New Saiyans In Dragon Ball Legends

New Saiyans

For the next Dragon Ball Super Movie, we’re also gonna get a brand new Saiyan in Dragon ball super.

From Dragonball Legends video game, which will come out this summer, the trailer for that was just released this week.

You will notice that the Saiyan does seem to have some similarities to the movie villain.

However, it is pretty clear that they’re not the same guy.

However, I have a theory that it’s possible that they could actually be coming to Earth together.

This could be like the resurrection and invasion of ancient Saiyan’s coming to Earth.

If you ever have seen Dragon Ball Absalon done by mellavelli on YouTube, where Saiyan’s invade Earth.

He has his story where New Saiyans invade Earth. I think it’s highly possible that in this movie we’re actually going to get something very similar, to mellavelli Dragon Ball Absalon story.

We don’t have any details for the movie yet. We don’t really have too many details about the new Saiyan from the Dragonball Legends game either.

I’m starting to put the pieces of the puzzle together this is seemingly more and more of a possibility this character design was from Akira Toriyama himself.

New Saiyans
New Saiyans

New Saiyans

As you can see the armor on this guy the clothing it looks different than the guy from the movie as well.

His eyes are black whereas in the movie they are yellow.

At the end of this little dragon ball Legends trailer, as it’s zoomed in on his eye, his eye does seem to turn yellow as well.

I don’t know anything or if they just did that as some kind of cool special effect but look at them side-by-side and when they do it look very very similar. 

Could this be some kind of ancient Saiyan transformation.? Well, its possibly could be.

Now if you take at Cabba and the New Saiyans side-by-side it’s very clear here that they’re wearing different styles of armor.

The wrist pads are different the waist is different the guy from the movie has like fur where is the guy on the left, from the Dragon Ball legends game, does not.

New Saiyans

The new Saiyans from the game seems to have more high-tech kind of armor and regarding this armor.

Tt actually does look very very similar to Cabba’s from universe 6.

As you can see above, their waist and their belt, and those little flaps of gear clothing whatever you want to call it coming down from the belt are exactly the same as, Cabba’s.

So that might make you think this guy is from Universe 6, but as you can see from what Vegeta said: “oh yeah now that you mention it that outfit resembles the style sayings hat before they became part of Frieza’s army”

New Saiyans

So this is telling you that this guy is an ancient Saiyan from Universe 7, and you know he’ss from Universe 7 because he has a tail.

The new Saiyans from Universe 6 do not have tails, so this guy is an ancient saying from Universe 7.

My theory as to who the villain was or at least the enemy from the movie is also an ancient new Saiyans.

I did an entire post explaining and talking about this. How I thought that it’s pretty much like the very first Saiyan, and if it’s not the very first new Saiyans it’s definitely an ancient Saiyan.

That is practically a certainty based on all the information that has been given out, the real question remains.

How in the hell are these guys coming back.?

Are they wished back, is it part of what happened at the end of Dragon Ball super.?

We will find out on the 3/25/2018. My guess is that it’s going to be something about something about the story in the movie.

Somebody’s going to either wish them back using the dragon balls, are there some kind of technology to resurrect them or something like that.

From the movie we only see Goku and this one new Saiyans.

New Saiyans
New Saiyans

New Saiyans In Dragon Ball Super Legends Game

New Saiyans
New Saiyans

We don’t see anybody else neither Gohan or Piccolo or anybody else from the movie trailer.

Maybe that was just a teaser, but this new Saiyans from the Legends game could be going up against Vegeta.

We could actually have all the Saiyan’s battle on Earth.

Universe 7  could be actually fighting these groups of ancient Saiyan’s, but a just real question.

How did they get resurrected.? Now, of course, this is all Theory and speculation guys just based on the information that we have so far.

It does add up and make sense except for the fact that we don’t know how they get resurrected.

I do love this story this concept that basically you’re going to have the Z Fighters or call them super Fighters, all going up against a group of Saiyan’s.

Something like the new Saiyan Saga when Vegeta and Nappa invading Earth.

I mean that was one of my favorite series, and it was amazing but to have something like that again.

With more Saiyan’s plus Vegeta is on the good side, That would actually be freaking amazing.

Now it looks like these guys have some kind of different transformation that’s not confirmed yet, but that yellow eye is not typical of a Saiyan.

New Saiyans
New Saiyans

That to me means that this is some kind of different transformation.

Also, the guy from the movie has all this like a green aura. He almost looks like the legendary Saiyan Broly he just puffs up.

 It seems like a legendary form.

Why do his eyes look like that, it could just be the art or is this something new.

His from seem like some kind of ancient transformation that could only be attained pure-blooded new Saiyans from the past.

Will, we have to find out as we get more information, and from the movie trailer.

We should get more details so we can start talking about the movie some more.

This is what we have so far and the idea that I wanted to present to you guys.

That I think it very well could be the Earth Saiyan’s verse these ancient Saiyan’s and it could just be an all-out Saiyan War.

The thing is how can anybody go up against Goku Ultra Instinct, why is Goku smiling why is he so happy.?

Maybe Goku doesn’t think this guy strong, because they’re just some old school new Saiyan.

Then maybe he gets something surprising from the ancient Saiyan.

Nobody can fight against Ultra Instinct, that is just way to OP unless they have Ultra Instinct themselves or maybe they’re like a God of destruction.

I don’t think that this guy can do either of those or he is either of those so, I don’t know how they’re going to be a threat to Goku.

New Saiyans In Dragon Ball Super Legends










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