Toppo God Transformation in DBS 125

Toppo God Transformation Explained

Toppo God
Toppo God

Dragon Ball Super episode 125 we just witnessed the birth of a God of destruction.

Toppo God transforms and takes on an incredibly destructive and muscular new form.

He is a scary full and one that seems to have no weaknesses.

Yet this is possibly the strength of a full power of God of destruction I’m going to explain it this transformation, is the best that I can run with.

However, there are some gray areas and some areas that are open for speculation.

So I’m going to talk about everything we’ve learned about purple Patience.

In this episode because one of the universe 11 kaioshin says that Toppo God is the candidate to be the next Universe 11 God of destruction.

Which we knew a from the tollway website they told this to us a long time ago.

You can also read it in the manga but this is the first time the date actually announced this ending anime and it took everybody by surprise.

Now Belmod of universe says “Toppo oh so you’ve made up your mind.”

To me what this means is that Toppo God was already offered the role of God of destruction but it was up to him to accept it until now.

He has not accepted that role because he doesn’t want to give up his justice.

Toppo God Transformation Explained 

Toppo God
Toppo God

Later in this episode he talks about there is no more Justice there is only survival also the angel from Universe 11 says now is the time to show the results of our training.

So it’s pretty clear here that the God destruction Universe 11 and the angel have been training Toppo. 

They’ve been giving him lessons, very similar to help beerus and whis have been training Goku and Vegeta.

It’s just that Toppo God has had not yet accepted the role yet total uses all of this Hakai energy now.

One of the most awesome things about this episode is learned so much about God of destruction Powers.

First of all, we know about the Hakai that’s not really new and also the Nullification of energy. 

We also knew because beerus told us that way back in the Battle of Gods Arc.

However, we have not seen beers at full power and we have never seen him clad himself in Hakai energy.

The interesting thing about this is if you even if you somehow or able to escape those Hakai energy balls. 

If you punch Toppo God or damaged him with physical attacks you will get erased or your body will get seriously injured.

Just like if you would have got hit by one of those Hakai energy balls.

So he’s like pretty much got the ultimate offense in the Ultimate Defense, but there is one weakness that Gohan pointed out I’m going to talk about that in a minute but first.

Toppo God
Toppo God Transformation Explained in DBS 125

Toppo God

Frieza tries to block this Hakai energy because he was able to do it again sidra’s but it was way least power.

He had some weak minion just carrying a fraction of that has high energy when in episode 95 when he was able to squeeze it down and get rid of it.

Toppo God is full power it seems.  Android 17 confirms this as well in the episode confirming that Toppo God is going all out.

Frieza was not expecting this level of energy and he got absolutely wrecked or ever it did not kill him.

This entire part of the episode plays the same roles when Frieza caught Goku’s Spirit Bomb in the Namek Saga.

Even when he got up even when he reveals himself as not being erased or destroyed.

Toppo God

Yet he had the exact same look on his face as he did on Planet Namek when he came out of the water.

Now my question is does this mean are they trying to tell us that a Toppo God energy ball is the strength of a Genkidama.

It could be that they’re trying to tell us that or they could simply have just been giving us an homage to DBZ.

So this Hakai energy bullet explodes with tremendous a density so much so that even cuts the tournament of power Arena Stage in the multiple pieces and It turns the sky blue.

So why did the sky turn blue while the spacing, because all of that energy from that blast it’s just staying in the atmosphere of the world of the Void where there’s no space.

I guess the light from the Hakai energy doesn’t really have anywhere to travel.

So it’s just kinda sitting there and now where for it to go.

Toppo God Transformation

Toppo God

We’re going to have a blue sky from now on presumably if Toppo God goes we may get the green Sky back.

I don’t really know about that but we have seen a preview image 4 episode 126 and that still has the blue sky.

I think we can assume that we’re going to have the blue sky for the rest of the tournament and less this guy changes during the last minute to read or something like that.

Android 17 says you’ve certainly gone all out this is pretty much confirmation that this is a full power of a God of destruction and Toppo God it gives us this speech here where it says “justice and evil I am beyond that now.” 

So he’s no longer a pride Trooper Justice isn’t his concern anymore his only concern is winning and survival.

So tell me what this means is total basically one of the reasons that he didn’t accept being God of destruction right away.

It’s because he places a lot of value on Justice in the universe and becoming a God of destruction.

Pretty much you have to leave your entire life behind.

You have to leave the pride Troopers behind you have to go and do God of destruction.

That’s one of the reasons that he hasn’t taken it until now, and now that he has his role as God destruction of universe 11.

The Pride Troopers are a thing of the past to him, and his only concern is the survival of his Universe.

Toppo God

Toppo God Justice flash has been powered up as well so much so that it cracked Android 17 barrier.

He was saying that his normal ki waves are unbelievably more powerful.

Now, this is really really interesting guys because there is a lot of speculation as to whether or not becoming a God of destruction.

Actually gives you powers in a power-up or you just have to be insanely strong to even be a God of destruction.

As we saw in the manga that almost all gods of Destruction were relatively close and power.

That’s because pretty much confirmed here that once you accept being a God of destruction and transform into the role you get a power.

That is relatively equal to all the other gods.

Toppo’s Transformation 

Toppo God


I don’t know if it just a level you off and it makes some finite Benchmark of power that you just become your power level becomes 300 trillion or something like that.

Or does it just add power on top of what you already had that is still a gray area, but as we saw in the Mongol.

Beerus took on the other gods of Destruction Beerus was able to use his fighting skills to gain the upper hand over those gods.

Toppo God Transformation Explained in DBS 125

Toppo God Transformation

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