’s nothing without a doubt Goku’s final form is the most Bad-ass forms we have ever seen in Dragonball.

A character and a form that can deflect any attack that comes its way, and attack you multiple times in an instant are seemingly unbeatable.

Goku has mastered this form in simply 20-minutes, somehow he was able to capture the full control of this form and the Mastery of it.

I’d still say that there is a variety of possibilities for what this form is capable of.

The upcoming next episode of Dragon Ball super we’re bound to see some of that, but even if we don’t this forms possibilities seem almost endless.

Jiren is a character that absolutely stomped everybody in the tournament up-to-date.

Now with Goku’s Master Ultra Instinct form, Jiren doesn’t stand a chance.

Jiren will apparently transform or at least go to 100% power and the next episode. But seeing how strong Goku is, I really don’t see any way that Jiren can fight back.

Anything that Jiren throws at Goku will be deflected or blocked, and in the meantime every attack that he throws it will probably be countered with something like 30 punches, in a single instant as we saw earlier. 

With the shotgun types of attacks that Goku can throw out, I don’t see how Jaron can survive for very long.

However, the question remains does this form put a lot of stress on Goku’s body.

The ultra Instinct omen or Mastered Ultra Instinct sign form where they had the black hair apparently did.

As Whis said every time you break through the shell it puts a tremendous amount of stress on your body.

So the question remains can Goku maintain his Mastered Ultra Instinct form his final completed version of it for long enough to knock Jiren out.?

Technically he should be able to but it really depends if the writers want to end the terminal power.

That way is it simply too easy or will he run out of time and convert back to base form before he’s able to knock Jiren out.

We not that we will find in the next episode.

Goku Mastered Ultra Instinct Abilities

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