Goku Vs Xeno Goku Dragon Ball Heroes Manga

Goku Vs Xeno Goku Dragon Ball Heroes Manga Review

Goku Vs Xeno Goku Dragon Ball Heroes Manga. With Dragon Ball Heroes premiering and starting up with the prison planet arc.

I thought we’d go back and look at the prison planet Arc Manga version of these events and compare them to what we saw in the series.

Because in the series, the first episode was only about 9 minutes and I feel like the manga version really expounds on that.

think a lot of you will enjoy reading the manga more than the anime. Not as of right now there is no official translation for this.

Goku Vs Xeno Goku
Goku Vs Xeno Goku Dragon Ball Heroes Manga

So it’s not going to be released outside of Japan because Bandai of Japan doesn’t want it out of Japan.

I want to thank Alakazam for translating this on the board and we’re going to get right into what happens in the manga.

In this version of the events now, I must tell you that this is officially chapter 11 of the Dragon Ball Heroes manga.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1

Chapters 1 through 10 with previous storylines, like the dark Empire Arc, and things like that.

If you want to, I will cover those in the future let me know down below in the comment or on Facebook.

So I can cover those and we’ll go through them, and I’ll give you my thoughts and you give me yours.

We’ll have a good time but I want to start here with the prison planet arc. Because this is essentially where the anime’s beginning.

We begin exactly like the anime. We have a small shot of Fu, but then we get right into it with Goku and Vegeta training on Beerus’s planet with Whis.

Goku Vs Xeno Goku
Goku Vs Xeno Goku Dragon Ball Heroes Manga

Then Whis was talking to Goku about mastering Migatte No Gokui.

Whis and Goku are working together so, we see Goku trying to master Ultra Instinct once again. 

Goku Vs Xeno Goku Dragon Ball Heroes Manga Preview

The Dragon Ball Heroes timeline takes place shortly after Dragon Ball super, but it may be a clue of things to come.

Because it looks like Goku maybe mastering Ultra instinct or trying to master Ultra instinct.

Which means we haven’t seen the last of the form. I know some people are like “well we really only going to see blue from now on” No.

Goku Vs Xeno Goku
Goku Vs Xeno Goku Dragon Ball Heroes Manga

It’s still part of the story and this is evidence of that. So Mia appears and talks about Trunk’s being kidnapped.

Just like in the anime version, and in the Dragon Ball Heroes story Trunks did go back to train with Goku and Vegeta.

Mia does not know about the planet but how she got there this time is very mysterious.

Fu makes his appearance and talks about Trunks friend.

Again this is very similar to the anime version. Which explains that Trunks was kidnapped as being held hostage on the prison planet.

Obviously, you can tell right off the bat that Fu is not really Trunks friend.

That’s obvious but Fu was the one behind these games. Whis himself even says he’s never heard of the prison planet.

Goku Vs Xeno Goku
Goku Vs Xeno Goku Dragon Ball Heroes

Fu explains that it doesn’t exist in the world of the past. So this planet is in a different timeline very interesting.

Note that this planet only exists and its own timeline. Remember, a lot of timelines. 

It is a very interesting note that this planet only exists and its own timeline. Remember Heroes is a lot of timeline Shenanigans.

So they all agreed to go help trunks. The Supreme Kai once again reminds them about the dangers of traveling through time.

Goku Vs Xeno Goku
Goku Vs Xeno Goku

At this point, you’re not going to convince Goku not to do something isn’t want to do.

The same thing with Vegeta he’s not going to happen. Interesting, Whis enough at least actually mentioned that he had heard rumors of people plan to reorganize history.

That he didn’t think were true. Now he’s obviously referring to Mirra, Towa and the time Breakers.

So in the Dragon Ball Heroes World. Whis does not really know much about what’s going on.

But he’s heard about these characters and I like that. They end up going to the prison planet and Fu is with them.

They notice the change in the sky and how it seems like it really is a prison.

Then we have them sense a very powerful ki and this key is the ki of Xeno Goku.

Otherwise known as Goku Xeno or time Patrol Goku. Who actually thinks that Dragon Ball super Goku is in League with Fu.

But remember Dragon Ball super Goku Vs Xeno Goku and Vegeta as they believe that Fu is Trunk’s friend.

So he kind of is but not really, and this leads to that of course getting into a fight.

The biggest disappointment to me all the Dragon Ball Heroes promotional anime is this fight.

I was really expecting it to be an epic Clash of Titans Super Saiyan Blue versus Super Saiyan 4.

This version the fight in the manga is so much better. I can’t even begin to tell you. You have to see it for yourself.

Goku Vs Xeno Goku

Goku Vs Xeno Goku Dragon Ball Heroes

Goku vs Xeno Goku Clash-like two Titans and it actually feels like a real struggle. There’s a really cool scene where Goku goes in the Super Saiyan blue and Xeno Goku was like wow!.

He has blue hair so the other me have blue hair I don’t know about. I love how he so curious about this blue-haired version of himself.

That he’s never heard of but anyways the fight in the manga is so much more fun to read than in the anime.

Obviously, it’s different when you compare like moving pictures to just you know manga panels and comic book panels.

It just felt so much more epic. So as is going on, Fu is very very happy because both Goku’s love to fight.

You know they’re both essentially Goku Vs Xeno Goku.

Vegeta kind of figures out something was up and Mia figured the same. Fu reveals that he gathers people from different eras with interesting abilities.

To get them to fight each other when he says different eras. He means different planet different universes and different timelines.

Mia asked him what is the purpose of all this. Fu said well, looking for meaning and everything is nonsense.

I just do it out of curiosity it’s fun.  So that gives you a bit more insight into Fu playful nature he’s a very interesting character.

We get pretty much the groundwork set up for what is going on. Fu explains that he’s given the dragon balls too strong Warriors all throughout the prison planet.

Goku Vs Xeno Goku
Goku Vs Xeno Goku

And if you want to go back alive you have to gather the other ones. Other people on this planet have dragon balls and they’re going to fight each other.

Whoever gets all of these will be the winner and will be allowed to escape.

So yes folks, this pretty much is the Dragon Ball version of Battle Royale or The Hunger Games.

Even more so than the tournament of power. I find this very interesting now it doesn’t actually tell you what kind of Dragon Ball Z’s are there.

They may Look like the Earth Dragon Balls but they could be exclusive Prison Planet Dragon Balls.

Let me know your thoughts on the fight with Goku Vs Xeno Goku down below.







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