Tapion History in Dragon Ball Z

Tapion History in Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z villains came from the Dragon Ball Z movies such as Janemba, Cooler, Broly and others.

However, one of the most popular characters from the movies especially in Latin America isn’t even a villain. I’m talking about Tapion the kind-hearted sword-wielding with a very interesting backstory and he is the subject of this edition of Dragon Ball in-depth today.

Tapion’s one and only appearance in Dragon Ball Z were in Dragon Ball Z movie 13 and titled Dragon Fist Explosion if Goku can’t do it who can or in the FUNimation dub Wrath of the Dragon but although he only appeared here, he became one of the most beloved Dragon Ball characters.

During the tape trading air of the late nineties, I also saw a lot of bootleg fansubs a movie entitled The Tapion on a movie or the movie with Tapion so this guy had a lot of love. For me, I think this probably has to do with the fact that unlike a lot of the movie characters right or, actually took time to give to Tapion an expensive backstory.

Now although Koyama was the head writer for the film and Toriyama was not involved in the creative process Tapion and his brother Menasha is the only non-villain movie characters that Toriyama did indeed design.


However, Toriyama did name the character as his name was originally supposed to be Tapion but doesn’t tells us that the name Tapiona was too close to the word so he became Tapion of course in the FUNimation dub. His name was changed to Tapion and that’s really kind of like how they changed at the end of the day it doesn’t matter but just know that the pain came from tapioca.

Other than the obvious comparison between a link from The Legend of Zelda, due to both of them wielding a sword, and having an Ocarina Campeon, in fact, mirrors another beloved character Future Trunks.

Future Trunks

what I really love about the writing of Tapion on is the position between him and kid trunks in the film. Tapion establishes a brotherly relationship with kid trunks who looks remarkably like his real younger brother and saw him as an older brother Manosha.


Tapion History in Dragon Ball Z

Trunks look up to Tapion and saw him as an older brother, something that has best friend Goten grew up having and trunk never did. A lot of people love to talk about how simplistic Dragon Ball is at times but then it throws you some real deep emotions like this. The backstory of Tapion is just as interesting, from the planet which is located in the southern Galaxy apparently thousands of years ago.

A group of evil warlocks got together to perform an ancient incantation and revive the monster Hirudegarn who was capable of Ruthless destruction.

Once Hirudegarn was Unleashed, Tapion and Menasha fought alongside their people and use their Fluss to trap Rhodagon in the magic sword that cut hair root a garden in half.

As a result of the split, Tapion And Menasha agrees to use their bodies to contain the spirit of each half of  Hirudegarn, and then to further ensure the monster would never return we’re trapped in music boxes and despatched Across the Universe.

One of the leftover warlocks start of millennials search for the boxes to release the beast once more, and of course like with almost everything else in Dragon Ball it just so happens to be on earth. With the help of the Eternal Dragon Hoist successfully free Hirudegarn and the lower half route from the music box. Tapion immediately realizes that although he is free he is a danger to the world, so he acts very aloof and standoffish to the Z Fighters.

It’s very similar to when Future Trunks first meets them. The difference is that Trunks was very shy to meet his father Vegeta, and his present mother Bulma.

Speaking of Bulma, she offers to create a containment music box machine to ensure that Hirudegarn won’t be released and that Tapion can live comfortably.

It’s not enough, however, as the other half of Hirudegarn was free the world is in deep trouble. Tapion tries to convince us that the only way to stop the monster is to kill him with the Z sword but trunks bond with Tapion is too strong and he refuses to do so.


Thankfully by this time, Goku Machina arrived just in time to invent a new technique right there on the spot, and beat Hirudegarn.

Boy, I tell you, they sure could have used Goku back on then, right.


So the movie ends with Bulma giving Tapion a time machine that resembles one of Future Trunks time machine he used and he returns to his home in the South Galaxy.

A 1000 years into the past. Because the time machine can now travel through deep space for some reason okay. Whatever it’s a movie, let’s just go with it.


I guess although he is a very cool character, and I do wish we saw more of him and his lore. Tapion impact on the series has created a number of fan misconceptions, which I find quite frankly puzzling at the end of the film.

Tapion gives kid trunks his sword and as the credits roll during the movie we see a flashback of Future Trunks slicing up Frieza this along with dialogue from the Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi video games.


This made many fans believe that Tapion gave Future Trunks his sword. but when you use a little bit of critical thinking you come to the conclusion that this is just not possible because kid Trunks and Future Trunks are not the same people.

They’re not even in the same timeline. However, that does not mean that it’s not possible for there to be another alternate timeline for Tapion both in Dragon Ball Raging Blast and in Dragon Ball Battle Z.

It is stated that Tapion appeared in Future Trunks timeline at some point successfully seal the Way Hirudegarn without the help of Goku.

For some reason and gave his sword to Future Trunks, but of course, everything I just said is not in the manga, and thus to many of you is non-canon. Anyways but like I’ve said before.

Just because it’s not created by the great and powerful Toriyama doesn’t mean that it isn’t cool and happy on remains one of the coolest and most popular characters in Dragon Ball.









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