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    Can Gohan Surpass Goku Again?

    Can Gohan Surpass Goku Again? Back in Dragon Ball, Gohan is the son of Goku and one of the most powerful fighters in the franchise. He was originally introduced in Dragonball chapter 196 which correlates with the beginning of Dragon Ball Z. Gohan was a small timid child of four years old. Who appeared to […] More

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    Broly Will Be Stronger Than Jiren

    Spoiler alters guys, Broly Will be stronger than Jiren in the movie coming this December 2018. We have some Dragon Ball super Broly information that is going to be interesting to some people’s. But nonetheless, we should not be surprised. Going forward this info is from Saikyo Jump magazine and the question that’s been brought […] More

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    How Did Goku Defeat Broly?

    How did Goku Defeat Broly.? Well, in Dragon Ball Z movie 8 we were introduced to Broly. The Legendary Super Saiyan who is the seemingly Unstoppable Force. Who ran rough shot across the southern Galaxy destroying a multitude of planets in the process. Non were truly capable of opposing him. That is until he encountered […] More

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    Super Saiyan God Broly

    Hello, DBZ nation today I want to talk about the possibility of the name Super Saiyan God Broly in the coming Dragon Ball Super movie. Super Saiyan God Broly When Beerus had the dreamt about the Super Saiyan God in the original Battle of Gods movie and the original arc. We pretty much knew it […] More

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    What If Zamasu Succeeded In Dragon Ball Super

    What If Zamasu Succeeded In Dragon Ball Super? In Dragon Ball Super Zamasu was a villain with a clear purpose. His goal was simply to rid the Multiverse of its Mortals and gods alike and remain its sole Divine figure. He attempted to accomplish this by taking over the body of Goku thus became Goku […] More

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    Who is Goku’s Mother Gine In Dragon Ball?

    Who is Goku’s Mother Gine In Dragon Ball? One of the biggest questions that many fans have had for quite some time is who is Goku’s mother.? We got the introduction of Bardock’s wife, Goku’s Mother¬†Gine and now with 2018 Dragon Ball super movie Broly. Which promises to go back and examine the history of […] More

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