New Saiyan Villain In DBS Movie?

New Saiyan Villain In Dragon Ball Super Movie?

Who is the New Saiyan villain coming out of the Dragon Ball super movie in December of this year 2018. I’ve heard a lot of crazy theories that it may be Raditz, Bardock, Turles and even the original Super Saiyan God, which I don’t think it is.

Some say it could be the king of universe 6 Saiyan, some people are saying it’s probably Yamoshi.? which I think the majority the fan bases thinks. However, I have some other ideas as well and I’m going to talk about all of these ideas and who I actually think it really is.

Let us talk about who or what this guy actually is. Before we dive into the concept of who he is let’s talk about a few of the major pieces of information that we’ve received. So this info can help us for argument’s sake and decide who this guy is.

Okay, so the first major point that we need to make is that this video is talking about the origin of the Saiyans power. We’re going to take a deep look into the history of Saiyans and explore some of the unexplored elements of the race.

The second thing I want you to pay attention to is the look and smile on Goku’s face and his body language, specifically seeing how happy and excited he is to fight this guy. This teaches us actually a lot about his character and who he is.

The New Saiyan Villain


He’s not angry he doesn’t have a lot of battle damage. He’s excited about fighting this saiyan and this actually speaks volumes about who his character could be, and why Goku is even fighting him in the first place.

The next major point is that Goku has Ultra Instinct now, and if anybody’s going to be a challenge to Goku they need to have a form that is so powerful that opposes even a challenge to Goku, otherwise the movie will be boring.

If they just let him fight some really old school Saiyan, that would be kind of dumb, and it wouldn’t be exciting. Everybody wants to see Ultra instinct Goku to come again.

New Saiyan Villain


I’m almost positive it will come out in this movie yet again, so whoever this Saiyan is, has to have a level of power that is comparable to Ultra Instinct. The final major point that I need to make before I start diving into to who this guy is, is that his eyes or yellow. We have never seen a Saiyan with yellowish eyes like that, except for Super Saiyan 4. Although I don’t think that this guy is Super Saiyan 4 because his arm it’s not covered in fur.

Also, this is a Dragon Ball super movie, not a Dragon Ball GT movie. The Dragon Ball movie in general this is following the Dragon Ball super story after the tournament of power.


First let’s get these silly ideas out of the way with Raditz, Bardock, and Turles. It’s none of those guys and even if it was they would pose zero challenge 2 Goku. There’s no reason why Goku will be fighting his father, it’s just it completely absurd theories. We’re just going to toss those in the trashcan because it makes zero sense. It’s just wishful thinking on the side with some fans and there’s zero evidence whatsoever to emphasize that that could be true, we’re going to toss those in the trashcan guys.

Let’s talk about something that’s a little bit more plausible and that being the king of the universe 6 Saiyans. There’s been a lot of talk about planet Sadala of universe 6 the Saiyan planet where Cabba comes from and how Vegeta supposed to go meet that King.

That was his promise that he made to Cabba. Coming up this weekend we’re going to get the final episode of Dragon Ball super, assuming that Universe 6 if not all of the universe verses, will be wished back.

If that was the case you probably would have Vegeta go to planet Sadala and meet the king so if anybody is going to be fighting the king of the Saiyans in Universe 6, it will more than likely be Vegeta than anybody else.

However, there’s another point and that that King is way too weak to be going up against Goku and the reason that I know for sure that he’s weak is because, the rest of the Saiyans Caulifla and Kale were so surprised that every transformation that came out of the universe 7 Saiyans, they have never seen someone that strong before. They would not be so surprised at Goku’s transformations it just doesn’t make any sense, that the king of the universe 6 Saiyans would be anywhere close to the realm of power that Goku.

6 Saiyans

There’s another theory floating around that since Beerus wished back of Earth, and universe 6 there’s this is some saying that it comes from that Earth which doesn’t make any sense at all.

The reason why they’re sayings on Earth and universe 7 is that of Goku was sent there as a baby, and there’s no indication that the Saiyans of universe 6 sent their people out to conquer other planets. They a peaceful race, they wouldn’t have done something like that in Universe 6. I’m pretty sure we can just throw that theory out into the trash as well.

So let’s talk about the most likely Theory, especially the one coming from fans as to who this guy is and that is. They are saying its Yamoshi.

If you guys don’t know you know he is the original Super Saiyan God the one that basically went into Goku’s body. He was searching in Universes looking for a righteous Saiyan who perform the ritual and his soul could enter the body of Goku giving him the Super Saiyan God form.


Now the name Yamoshi actually came out of an interview with Akira Toriyama this was not in the anime. However, I do not think it is Yamoshi for a few reasons, but there still a small percentage chance that it very well could be.

The first reason I think it’s not Yamoshi is, because we got a few silhouette of Yamoshi before in the anime and in the movie and it looks like Vegeta. This guy does not have the stature or the look or the hairstyle that Vegeta does. However, it’s very easy for them to simply just change the character design of Yamoshi if they wanted to.

Considering the previous looks at him we’re just silhouette. Now why would Goku be fighting him?would he use the wish to bring back your emotions that Goku can go fight him. Is Goku going into a dimension chamber or something like the pendulum room which Krillin, and Tien, and Yamcha when into in Dragon Ball Z.

That would kind of explain why Goku is so excited and why he’s happy about fighting this guy if it is Yamoshi. However, there’s a major counter-argument and that’s only ever a Super Saiyan in the story with the Yamoshi.

He went Super Saiyan and then he was defeated and then his soul was searching for a universe with a righteous Saiyan to enter.

S this guy has never gone beyond based Super Saiyan form, and it would that in mind there’s really no way that they could do an entire movie of Goku fighting the Yamoshi with The strongest Super Saiyan Goku, with Ultra Instincts.

Goku is so far beyond everybody else that all these theories come up with none of these people could pose a challenge to Goku whatsoever.

Who Is The New Saiyan Villain In Dragon Ball Super Movie?

Villain In Dragon Ball Super Movie?

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