Jiren Full Power VS Goku And Vegeta


In the latest episode of Dragon Ball super Jiren Full Power Unleashed.

But even as his God of destruction state It was just a hint of his full power. Goku and Vegeta had to go into their max powers AKA/limit breaker In order to compete with Jiren.

However. even though they landed some Serious punches and blows at Jiren, He didn’t have any scratch on him at all.

This is technically the third time since Jiren has Stepped into battle With Goku when Goku had Ultra instinct.

But even hear it when Goku got his brand new form With ultra Instinct and a massive power boost Goku was still not Enough for Jiren Full Power.

Evenn at Point Blank blast right direct hit still did not even scratch him in this is because jiren was only using a small fraction of his power.

Now, in episode 123 we finally saw Jiren Full Power release this red Aura around him. Which is emphasizing his power up.? 

Belmond didn’t tell us that hey that’s only a small hint of his true power we may have believed that this actually was his full power. Episode 109 Jiren use one percent of his power blowing away Goku and all the other contestants on The Ring.

Jiren Full Power
Jiren Full Power

Beerus could not believe that this is the energy coming from single Warrior. which a lot of people think that Jiren may have fused with his entire race or something like that.

In that is really where his power came from. I don’t really think so but regardless of that fight whis acknowledge that Jiren’s power is far from the full power.

So this means that we are still not at the climax of the tournament and we will not be until Jiren Full Power unleashes a 100 percent of his power.

Jiren Full Power Against Gokku

Jiren Full Power Against Goku And Vegeta

So why is Jiren holding it back that is the real question you’re not obviously could unleash full power at any moment. Simply knock out everybody in the tournament of power Arena.

This is either bad story writing or there are a specific reason and purpose for Jiren not going a hundred percent.

Yet in the entire tournament, in fact,t none of the pride Troopers have gone a hundred percent. They will start in episode 124 with this bow going full power.

Within the next episode, we will see dyspo going full power and 124 with Toppo going full power and Unleashed his 100% max in the next episode.

But the question remains why is he held onto it for so long can he not maintain his 100% for too long something like Frieza from the Namek Saga.

He was not really able to handle a control that 100% power for too long. is power start diminishing Goku saw this and basically took advantage of the fight.

In the end, as he was a Super Saiyan there are a lot of Secrets and Mysteries surrounding Jiren.

There are theories that, he is actually training Goku and Vegeta. The reason is that he actually, needs their help in order to take on the great priest.

Perhaps, he has some end goal in mind he’s upset with the guys for destroying all these universes, and he wants to basically take the position of the great priest.

Jiren Full Power
Jiren Full Power

So that he can be a more wise and just God but that’s a little far-fetched. However, he does have some kind of secret wish that he wants to use with the super dragon balls.

So much so that he was able to fo its universe got destroyed in the tournament of power.

He realizes that the winner would get a wish and that is the secret of this mystery surrounding Jiren sold why he is holding back from using his full power.

Hopefully, so do you jiren’s feet so far have been absolutely astonishing. He was able to push back Goku’s Kaioken X 20 spirt bomb Genki dama with just his eyes.

He was able to surpass even time Skip against Hit. And in the manga, he’s able to fly from planet to planet without a spacesuit or anything like that. He’s basically the Japanese Superman.

There is no limit to Jared’s power. He’s still not at 100% when he does finally go 100%. it’s going to be really scary. I think the only thing that can actually take on with his full true power may actually beat Vegito.

While Goku is getting better at Ultra Instinct scene in episode 116. Again scapula and Piccolo acknowledge that his power is even stronger than the last time. Even if Goku Ultra instinct master it. He would not stand a chance against Jiren. 

Maybe against Jiren currently but if Jiren is only using 20% or something of his power. I mean what is a hint as Belmont said probably something like 20 to 30% of his full power.

So when Jiren goes 100%. Goku who does obviously get a nice power boost and a lot of nice skills from going into Ultra Instinct.

Still is not going to stand a chance unless Goku is able to transform while he’s in Ultra Instinct.

How nice would that be if Goku Ultra Instinct for the third time and then he’s able to go Super Saiyan or Super Saiyan blue Ultra Instinct.?

On top of it then he might get the multiplier strong enough to take on Jiren.

I think that would be pretty amazing actually on that will be coming in this tournament.

I think it’s the only way to match Jiren 100% full true power. Which we’ve only seen tiny Glimpse is up to date.

He’s just been absolutely watering everyone with his fraction of power in episode 109. He released a sliver of power than in episode 123 to put on his red Aura and powered up it just a little bit more.

But it was still so much power than a single punch of his go blow up multiple mountains a long distance away.

Jiren Full Power
Jiren Full Power

Jiren Full Power Against Goku And Vegeta

However, when Vegeta transforms to be on Super Saiyan blue whatever, is form is that we don’t have a name for it yet.

Goku put on Kio Ken and they were able to start pushing Jiren back. Now in episode 124 because of spoilers and the preview.

We see that Jiren Powers up even more, so he is slowly releasing more and more power.  







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