Masked Saiyans in Dragon Ball Heroes

Masked Saiyans in Dragon Ball Heroes Explained 

Masked Saiyans in Dragon Ball Heroes: One of the most appealing things about Dragon Ball Heroes is that.

They take older characters that were irrelevant and they bring them back into the spotlight with some kind of Evil power upgrade.

Some kind of newer power boost to make them become relevant again.

If have you played Xenoverse 2, you are familiar with the fact that Mira and Towa, specifically Towa.

Has her dark Makai magic that can make somebody not only brainwashed to be her servant but also give them a power boost.

Masked Saiyans.

Masked Saiyans
Masked Saiyans in Dragon Ball Heroes

Sort of like what Babidi did in Dragon Ball Z.

Well in the Dragon Ball Heroes video game, she has that ability but also.

There are other ways of brainwashing / giving somebody a ridiculous power upgrade.

The two that have come up most recently and arguably the two strongest artifacts that are exclusive to Dragon Ball Heroes Masked Saiyans.

That is the dark dragon balls, and the Demonic mask, otherwise known as the time breaker Masked Saiyans.

Masked Saiyans
Masked Saiyans in Dragon Ball Heroes

Masked Saiyans

Now, the oldest and obviously most well-known of the evil Masked Saiyans is the original mass.

Which is, of course, time breaker Bardock and most of you are probably familiar with him from Xenoverse 2.

I did a post on time breaker Bardock like a couple years ago in the game was coming out going into his backstory.

He was the first one where Dragon Ball Heroes decide to bring him back into prominence as a villain.

He was aligned with Mira and Towa who went back in time rescue Bardock like before he was going to die.

Then brainwashed him with the tiebreaker mass to make him into time breaker Bardock.

The Masked Saiyans in Dragon Ball Heroes Game

Masked Saiyans

Whether you’re playing Xenoverse 2 or Dragon Ball Heroes.

The storylines do mirror each other and the outcome is similar too because at the end of the day Bardock does eventually turn on Mirra.

He kind of goes his own way in the Dragon Ball Heroes version of the story.

His mask cracks and the battle he turns on Mira and unveils that he can actually achieve Super Masked Saiyan 3.

That kind of power scaling and ridiculous power jumps is kind of a crazy in Dragon Ball Heroes.

Also, it makes it a lot of fun, but also very very headache-inducing.

Even trying to make sense of it all because it really makes no sense that Bardock who was a low-level Soldier have that power.

You must understand that nothing really makes a lot of sense if you try to power scale in Dragon Ball Heroes.

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