How Strong Is Krillin?

How Strong is Krillin in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super? Krillin is a character who is been with us for the majority of the Dragon Ball franchise.

First appearing all the way back in the twenty-first tournament Arc of the original Dragon Ball series.

From that time we’ve seen Krillin improving in strength and technique and as a strategist.

How Strong is Krillin
How Strong is Krillin

Going from a young but determine Troublemaker to Goku’s best friend.

Krillin is one of Goku’s greatest allies fighting for his friends and family to the death if need be.

Also, Krillin shows great courage in the face of overwhelming odds. These qualities or something that makes Krillin one of the best characters in the franchise.

This made his involvement one of the highlights of every series. In all of this Krillin hasn’t let up until the tournament of power.

Krillin From Dragon Ball Z
Krillin From Dragon Ball Z

That was his greatest threat Krillin and his friends have had to face yet.

Dragon Ball Z Krillin

Taking a look at Krillin’s performance in the tournament of power, you can certainly tell he has approved.

The first big example is when he and the others gathered around Gohan. While Gohan is fighting the bird-like fighter who is come to attack them.

During that exchange, Krillin decides he no longer wants to run and hide and takes action using a triple Destructo disk attack.

With one of the blades hitting the bird fighter before he sent out of bounds by a Kamehameha from Master Roshi.

Krillin has typically been known to create one disc a time. However, in this case, he was able to vary that up to great effect.

Dragon Ball Z Krillin
Dragon Ball Z Krillin

The next big example would b. Krillin and his wife Android 18 when she was sent flying out of the ring by Universe four fighter who is playing dead.

How Strong is Krillin In The Tournament Of Power

Out of nowhere, Krillin jumped for Android in midair and it appeared that they were both going to fall from The Ring.

However, Krillin had compensated for his inability to fly in the tournament and use the ki blast Propel both of them back into the ring.

How Strong is Krillin
Krillin and Andriod 18

The couple then uses this opportunity to team up against universe four fighter as well as debut a combo move.

Krillin and Android 18

This technique came in the form of an energy ball, which Krillin and Android 18 bounced back and forth.

With each pass increasing the ball and Powers size and speed until eventually it hit the universe 4 Fighters sending him out bonded.

That was a pretty impressive feat by Krillin which shows that his train with android 18 must have really paid off.

As being able to not only keep up with android 18 but create combinations that allow them to defeat strong opponents.

Android 18
Android 18

This, however, shows that his power has grown quite a bit. The point is also expounded upon by the next encounter Krillin faced.

It was another member of Universe four who caught him off-guard. As Krillin hands 18 Master Roshi sunglasses moving so fast even the dramatically improved Rosi wasn’t able to notice. Krillin used his solar flare x 100.

How Strong is Krillin

However, the move proved to have no effect as the fox fighter took Krillin and Android 18 down and reveal that he is actually blind.

And rather use a sent to find and fight his enemies. Android 18 figure this out, however, the fox was confident in his ability to defeat even the two of them.

While Android 18 seem to be somewhat scared of this Fox encounter. 

Krillin Tournament of Power

Nonetheless, Krillin was not scared as he devised a secret plan to defeat the fox. However, this came after Krillin and the fox Warrior were fighting across the outskirts of the ring. 

How Strong is Krillin

The Fox Warrior stated was used all of his strength.  Krillin wasn’t doing bad by any means throwing and blocking punches as well as charging Blast.

However, this is when Krillin decide to execute his master plan for victory.

One that has its roots all the way back in the original Dragon Ball. Has Krillin through his smelly shoe in the face of the fox.

How Strong is Krillin
Krillin From Dragon Ball Z

Landing on his nose and totally overpowering The Fox fighter scent of smell.

Taking him off guard and allowing Krillin to charge up a full power Kamehameha which launched the Fox from the ring. Eliminating The Fox fighter.

That was funny but that grossed tactic is very reminiscent of Krillin fight with Bacterian.

This was from the 21st tournament in Dragon Ball, a fighter who used his disgusting hygiene to his Advantage.

However, after Krillin realized he doesn’t have a nose and was unaffected by the smell in the fight with Bacterian.

Krillin Vs Bacterian

krillin released a horrible stench of his own winning the match. While Dragon Ball Super takes place many years after this encounter.

You can tell Krillin still remembers this tactic and has improved upon it.

Using techniques he has acquired throughout his many battles since then. However, Krillin fought and performed better than many expected.

how strong would Krillin Be If He Was A Saiyan

He got a little carried away by his celebration letting his guard down.


Allowing the Frieza’s Doppelganger from Universe 6 Frost to send him flying from the ring.

But Frost is an opponent who is well above Krillin or even Android 18. Especially after his Improvement wit  Hit.

It was noted by the assassin Hit. So, Krillin’s chances of Victory against Frost would have been very slim, to begin with.

But even with his elimination, Krillin can still aid his team by being the moral support.

Rallying them on and giving them the incentive to win. As Krillin has done with his duty and Dragon Ball against tambourine end in Z against Frieza.

How Strong is Krillin

He could give his team that driving force to fight to the very end and not fight foolishly.

Becoming a sort of hero without even losing his life this time. Krillin someone who has been to the other side of life.

Having died multiple times now knows the fate of those who lose in this tournament is worse than death.

As it is the complete Erasure of themselves, their families, and the end of their universe. 

That’s is, for now, I hope you guys enjoyed it and learn something new about Krillin.


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