Saiyan Shallot in Dragon Ball Legends Game

Saiyan Shallot in Dragon Ball Legends Game

Marketing of the release of the upcoming Dragon Ball Legends mobile game is the introduction of a new Saiyan that is said to be the centerpiece of this game.

We have now finally revealed the name of the Saiyan in question by many folks.

It would be Yamoshi, because people have been assuming that Yamoshi will be part of the Dragon Ball storyline.

Since Toriyama revealed his backstory just a few months ago.

This character is a brand new character exclusive to the video game Dragon Ball Legends.

His name is Shallot, that’s Saiyan Shallot.

Now, those of you who have been following Dragon Ball, you know that the Saiyans are all named after some type of vegetable.

In fact, the correct way to pronounce Saiyan is Sayan or Cyanogen, because if you take the word and flip it.

It’s pronounced Jasai which is the Japanese word for a vegetable.

Saiyan Shallot
Saiyan Shallot

But we Call It Saiyan because of the old FUNimation dub that kind of change it to Saiyan.

It’s just been that way for 20 some years in the western world.

That is why every character that is a member of his race is some type of vegetable enchiladas.

No different, Saiyan Shallot is a kind of onion, so that’s where the character named came from.

I’ve never even heard of this vegetable before, I knew what an onion was but I never heard of Saiyan Shallot onion.

Maybe if I was like a chef I would have heard of it, but I’ve never heard of Saiyan Shallot.

The name should be familiar to some of you though because if you remember in Dragon Ball super.

When Vegeta was thinking about what to name his daughter he thought about naming her Ashallot.

Which is not exactly the same as Saiyan Shallot but it is the same the same relating vegetable name.

So they already kind of without even realizing it, teasing a strong Saiyan name.

Of course in Vegeta’s mind, that is you know he thinking about a vegetable.

One thing that I can tell you based on preliminary information is that.

I have gathered about this is not a character that is going to be or at least one that is currently scheduled to be a part of the Dragon Ball super movie.

He is a video game exclusive character just for Dragon Ball Legend.

He will not be in the movie and the Saiyan that appears in the trailer for the film is a different character that has not yet been revealed.

Saiyan Shallot in Dragon Ball Legends Game

Saiyan Shallot
Saiyan Shallot

Many people are coming out and assuming that this character is Yamoshi, which again I somewhat understand that.

Based on the recent new information that we have about their history, but as of right now.

It has not been confirmed anywhere, that Yamoshi is the villain of this movie or even in the movie.

As of right now, Yamoshi even being in any of this stuff the game or the movie is pure speculation and just a speculatory type of thing.

That being said one thing that is clear is that Toriyama is absolutely focusing on the Cyanogen and the Saiyan race.

Then being an important part of Dragon Ball in the future.

I am positive is going to be a brand new original story involving Saiyan Shallot to be revealed in the future.

Probably in the next few weeks, we will hear about what his role in upcoming Dragon Ball game.

Without a question, there is a focus on these ancient Saiyan’s and it’s a very plausible theory that the film coming up in December.

This will involve these characters.

Maybe not necessarily this character but it will involve some of these characters and their relation to the characters of the present-day.

As of right now, there are tons of different theories about where they could come from if they’re from a different timeline.

But while there will be a tie-in from the movie to the game, I can tell you that Saiyan Shallot is not going to be in the movie released.

The information I’ve gathered he’s a character from the movie what most likely will happen.

Its just like with Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, every few months they’ll do an update to the game.

Maybe even every few weeks and introduced new characters.

Like characters from Dragon Ball Super maybe older Dragon Ball Z characters and maybe some more Saiyan and some movie characters.

Saiyan Shallot

I’m fully expecting that, so I think the tie-in when it comes to the movie and the game is going to be that.

Once the movie comes out, you can expect any new characters from that movie to be incorporated into the game.

That is the information I have gathered and there will be more revealed in the coming weeks about what Saiyan Shallot’s role is in the game.

I can tell you that he is not the same as the movie.

They are not the same character whatsoever.

However, they are both designed by series Creator Akira Toriyama.

So he’s definitely taken the series with a focus on characters from the deep past and we’ll see where the story goes.

I’m interested and I’m curious about it what do you think.?

Saiyan Shallot in Dragon Ball Legends Game

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