DB Episode 125 Hakaishin Toppo

Dragon Ball Super Episode 125 Preview Hakaishin Toppo.

In the next of dragon ball super Episode 125, the battle with Hakaishin Toppo is at the climax total.

He will be releasing all his full God power and becoming a God of destruction as he fights against both Android 17 and golden Frieza.

We’re going to talk about and break down this entire preview included for Hakaishin Toppo God of destruction form.

An exciting episode 124 with both Gohan and Dyspo being eliminated.

Now we are moving back to the fight with Hakaishin Toppo and Android 17 is pretty much holding his own. 

Golden Frieza joins The Fray with Android 17 and another 2 verse 1 battle.

So Frieza is now getting the part of 2 to 1 battles it appears.

Hakaishin Toppo
Hakaishin Toppo

I guess that we will get more of the fight with Goku and Vegeta vs Jiren. However, I believe it’s going to be just like 124.

Probably we only get about two minutes Of that fight. I think we’re probably going to get an end to Toppo as well pretty soon.

Maybe not this episode but within the next three I think Hakaishin Toppo is gonna go, he is probably within the next 3 I think.

I would bet my money on it. I feel like Topps is probably going to go out and episode 127.

It looks like near the end of this episode is when he gets his transformation into and shows his true power as a God of destruction.

He looks amazing with that purple aura. it looks Super Evil by the way.

Now it appears here that Hakaishin Toppo is either shooting a massive blast or he is taking the brunt of Android 17 full power blast.

Hakaishin Toppo
Hakaishin Toppo

Then Frieza shoots Hakaishinv Toppo in the back as he’s getting near the edge.

So the combined attacks of both Frieza and 17 actually appears to be too much for Toppo he’s actually really struggling and Frieza is laughing. 

Hakaishin Toppo

I’m not really sure what he’s saying he’s probably just talking smack.

17 and Frieza attacks almost Destroy or knockout Toppo.

It looks like he’s basically pushed and that explosion must go off on him and blow off his entire shirt and then we get this next view of a topless Toppo.

Who starts to admit this purplish God of destruction energy.

So my real question is the spoilers let us believe that this would happen to Hakaishin Toppo.?

Pretty much without his doing like he wasn’t holding this guy destruction power in him the entire time.

He actually loses the fight but then cuz he has been pushed to his limits now he starts transforming God of destruction.

But this preview makes it look like he actually has had this the entire time and he just hasn’t really felt the need to use it additionally if he is a God of destruction

That meansBbelmod actually handed it over a long time ago, is Belmod actually not a God of destruction anymore.?

So technically he really shouldn’t even be in the stands. I could heat retire before the tournament and say Toppo you might need this power for the tournament.

So I’m going to retire right now before the tournament of power begins and give you the God of destruction energy maybe Topo has never used it before this match.

Perhaps we’ll get some information on gods of Destruction, and if you become one do you actually get a power boost because you’ve been selected as a God of destruction.

I think that you probably do.

I think that you have to be strong enough to even be considered for one but once you actually get the title God of destruction and get a massive power boost.

This because it seems like all the other Gods are pretty equal in power and that would only really make sense.

If you come and God of destruction gives you a power boost up to a certain point so hopefully we will get some information on that.

it’s really surprising to me that Gohan just got knocked off in this last episode.

I really thought 17 was going to be the next to go. I mean he’s pretty much any Expendable character way more than Gohan or eating Frieza.

So it’s actually pretty surprising to see that he’s still in the game and he still doing very well.

Well when Toppo transforms into the God of Destruction.

I think that that’s pretty much going to be it for Android 17 which means that it’ll just leave us with Frieza vs Toppo.

But in the last episode, Frieza used up a ton of his stamina holding that laser cage. 

So Frieza shouldn’t be a hundred percent anymore he can’t just regenerate the stamina that quickly he actually has terrible stamina issues.

Hakaishin Toppo
Hakaishin Toppo

So if Android 17 gets knocked off anToppo’s all powered up I don’t know how Frieza is going to be able to take on Toppo so weak.

I mean Frieza is going to be weakened already from using all its stamina and he will just completely knock out over that.

It could be that the Toppo’s new form has some sort of weakness, maybe he can’t maintain it for a long.

Maybe he loses all control or something like that or maybe we just have a really exciting fight between Frieza and 17 and maybe all three of them go out together.

I seriously doubt that Toppo going to knock off both Frieza and 17 and then like join the fight with Jiren.

If he does that’s really scary for Goku and Vegeta, who are still struggling with Jiren my guess is that 17 is going to get knocked out and somehow.

Frieza is going to be the winner of that fight somehow.

If he defeats Toppo and is powered up form for that.

I would like to hear from you guys in the comment section below. As to how you think Frieza is going to beat this God of destruction Toppo.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 125 Hakaishin Toppo

Please leave your comments below about the fight with Toppo, 17 and Frieza.





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