Jiren is Evil Dragon Ball Super 130

Do You Think Jiren is Evil Dragon Ball Super.

What happened in Dragon Ball super episode 130 that a lot of people are freaking out over, with Jiren in that episode.

Now if you haven’t seen the episode yet.

I mean obviously, you have to go see it before reading this post because this will have spoilers for one specific scene in the episode.

Jiren is evil, he aims is Ki blast at Goku’s friends.

I saw so many people who got upset at the character of Jiren because he’s a pride Trooper.

He’s supposed to stand for justice.

He’s not supposed to be a bad guy, He supposed to be essentially a superhero.

Jiren is Evil
Jiren is Evil

He’s like a hybrid of like Batman and Superman.

Everything you know in a way kind of in a wipe why would he do something so deadly and so evil has to attack the bleachers, Why would he do that.?

I saw some folk misinterpret what Jiren is evil did in the episode.

People saying that Jiren was evil and that Jiren turned evil to use a wrestling term and that’s not exactly what happened.

So in episode 130, they make it clear to show us that Goku is fighting for not just fighting for himself but also for his friends and for his universe.

Jiren is not like that and there’s a scene in the episode where Jiren is pretty much losing his mind.

He never thought that Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku would put up this much of a fight against him.

He never thought that Goku would actually ever be challenge quite like that.

Now we don’t know everything about Jiren’s backstory, we don’t know how many fights he has been in.

Jiren is Evil

Jiren is Evil

We don’t know how many times he was actually pushed to this degree before.

This may be the first time if they said it was I must have missed it but I don’t think it was.

I know Jiren had some tough fight for the warrior or whatever it was that killed his parents. 

Jiren pretty much was having a meltdown, because he didn’t believe Goku’s ideology of friendship, and trust.

Jiren did not believe in those things.

Jiren in the episode straight up says “you know who cares about trust, I don’t believe in trust.”

 Of course based on the fact that he had his friends betray him when he was younger.

So because he’s been sort of traumatized, he’s kind of got some PTSD because of the Betrayal.

He’s learned not to trust anybody but himself which is why he so powerful he made himself as strong as possible.

He didn’t want to have to rely on anybody, which I think is great.

He is just adding a little extra layer to his character.

Some folks have said that Jiren is a boring character, and I can’t blame them for saying that.

but I feel like they’re at least trying not to give us a little bit more of a  deeper meaning here with Jiren.


When Jiren attacked the stand, people were freaking out saying that you know he’s not really a good guy, he’s really evil and that’s not what happened.

I want to clarify that. What happened with Jiren is that he pretty much just lost the temper, and tried to attack the stand.

Not necessarily to hurt Goku or to kill Goku’s friends, because killing or hurting Goku’s friends is not satisfactory for a character like Jiren.

That’s not what he wants and it would not accomplish anything in his views.

He already knows that he’s more powerful than them, plus he also knows that if he killed them There.

There’s a chance he may actually end up being disqualified.

I know some people were asking me in my Facebook group saying hey do you think that Zeno would have deleted him.?

Or maybe just disqualify him from the tournament.

Yes, it’s possible we’ve never seen somebody attacked the stand like that.

We have seen Frost try to attack from the stand but not the other way around. It would have to be against the rules.

Jiren is Evil
Jiren is Evil

A couple of things I want to plan about that scene, first of all, is that you have to remember the angels and the gods of Destruction were also sitting in the bleachers.

So even though Jiren is very powerful.

I don’t think he has the strength to create much power to rival all those angels, much less even one if possible. 

Do You Think Jiren is Evil For What he Did in Ep 130?

I don’t think that Jiren has surpassed the power of an angel.

I could be wrong on that but nothing in the series has shown us this.

There is no evidence of him being that strong.

So I think would have ended up happening, had Goku not gone in there and blocked it.

I think that we would have seen them deflect a blow or maybe even the grand priest do it himself.

I mean he is the father, he is the dad right.

So really guys I don’t think they were really at risk of having those characters died.

That’s not why Jiren did it, he was trying to prove a point to Goku and was trying to tell Goku that your friends and the people who you trust.


They can die in an instant and that everything in life.

Of course, this is Jiren’s mentality, everything in life is about power.

If you don’t have power how are you protect the people you love.

Obviously, having great power does corrupt and the character that personifies that is Frieza because obviously.

Frieza was not inherently born like Majin Buu’s with a demonic character to kill like Demon King Piccolo.

You know Frieza basically was raised into having all this power.

He was kind of an arrogant little prick, he’s an immature kid in a way.

He was mainly you power hungry and what not, also, afraid to lose that power.

When it comes to Jiren, he’s using his power for good, because of the pride Trooper.

He’s a superhero but for a moment there, what happened to him as he lost control of who he was, he lost control of what he stood for.

He sort of became Primal and animalistic in a way and that’s why he did what he did and thankfully Goku stepped in and blocked it. 

What really ended up happening with Jiren though is that everything kind of backfired, because he got Goku really pissed off, and Goku charged him and hit them with some big blows and Goku was ready to put him away.

Do You Think Jiren is Evil?

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